Thursday, October 20, 2016

Olympic! I mean...Disneyland

For our anniversary/bdays this year we planned an epic trip to a long-yearned after destination, Olympic National Park. I've wanted to go there for years and years and this year we finally were going to pull it off. 

In preparation for what I knew would be a cold trip, I made Truman a sleeping bag out of one of Billy's old padded flannel shirts. 

I was very pleased and so excited for him to use it on our trip! 

We also packed 5 billion warm coats each, tons of blankets and layers and lots of road trippin snacks. We were prepared for a good, cold, fun camping excursion in the wilderness of the world! 

Well, we started out and made it to Boise where we received a text from Billy's sister in Seattle warning us that there were extreme weather conditions up there. We did some research as we continued driving to Baker, OR and discovered that indeed, the whole park was pretty much shut down for the weekend and they were advising people in that general area of the country to stay inside. Not only did it sound like our trip of exploring would be lame but also it sounded dangerous so we started brainstorming other options. 

Tru crawled around in the car while we tried to think what to do. 

We considered Glacier (another dream spot but mostly closed by now), City of Rocks (didn't pack our climbing gear), exploring Oregon (also included in danger zone), Tetons (too normal), Colorado (just went there) and various other places across the map before we finally chose Disneyland! Random. Opposite. Warm! 

We camped in Nevada that night but it was so warm Truman didn't even use his sleeping bag haha

Freaky twilight zone baby!!!

Then more driving to LA! We were prepared for pretty much any weather condition except sunny, 75 degree weather! Poor Truman was just sweating in flannels and long pants the whole time. 

Disneyland was SO FUN!!! We had a blast! Truman was magical (which surprised me, considering he's never seen any of these peeps in his life)! Definitely a spontaneous change of plans but very worth it. 

Nemo ride was so cool!

Cars Land was our favorite!

Truman was just zonked by the end of both days, but we still dragged him through lines and onto rides!

World of Color!

Everything was decked out for Halloween. I kind of wish that it would've been just the classic Haunted Mansion, but Nightmare Before Christmas Version was still cool. 

Truman loved the horses haha

And Mr. Potato Head and pretty much any character that moved or talked

Trying to play Toy Story Mania. 

We watched a Pixar parade. Truman loved it so much that as he was bouncing up and down he bounced right out of my lap and face planted on the cement haha! Poor kid, it was so sad and he had a bruise for a couple days but he just cried for like 10 seconds then went right back to bouncing and "oo, oo, oo!"ing 

Billy loved all the genius water feature and landscaping work. You always notice a different side of things when you go places with Billy.

He (and I) were most impressed by the landscaping of the Cars ride. It was crazy! He studied it in school because one of the top landscaping companies in the nation (or something, I can't remember) did it so it was cool for him to go see it in real life. 

And a picture from the Buzz ride. We were obviously very focused haha but Billy killed me!! I guess I wasn't doing as good as I thought haha. 

Disney was so fun! We spent a billion dollars on delicious Mickey-shaped ice cream bars and blue cotton candy and loved every second! It was not the ancient rainforest or sweet tidepools of Olympic, but we had just as much fun and Truman was the best trooper. Someday we will go back! 

And enjoy another post below if you want!

Before the Trip

Here's some haps from the beginning of October before our trip.

I dug out a little "sitting room" on my trail where I have now put a stump and will soon put a bench. It is a lovely little place to stop and sit and enjoy the view and Truman loves playing in the dirt up there.

We visited a museum with the Lindes. Ally is Truman's best bud!

Billy's skid hard at work. Looks like a sandbox haha

We took a trip to Delicate Arch with the Lindes and M&D. It was fun! 

Here's the job that looked like a sandbox in the last picture. It was a perfect job and Billy did a great job!

Some more ties that I made for my nephew.

Billy's bday!! Nothing fancy or exciting since we were going on a trip, but we ate roast and cupcakes and Billy is old!


We finally stocked up on pellets and our house is not freezing (as freezing) anymore! There are so many pellets!! I can't believe we will use all these bad boys!

That's it, that's all!