Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have recommited to blogging. And as a side note, this is my 200th post! You may remember that on my 100th post I shared 100 pictures with you, but I'm not that recommitted to blogging (200 pictures! Come on!). If it counts, (and if you don't precisely) there are about 200 days until I give birth (or close enough...180). So that's the cool 200 fact for the 200th post.

Anyway, we've been having a lovely summer. Morinda has been treating me just fine and Billy is redder than any red thing in this world because he spends 12-14 hours of every day outside in the roasting. hot. sun. (How!? I don't know)

Building things like this:



Even though he works like a dog, we still have had adventures like:

Camping with Summer and Andy (once she recommits to blogging, you can see the pictures on her blog.) There was much joyous catching and roasting of trout, falling in rivers, falling off dirt bikes and generally enjoying the beautiful wilderness of Silver Lake.


going for dirt bike rides and getting all muddy


racing in the Juab Endurocross. Yikes.  

Carter Clan with Uncle Billy!

Such a stressful but fun day. It was a super hard course and poor Billy's bike got beat to a pulp, and that is to say nothing of his body. :( Poor Billy. But he liked it and it was fun to have everyone here to support. 

Also, we took a trip to Yellowstone!

The Tetons are so cool!


Buffalo, of course. Such funny, funny creatures. Almost as funny as the humans lining up on the road to see them.

The earth is CRAZY. So cool.  

Billy's dream van 

More buff walking right by our car haha

This looks like I'm standing in front of a painting! It was so cool!

Yellowstone was so fun! We also swam in a FREEZING mountain lake in the Tetons, which was also fun once we lost all feeling.

And I don't have any pictures, but we also took a fun camping/fishing trip to Fehr Lake in the Uintas (I don't mean to discredit Yellowstone at all, but it was crazy how we drove 6 hours to be there when just 2 hours up the road from us are the equally if not more so amazing in a different way Uintas. It is SO pretty up there.) Anyway, we took the Free Bird and got up earlier than anyone else and had new fishing poles and with the fresh promise of the campground manager that tiger trout were just jumping out of the lake these days, knew for sure we would be reeling them in, but no. We each caught one teeny guy (which, yes, is a great accomplishment for us and made us very excited) but that was it! At least we got to ride in the Free Bird, despite its increasing leaky bottom. And it was so pretty that the trip was still worth it.

That's about it. Elise is getting married in just THREE WEEKS and we are PUMPED! Anyone who wants to is welcome to come celebrate here or in Texas. Or from a distance. And also coming soon, a marathon with LaDon!

Happy 200th post!
 (and in case you missed it, the 199th post below is pretty good too:) )
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Take 3: Blog Hiatt-us Justified!

Some time ago my sister CJ posted a blog entitled: Blog Hiatus Justified announcing that she is pregnant with her fifth child, due on Thanksgiving!

Awhile later, my other sister Jamie posted a blog entitled: Take 2: Blog Hiatus Justified announcing that she too is pregnant (with her third) due sometime late November, early December.

And I now post this blog, entitled Take 3: Blog Hiatt-us Justified!

I'm pregnant!

The Hiatts are soon to become more of an us, and thus not only was there a justified blogging hiatus, but there will also be a more established hiatt-us coming Jan 20 (or thereabouts).

Hooray! Through the first trimester! Man, was it a riot. (and by that I mean, what is this intense level of fatigue no human has ever experienced!?)


That look of apprehension on Billy's face was, in that moment, quite genuine and rather more like shock than anything, but has since turned into nothing but raring enthusiasm for the grand adventure ahead! WE ARE SO EXCITED!

I would promise more blogs in the future, but as no one in this family really seems to blog anymore anyway, I suppose I'll just promise to at least make a blog sometime after the new lil' Hiatt arrives :)
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