Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Semester Over!

(I don't feel like I can blog about the wedding, seeing as all of you were there and have already created your blogs about it! But I would say it was glorious and triumphant and wonderful!)
All last week during finals, I kept having memories of Charina's blog she did two years ago about finals week. So I looked it up and laughed so hard becuase nearly everything she said was something I had likewise experienced! So I thought I'd copy it in here (Thanks, Char) to attest to the craziness of finals I never knew could exist. And as a bonus, there's a few extra of my own at the end I'm sure she and everyone else has experienced.

Free Jamba Juice 9-11, Sleeping in a few more minutes than normal, having something in common with everyone, conversations with random girls while standing in line to meet our doom, late night studying with my roommates, Toffee Ice cream bars, using finals as an excuse of why I haven't worked out, RA's begging for help on Stats, checking out guys in the library, Christmas trees in Brigham Square, watching people use their brains, drooling and/or snoring people in the library, white boards in the Wyview MPB, using a flashlight to study, Christmas music as background music for studying, getting a seat on the bus, snowball fights in the house, an excuse to not clean, mechanical pencils, the Dark Knight movie trailer as a break from studying, sisters lending her baking plate as a white board, eating dinner with Co-workers in the cougareat, new study spots because your old ones are taken, seeing old friends in the testing center, coughing while testing just to break the silence, looking back on how fast time goes, taking my BYU water bottle everywhere, calculating and predicting grades, ginormous snowmen on campus, craving cinnamon bears (not to be confused with teddy grams, these are the little gummy red guys), waking up early to read a textbook curled up on the couch, eating cereal for dinner, watching math professors grade like crazy, eating as much of your food as possible so it won't go bad over break, hoping for snow...just for the heck of it, wearing fake glasses to feel smarter, free hot chocolate, sweats, makeup free, 12 AM showers, seeing people pray in line...or during the test, personal e-mails with TA's, glaring at your professor (sometimes it just feels better), light weight backpacks, vending machine cheddar chex mix, day dreaming, resolutions, excitement TO GO HOME!!!!!!

Also, running out of toilet paper but just mooching off your neighbors becuase you don't have time/don't want to go to the store, walking home in the snow from the library at 2 AM, not taking any showers, sleeping in the living room all week, bonding with the missionaries about to leave, anticipating the new people about to move in, getting in trouble for caroling becuase of the 24 hour queit zone rule no one knew existed, reading the entire physical science barf text book, only getting 10 dollars for text book sellback, but at least getting a frozen baby ruth from the text book people, trying to keep track of 5 huge stacks of notes from the entire semester, barfing out 2 papers in 3 hours, getting permission to break into the TA office to turn in papers, cramming in 3 different review sessions in one day, submitting to studying in the armchairs becuase there are no tables open, also submitting to sitting next to someone when there is a table open, wearing the same shirt 2 days in a row and the same pants all week, sweating in the JSB as you climb over testing souls becuase of course people only sit on the edges, actually getting lunch from the cougareat becuase you didn't have time or supplies to make lunch, getting only 3 hours of sleep before getting up for packing, miserably failing the cleaning check you tried to finish at 2 in the morning, but leaving all the leftover chores to your stalwart roommate, excitement for the WEDDING!