Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh by the way

I'm running a marathon next weekend.



Though this race is definitely not getting as much fanfare or anticipation attention as last year around this time , I am equally excited.

Woot Marathon!

As of Late

This may be the longest I have ever gone without blogging.

But the BYU world is still thriving.

With its surprise parties...

(this boy is one of my most dear and cherished souls in the whole world, he served in Colorado Springs and he was Elise's FHE dad and I just have to give him a shout out becuase he has nothing but the purest of hearts and goldenest of intentions and sensiest of humors)

...and its end of semester rushes.

By the way, this is Brenda.
I lived with her for longer than any other roommate besides Elise.
e had classes together at the same time in the Tanner building. Every day we had class and every day beside we had this ever running joke about our love interest with Eldon (because it's the N. Eldon Tanner Building).
You wouldn't believe the joy this brought both Brenda and I. Every. Day.
(Almost as much joy as going to class brought us.)

Anyway, Brenda is great. We studied much the last two weeks together. It made for some joyous late nights in the LRC.

Ok, also in the past little while I got my wisdom teeth out!

I ate this entire pineapple becuase James Allen told me that if you eat as much of a whole pineapple as you can the night before you won't swell as much and so I did it, and though it seemed to work well, I would not recommend it for others because now that I can't eat anything but yogurt and frustratingly small nibbles of other easily slurped foods, I regret that I spent my last glorious eating moments on an acidic substance and not a huge bacon ranch cheeseburger from JCWs.


The surgery was fine, laughing gas was great but weird, and Bum and the rest took care of me. I don't know how normal or not normal I was, but I was just tryingt o convince everyone that I was not stupid and that I was quite normal. Except that I kept randomly bawling for no reason hahah. That's definitely not normal I guess.

Then the family came into town. Talk about joy and lots of noise! It was nice to have extra people to take care of me even though I was a zombie most the time. It was still so so much fun!

And remember Brenda? She graduated!

The only reason that is not 100% absolute bliss is becuase that means Brenda is gone.
Gone, people. Gone! Brenda is gone. I am so sad.
I don't know what I will do without the various idiosincratic catchphrases or very distinct rituals or incredibly hilarious moments of surprise which have come with one of the most dear roommates in the world, but she has definitely changed my life. Booya, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrenda!

It's been a good run. We will miss you!

Ok, in other news, I took this picture of CJ.

Not really, that's me, but it looks kind of like CJ, huh?

The other thing is I GOT A  BOAT!!! It's the best possession that just fell in my lap, tied with my road bike, and it rocks! (Literally sometimes, if you stand up in it). I first took it out and we had to use skateboards for paddles, but then when we took it out again to fish, some nice old man gave us some paddles--way more effective. But it is the best! Everyone should come ride in my boat and you will find bliss.

We also moved. Never has so much STUFF been exploded from one space to the next. Phew.

Also, I started writing for the Daily Universe, which is not the Daily anymore. I am a little scared. They have made it seem like the most time consuming death class in the world, but we'll see. I already wrote one story which they published, despite its anti-honor code content hahah 

Ok, final news is, papers are done! I have to wait until next Monday to turn them in, but after that, I'm going to get a mission call!

Sister Roy. Not too weird, eh?

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Elise and I went to Monroe for Easter! It was so fun!

My camera was broken so all the pictures are blurry, but the Easter bunny came while we were at church, and the kids were CRAZY excited, so the pictures probably would have been blurry anyway.

CharlyAnn toddles now! It is the cutest moment!

Haha we played the funniest game called Headbanz where everyone gets a card with a Disney character in their mickey headband and then they ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are.

It was a lot harder than you would anticipate. But don't worry, Brooke was really good at telling us exactly which questions to ask to get a good hint ("Ask if you are from Cars!" "Ask if you are a rat!")

Haha Brooke reminds me of one of those dogs whose puppy fat hangs over the edge of their eyes hahah it was so cute.

Thanks, Carters for the good Easter!
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What Larry Wasn't Expecting

Who knew? Larry Willis reads my blogs sometimes.
Several weeks ago I took a visit to his house and he so kindly hosted me in Virginia for a rollicking good time, and I told him I would blog about it.

The only problem was, he would know exactly what to expect since he was present for everything about which I would blog, and his satisfaction from reading my blog would wane quickly.

So here, Larry, is a blog for you about things you didn't expect.

(The first of which being the lateness with which this blog is arriving)

So. I went to Virginia. Larry was probably expecting that there would be a joyous running of one of the largest 10ks in the nation.

What he didn't expect was that there would be confused self-photographed participants...

...and even more confused umbrella-clad onlookers.

Larry might have expected dry west coast girls coming for a humid run in Virginia,

but he surely couldn't have expected the amount of wetness they would generate 6 miles of bliss.


Maybe Larry expected the Roy parents to tag along for a good time and even run a pretty good time.

He certainly couldn't have expected models to have strolled through the finish line with a respectable PR.

(Good job, MomandDad! You guys rocked it!)

Larry probably expected some baby bonding. And some bonding with his baby, Jimmy.

But even after having raised said baby, there's no way he could have expected Roy-size eyes on a Willis face.

(Good one, Jimmy. I still beat you there, though haha!)

Larry probably expected (insertnameofthosedeliciouspouchkrautransaonsteroidthingshere), because the Willis people eat them every time Grandma Bohj comes

but he had no way of expecting that the Roys thought they were SO DELICIOUS and wanted more of them!

(Thanks, Sandy and Grandma Bohj for those celestial things I can't remember the name of)

I suppose Larry probably expected exposure to more Roy girl weirdness.

But sometimes, even if you expect something, you just still get a surprise.

We're just weird. It's ok.

Larry probably expected us to get home when we went to the airport on Sunday.

We did too.

I guess there is no good way to expect having to brush your teeth...

...say goodnight...

...and sleep...

...in the Dulles airport.

(hey. free!)

Larry might have expected the Roys to have a good time in Virginia,

but there was no way for either party--Roys or Willises--to expect the most joyous, wonderful, fun, adventurous, humid, food-filled, baby-bonding weekend that it was!

Thanks Larry and clan!
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