Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hiatt Happiness!

Yay! We got married!
(a man in the background was happy for us! haha)

The photographer did a good job and we got some nice pictures of the wedding

Pretty good cry ratio--only Abigail on the far left haha 

Hooray 5 sisters! Thanks for getting your outfits so nicely put together guys. You did good! 

Getting married was joyous! And the honeymoon was also very joyous!

First we went to Lake Tahoe

And it was sweet! Lake Tahoe is so pretty and we drove on the top of a mountain overlooking it.

Then we went to the REDWOODS!!! They might have been a little more favorite than the other favorite places 

The truck barely fit through this tree haha but we made it

The Redwoods were as glorious as the last time I went and even way better. We were so happy!  

We camped in the back of BIlly's truck underneath the Redwoods and then in the mornign we went on a huge hike that we had no idea would be so long. It was kind of creepy cus we were just in these creepy foggy woods and there was no one else around and when we got to the top, we had been promised views for 100 miles, but we could barely see each other cus it was so foggy! But it was still sweet.

Then we drove down the coast on Highway 1, which was awesome!

And we stayed in Mendocino in our own little cottage with our own little water tower and our own little hot tub and fireplace and breakfast in the morning. It was bliss! (in fact, they gave us a bottle of wine called bliss. We did not drink it. haha)

Mendocino was great, and then we went to San Fran! San Fran was so sweet!!

We wanted to go to Lombard St., but we heard it was too narrow and crooked for our truck and on the way to it there were all these signs warning against big vehicles, but we totally went down it anyway! Haha it was awesome 

Jamie gave us some great reccomendations and we went to Pier 39, ate crab and fish, saw gay people and stumbled upon this joyously hilarious surprise: 

Haha we laughed our heads off.
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Then we went to Yosemite!! I was a little nervous becuase we had already seen the world's wonders, but it ended up being amazing and blowing my mind!

Turns out there are trees that are fatter around by almost twice than the Redwoods, but not as tall.  

So even though they were sweet becuase they were so fat, I didn't feel like they were as cool as the Redwoods. But they were still amazing!

And Half Dome was so cool!

We were sad it was closed cus we didn't get to hike it, but it still was incredible! I had no idea such a cool place even existed. 

After Yosemite, we returned triumphant to the home front. It has been quite nice and we are all moved in with our bottle of wine and keepsake Tahoe pine cone 

and our pet tarantula! 

You better believe we are ever in the debate over whether we should keep him or not. But I think we're kind of starting to get attached....

Anyway, the Hiatts are happy! Onward and upward! 
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aw Yeah

See ya then! (or sooner, for most of you!) Ebullience!
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