Friday, March 28, 2014

Proof: Billy runs up the Y!

Yesterday was a momentous occasion as Billy ran up the Y for the first time! (Y? To reclaim the Y at the end of his name! )

Ok anyway, it was joyous and awesome and he was a beast and ran up the whole thing and then some!

Not hard to believe, but just in case you need proof: 

What a champ!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Billie's Back!

So Billy was gone this whole week to go compete at the PLANET Student Career Days in Fort Collins and defend his title as the national champ of pavers. I was so nervous for his competition! 

One day while he was gone I came to work and our facilities manager came by and was like.. ok, everyone, pack up your stuff! We're all moving to the other side of the building! haha we were like.. what? Why? So it all turned out that Vivint has a building in Lindon that had caught on fire and so we just said, 'Hey, move in with us!" and thus, they are now renting half of our building and we all enjoyed a wonderful few days of moving all of Morinda over to one half of the building. It is joyous! 

When I was packing up, i felt like I was someone in a movie that gets laid off and leaves with their box of stuff and a plant on top. luckily, I wasn't getting laid off. 
We're all a lot closer than we used to be, seeing as we used to each have 2 or 3 empty cubicles around us and now there is not a spare cubicle in sight. It's weird but fine. 

So anyway. The workplace. 

So since Billy was going to be gone over the weekend I decided to take a trip down to Zion where there was going to be a half marathon and I thought it was an ideal situation to advertise for the Top of Zion Relay (which, side note, I started working for them at the beginning of this month. It's fun and good and very close to what I always wanted to do but also somewhat like the 2ft prosthetics adventure, so we'll see if I end up in Tonga or no longer a part of it in a year). anyway, I convinced CJ to come with me and we had a grand trip. this is how it went: 

Friday night I left work and drove to Manti and went to the temple with CJ and Eric. Live session! Cool! But sad that Billy wasn't there. But still cool!

Then Saturday morning, CJ and I both got up a half hour late, scrambled around the house and put together some snacks and bottles of water and jackets and who knows what else to drive down to Zion. And we drove down to Zion with Emery and Brooke and Ram. joy! 

We drove for miles and miles, through beautiful scenery and my excitement and anticipation for Zion and CJ's first experience there was just growing every second until 2 hours and hundreds of miles later we arrived in La Verkin, the city right outside of Zion and i was just fantasizing this wonderful moment of buying an annual park pass when i realized--I didn't have my wallet! And I told CJ and she realized--she didn't have her wallet! And she looked at the gas gauge and realized--we were on empty! And I was just distracted thinking--oh no! How will we get into the park!? 

hahhaah there was MUCH laughter. I will let CJ do the glorious telling of this story, if she so chooses, so check her blog one of these days because it was hilariously hilarious and if we hadn't looked like forlorn, disheveled women with 3 hungry children and scraggly hair, we may just still be sitting in the parking lot of the La Verkin Davis Market at this very moment. 

BUT (spoiler alert) we aren't, and we did manage to get some money so that we could get into the park! And get some gas, which i guess was also important (haha). We advertised at the race then had a quick trip through Zions, which was WONDERFUL!

We went on a hike and Brooke and Ram wanted me to take their picture every 5 seconds, which was joyous

And then we drove home, with just a few extra dollars for some much-needed lunch!

CJ and Eric then spent the night at Stake Conference and then Prom, so i got to spend some time with the chaldrens! 

Keep reading! The best part of this whole blog is about to occur!

So while i was wondering around southern Utah without my wallet, Billy was competing in snow and rain at PLANET and I was so nervous! Sunday morning he told me he didn't get as good a score on his pavers as he thought, so he was nervous about how they would compare to the other people! (I later found out his score was 195 out of 200 so come on. That's like almost perfect)

Anyway, Sunday morning they had the awards ceremony and Billy texted me to say that HE WON!!! Woohoo! Defending champ defends his title to the last and comes away with the gold!

The only dorky part is, as you can see, his name is spelt Billie. Haha his supervisor has a daughter named Billie, so of course, that is what was submitted as his name. hahah so good job, Billie. I'm proud of you, no matter how girly that certificate looks. 

i wish I had the pictures of his paver patio, but it was pretty much just like last year's and very simple, so too bad. Bottom line, Billy dominated all those people. Just look at THIS and it will be clear why. (but keep in mind that this is a work in progress too)

Anyway, that's all. I started a giant cross stitch like Jamie's and I started running again (knee injury) so all is well. And the best news? Billy's back!

Monday, March 3, 2014


It's official! I'm running my first 50 miler this July!

Holy 50 miles! That's a very long distance and I am STOKED!

During my research of this race, which not only initiates my life dream of becoming an ultra marathoner but also marks another state off my list (Oregon), the site presented a solid 4 lengthy paragraphs in way of course description. I read with great delight every description of every turn along the rocky trail and every mountain view I would experience and which of the three aid stations I would encounter when and was all very excited and even exhausted by the time I got to the end of the 4th paragraph, only to then read "From Siskiyou Gap, the return is the same route as going out."  

Yes, those 4 paragraphs were only describing the first half of the race. I will actually be running 8 paragraphs worth of words! (and I'm sure I'll have much more to say about it when I'm done!)

All and any are invited to attend and help carry my crippled, limp body from the finish line to the car afterwards (and after you first carry LaDon's once he finishes the 50k on the same day!) (Joking, of course, LaDon is going to dominate it!). It is going to be a grand adventure!