Thursday, February 26, 2015


I went to LA for our International Leadership Conference! It's basically a gathering of all the most passionate noni people on this globe, and it was crazy. But fun! And then Billy came and met me in LA and we hung out in California for a time! 

So here's the event, I didn't take nearly as many pictures as would've sufficiently captured the experience: 

Some of my Tahitians! It was such a thrill finally getting to meet the people I work day in and day out with. They were friendly and kind and happy as Polynesians come. 

Also some Nigerians who I work with, who sported their country pride by sticking flags in their hair. I thought it was wonderful! 

The event was held in downtown LA and we had the whole convention center decked out with Morinda stuff. it was pretty cool. LA was CRAZY! I would not survive in a big city. Props to Jamie. 

Huge stage 

More distributors from Nigeria 

Regional meetings with the Tahitians, just look at that guy in the green! He is one of my main people and was not what I expected but was just like a big ol friendly Tahitian guy. haha so funny.  

Asian invasion! So many Asians in one place! 

LA life, every building was tall and no building is independent. I walked to and from my hotel every day and probably looked like such a tourist because I just was gaping at everything around me all the time. So crazy! Such a crazy place, just people, all kinds of people, going everywhere and doing their thing. And I just cannot comprehend how any business would ever need a building this huge. I just kept thinking of all the employees filling all the cubicles in this building for at least 8 hours a day and having desk jobs in those places and was amazed at the work force in this world.  

The hotel I stayed in was really, really nice, definitely the nicest I've ever stayed in, and it was awesome! The bed was huge and soft and when I came home after my first day the hotel staff had rearranged all my bathroom stuff on a nice little towel! Haha I thought it was nice.  

Another shot of the big stage, I wish you could see just how crazy this theater is. It's where they do a bunch of famous concerts and stuff, including American Idol, the Grammys, the Oscars whatever. So that's cool.  

We just partnered with these people called LiveExercise and they had a fitness booth in our store at the event and I was assigned to help them. Which was like fine and cool when I thought I was all cool for being chosen to be at the fitness booth but when they came and I saw that they were the most insane fitness people and had muscles I've seen on no other human, I mostly cowered haha. I just kept thinking, "please don't ask me anything about lifting weights, going to the gym, exercise videos or otherwise, because all I know is every trail in Utah and how to run up huge mountains and that's it!" And they ended up being CRAZY! And they thought all of us were crazy for never having partaken of coffee in our lives, they needed a new cup every hour. 
Anyway, I didn't really get any pictures of the fitness booth, but it was fun cus I got to wear sweats the whole time and talk to people about being healthy and we played games and had contests. Definitely the most fun booth, and what I learned is that noni distributors aren't all that great at sports haha. But they like the idea of being fit, so we sold a ton of resistance bands and signed people up for this exercise program. It was good. That's what I did for most of the days, besides having regional meetings with my peeps. 

Here are more of them! These Nigerian ladies absolutely swarmed me after one of the meetings and just asked me questions about who knows what for a long time and it was nerve wracking. Also, I have worked for this company for 2 years and definitely know that there are passionate noni people out there, but seeing it in action was a whole different world. Those people are seriously passionate. You've got to have a special gene or something to be into this network marketing stuff.  

My hotel lobby. Basically had a water park in it! Crazy. 

All the people.  

Man, was I tired when it was all done! Everyone told me that it is just exhausting but I was like.. how bad can it be? It was bad. I was so tired, not to mention I got allergies or something while I was there, so by the time Billy made it to California on the next to last day we just ended up hanging out. 

The day after the conference was over me and Billy went to church at a singles ward cus that was the only one we could find--haha! Such funny memories! Then we took a very wet stroll on the beach at this pier. It was raining the whole time, but still warm, so we were happy.  

We drove to St. George that night and intended to potentially visit Zion's or Bryce in the morning, but when we woke up there was tons of snow!!! I've never seen snow in St. George!  

So instead we decided to just go home. But southern Utah had never been so dear to me, so open and building-less and beautiful. I love that desert! We had so much fun, i'm so glad Billy decided to come. ILC was crazy and I am still tired from it (mostly becuase I'm still sick from it) but I'm glad I went and it was truly a joy to meet my people. Good job, noni people!