Friday, January 15, 2016

Perpetual weekend life + no internet = lots happenings but no blogs

Lots of happenings! No blogs! Picture dump! I guess a big huge blog on which you can remember no comment is better than no blog at all!
 So here's a picture dump and brief summary!

1. Bathroom Remodel: Billy dominated it
Bathroom before (looks better and cleaner than it was in real life)

The only unfortunate part about now having a beautiful, brand new bathroom is that we had to spend much time making decisions and also shopping, which included Ikea, which is the worst/best store ever. You probably can know exactly what I"m talking about if you've ever been there before.

2. Miscellaneous winter stuff
Dad's bday gift

Lots of canyon snow running

Our reaction to discovering that Jordan is engaged!

Billy built a tree stand for our tree that we got off the side of the road for free in Texas, thanks to Char!

3. Christmas Stuff
Inspired to make my own star like Mom. Maybe I will have it for years and years and years!

Christmas morning!

I got Billy a plant for Christmas cus all ours died when we went to Tennessee

Merry Christmas from Truman Santa!

4. New Years and Family Gathering

We loved having the Perez peeps at our house

Eliana! She was so cute. I love her. 

I was happy that the turkey turned out!

Attempt at cool cousin pic

New Year run! Billy looking like his dad!

Teaching the Sunbeams scripture stories with my dress-up clothes

Billy grew a feather hair

Thanksgiving Point with Mom and Willises

Truman bowling ball

Truman sitting by himself!

5. Guest room set-up and climbing wall!
I was so excited to set up a little guest room for the guests we will probably never have. But any people are welcome to stay whenever they so desire!

When we bought this house Billy thought it would be sweet to make a climbing wall and ever since winter set in and he stopped working he has wanted to more and more so he has a place to work out. After many debates he decided he could do it super cheap using 2x4s we already had as holds instead of having to buy holds. So he finally did it!

And then, since the overhang made slippery wood holds even harder than they already are, he went on a search for cheap climbing holds and found them for as cheap as they come (free!) thanks to some sweet hookups.

Billy loves it! He gets to climb whenever he wants and it is a super good workout. It's really hard! It's nice cus I can go running while Billy babysits Truman by setting him on the floor while he climbs haha

6. Now we are ready for Harry Potter World!