Tuesday, September 17, 2013


At the beginning of this pregnancy, Mom told me with something of an absolute assuredness that it was going to be a boy. And shortly thereafter Billy's mom went and bought a ton of boy-oriented material to make boy blankets and when we asked her what would happen if it was a girl, she just scoffed and told us with something of an absolute assuredness that it was going to be a boy. And shortly thereafter I started having dreams all about this baby boy. And I only ever called it a boy. And we thought of a bunch of boy names and few girl names. And we were pretty much sure it was a boy. 

We had our ultrasound last week and as the nurse was scrolling around showing us various vertebrae and femurs and skull structure and stuff (so cool, by the way! I had no idea they could get such a clear and amazingly precise image of the baby) I kept saying things like, "Oh, look at him just kicking around! He's got the biggest forehead in the world! But also...I guess she could have the biggest forehead and  maybe she is moving a lot!" 

And then without warning and without any kind of surprise inflection, the nurse calmly informed us that, "See those little folds between the legs...that means it's a girl!" And me and Billy were like....Whhaaaaa!!!? and laughed our crazy heads off!

So, it's a girl! That little creature I've been calling a boy this whole time is going to be our very own Hiatt girl! And, of course, despite our initial shock and feeling like we are getting to know our baby all over again, WE. ARE. THRILLED! (and scared out of our minds!) I get more excited every day to have a girl--I was a girl and it's been great! And it's already weird to me that i ever thought she was a boy.

Sorry no pictures. But all ultrasounds look the same and indistinguishable anyway

The other good news is, girls can still like dinosaur blankets and ride dirt bikes and maybe even build paver patios (and they can definitely run marathons), but at this point it doesn't matter because, if nothing else, we learned from this experience that any expectations or pre-thoughts may as well be shelved now because there is just no guessing what is going to come of this little girl! And what a thrilling anticipation of joy that is for us!

I've got a definite bump now, which is so fun, and the ladies at work are just dying with joy every day for me. Though I don't know what I will be saying in 3 months, I love being pregnant, and me and Billy laugh every day at my bellybutton that is no longer the crater, but is slowly transforming into Pikes Peak.

And enough about me and pregnancy and baby. Billy is building this SWEET water feature. What? He's so cool!

It is not done yet and he still has to landscape around it, but it looks and sounds so cool!

And he is rocking the school/ownabusiness/eldersquorumpresident/cleanfootballstadiumtill3inthemorning/alwaysprioritzingme deal--so much busier than me, but we are as happy as can be. And I love my job! I built a website! And do other stuff like that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It was the end of summeR! (thus the title of this post. Is my creativity fading because I'm not going back to school?)

Just know above all else that the saddest thing about this post is I couldn't get pictures of Billy's SWEET paver patio he made. Next post. It looks so good and his clients LOVED it. Loved it. Loved him. Automatically loved me. Loved my unborn child. Just because they were so impressed with Billy that everything associated with him was automatically worth loving.

But here are some other good pictures and updates (sorry about the weird font changes and stuff; we've been without internet and so everything about blogging is just hit-and-miss these days):

It was my birthday! Billy spoiled me like crazy all day! And Sarahho and her new and charmingly persistent friend Jordan decorated my car, as only Sarah could, complete with toilet paper and underwear. (This picture also doubles as a baby bump picture. It actually gets much bigger than that as the day wears on:) )


Notice, also the AWESOME skirt Summer made for me! I literally wore it for three days straight. Such comfort and joy!

I just wanted to be in the mountains with Billy for my birthday so we went camping and it was so fun, and the leaves are just starting to change, so it was beautiful.

I also enjoyed an initiating birthday trip to Tucano's. Yum!

Yesterday Billy started on this water feature project for these people in Orem. He dug that whole hole (6.5x4x1 feet. crazy) in like 3 hours. What? I couldn't do it.

I won this thing in a machine. Reminds me of that creepy croaky frog we had in our basement growing up that I just hated. But it was still cool to win.  

Notice also the sweet purse that I made yesterday.
And last night Billy finally convinced me to buzz his head! I was so nervous, especially after I made the first stripe, but he still looks dashing and friendly, so long as he smiles (haha but really he looks just as good and happy as ever!)

First day of school! Sad! Weird that I did not go. Instead I am just a real adult person just going to work and not looking at a single syllabus all day. I feel fine about it. But am sad that we will have to start doing homework soon instead of just sitting around and talking about the business and babies. Or probably the latter will happen while we pretend to do the former anyway.  

(not such a bad buzz, eh?)
Other notable events of the recent life:

Mackenzie Gregerson is leaving on her mission TOMORROW! The Lindes are so lucky to have that person coming to their neck of the woods!
One week from today and we will know if baby baby is a boy or a girl!!! Oh man oh man oh man! So excited.

Billy was able to feel the little guy/girl moving for the first time this week and it was even cooler to see him feel it move than it was for me to feel it move the first time, or close anyway.

That's all, I think. It is rainy here-weird! But life is good and more ebullient than it's ever been 
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