Friday, June 25, 2010

And thus it begins...

This is all I know of my new roommate thus far:

Interesting combo, eh? I have yet to see or meet her, but the other girls in our apartment (a 19 year old college graduate, a former wyview wardie, and a New Zealand RM) seem all wonderful and nice. If my room roommate is anything like the objects she possesses, I can only expect a quaint little grandma with a knack for seamstressing and a feisty side I should try not to upset.

(Note: I also feel no shame in poking fun at her less than normal accessories as moving in I discovered I had some odd ones myself ((lil white grandma 90 purse, Mo, mini gnome, etc)) and I expect us to be great friends in the future, at which point we will laugh together at this blog)

In other news, I just finished my first sports camp week!
This is from my first day, where I hardly rested till 1130 that night, and I've hardly rested since!
I had eleven 12-15 year old tennis girls and they were a hoot and a half! And doesn't that one in the middle just scream Sarah Griggs at age 12!? She was tall, lanky, goofy, and the oddest of the bunch, so I felt very endeared to her.

I was sick all week, I had to fight with all my might to stay awake in my classes, which I do think I will like very much, and I am now moving onward to pursue the process of potential friendship wherever I can find it! Even if it means with a sewing machine, mace waving hooligan!

P.S. Speak of Sarahho, she has a blog now, for all you lovers of blogs and Sarah:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh my. We are odd.

Here is an excerpt I ran across today while reading one of my journal entries:

"The kind of deep silence that makes you orchestrate your bronchioles to ensure their syncopation with the surrounding and flowing atmosphere while simultaneously breathing in the thoughts of your deepest mind."

After reading this, I first thought... whaaatt? I wrote that? and then I thought of CJ's recent sharing of journalness and concluded that the silence I'm describing here must also have something to do with her "split-second in time" and ultimately,

we are odd.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And thus we see, I can only seem to use blogger as an updater. Alas, updates!

As LaDon said, my solicitation was answered! Bum and I headed to the east to visit Char and Jimmy this weekend! Three things about Virginia: a) It is HOT!!!! b) It is HUMID!!!! c) There are trees EVERYWHERE!

Nevertheless, Jimmy and Char took us around and we enjoyed...
...The Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Eerie, as you can imagine. But also educational. east coast tradition of dining out at gas stations? One of my friends at BYU from the east was always idolizing this celestial "WaWa" and I acknowledged his appreciation until some other easterner told me it was just a gas station. So when I showed up in Virginia and discovered they had a WaWa, we went and ate there! It was actually pretty good, but we took forever trying to figure out how to order. What we can say, we're from the west!

...just hanging out! Char and Jimmy have a nice little apartment on Wilde Lake so we played games inside and read by the lake at sunset outside.

...also we went to the Holocaust Museum. Whoa. It's smaller than the DC one, but just as impacting and soul boggling.

...also we skyped with the Lindes, which was kind of like a mini reunion of sorts. We all wished the Carters could have somehow linked with us, but we questioned if Monroe even had internet (just kidding!)

...I discovered Jimmy and I have something very important in common: he has the nimble finger genes!! He is very good at speed and blink and egyptian amouigakdf and other fast paced games.

Bum and I then proceeded to spend an entire day in the Chicago airport. But, the USO provided some nice goodness and we bonded all the day long. I even spent the night there after Sum got on the last flight possible. Haha, yep, me and the soldiers, sleeping away!
Now I am the only sister to have been in the presence of every single family member most recently (oh, the joys of a schooless college student) and what can I say?

Thus we see, from LA to Richmond, from Monroe to Colorado Springs, WE ARE FUNNY! Thanks for letting me hop around the country and visit you all!