Thursday, March 17, 2016

Shenanigans of Late

Oh my, I never blog anymore! But there is a blog about our Arizona trip beneath this one if you missed it!

This is basically (as usual) a picture dump. 

We went to the Outdoors Expo and it was so fun. One of the highlights was the bathroom at the expo center had this sweet mirror thing. Those are logs! It is something I could implement in my home someday. Except that we just redid our bathroom so maybe not. 

Anyway, the expo was really cool. They had sweet animals and a lot of cool booths and one guy hooked us up with a ton of cool free stuff cus Truman was cute. 

including this baby beanie:) 

My old roommate Kat was in town with her family, which now includes this cute baby. She is a few weeks older than Truman but she can crawl so Truman was thinking that was pretty amazing. And he's never even seen a human the same size as him so that was cool too. 

Daniel's bday party was a hit! (no pun intended) Jamie had an awesome lineup of food and fun and Daniel seemed very satisfied with it all, so it was fun to watch. That is in my future!

Billy got his trailers wrapped with his new logo and they look so legit! This isn't a great picture but it's the only one I have and also shows how excited I was to have him come home with such a cool trailer!

The boys all read for church! Truman is starting to look more and more like Billy I think. 

I made this pie for Pi Day! It was the first time I have ever made pie crust and I think this turned out pretty deliciously, so we were pleased to an infinite amount. 

Of course, lots more trail running! My trails are still pretty covered in snow, but one of these days they will get cleared up. My training for the 50 miler is going great and I am so excited!!

Took me two years to do all this. Yikes! But it is just so thrilling and fun for me for some reason. 

Model shot

And today, we went and picked up Summer and Eliana from the airport and they are here and it is joyous!!

Life is good and Billy is already working his brains out! He has landed some good jobs that will keep him busy and we are constantly strategizing business stuff and having fun trying to figure out how to be good business owners. I am running my head off, which I love, and hanging out in my mountain abode, which is actually melting and is so beautiful, and every day Truman becomes even more interactive, able, precious, smart, mobile (if you can count rolling around), and of course FAT! We love him with all of our hearts! That's it, that's all!

Arizona Trip!

We had so much fun going to Arizona with M&D to visit Grandpa and Grandma!!! It was nostalgic and joyous and Grandpa and Grandma spoiled us so silly! We ate tons of good food, had fun outside on the four wheelers, ate more delicious food, went swimming, watched great movies every night, played games, heard stories and just had an overall good time. It was so fun!

Not a ton of pictures, but here they are: 
It was so warm. We were in heaven. We went swimming in the pool (if you can call jumping in then jumping right back out because it was so cold "swimming," then yes, swimming!)

Truman did love Gpa&Gma. It was such a joy to see so many people I love so much interact. 

Chillin'. We did shooting and four wheeling and glorious trail running and all the likes. It was so fun. 

Thank you for letting us tag along and THANK YOU to Grandpa and Grandma. They were the most wonderful hosts, as usual, and we had such a grand time. I am glad that Billy got to spend some time with them and all involved got to know of each other's goodness. It was also a blast to take such a fun road trip with M&D!