Saturday, May 18, 2013


We went camping! We committed to going all week becuase we knew that distractions inevitably would come up and even though they did--biggest one being it was a solid rain forecast all weekend--we just went for it!

There's a mini-mountain in front of Timp called Big Baldy and we decided to camp on the summit. We got a little bit of a late start, but it was still so awesome!

We hiked straight up until we finally reached the saddle between Baldy and Timp, at which point it was raining and dark and a little coldish, but Billy still managed to make this awesome fire and we roasted delicious brats.

There was just a long enough window of time with no rain to eat until it started pouring rain and so luckily we had a sweet tent.  

It was a very loud night of constant rain and, we discovered when we woke up, hail! And since we were on top of a mountain we had no choice but to sleep on a slope so we were sliding down like crazy the whole night, but it was still glorious! I was so looking forward to a beautiful camping morning that you only get when you go camping, but when we opened up the tent in the morning it was even cooler because it was COMPLETE fog, so thick we couldn't even see Timp, which was just across the valley. It was so cool! It felt like we were in England. (like either of us would know haha)

 It's officially camping season!
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Herriman Endurocross!

Last weekend Billy did an endurocross! Much like the one he did last year, but with a few key differences:
1. This one had way cooler obstacles
2. Last year we were just dating so I was freaked out of my mind that Billy was going to end up like some crazy old man dirt biker like all the fine people of Juab County I saw there and what the heck was I getting myself into
3. This year we were married, I've accepted the fact that Billy is a crazy dirt biker but now I was freaked out of my mind that Billy was going to break into a thousand pieces so what the heck was I letting him get himself into!?

But I couldn't resist when he was so so excited to go! Haha like a little boy

This was the course--or half of it at least. You can't really see the sweet stuff, but there were all kinds of sweet jumps and this crazy death field of tires and this jump into a pond and this tunnel and also this crazy wall that went up around a corner with a log matrix at its base so you either had to go through the matrix or on the wall. Crazy.

Let's just say when we were walking the course I was convinced that Billy was going to break his neck and he was sure he wouldn't do very well cus he hasn't really touched his bike since we got married.

But it was so fun! I sat in the stands all day and held my breath until Billy was actually riding and then I was so excited I couldn't help but be happy and cheer. He did so good! He was riding like a wild indian, even though his seasoned old-man dirt biker friends (while poking fun at me for being so concerned) were like.. that's the way to race, just steady-eddie. haha and in Billy's head the whole time he's like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 

There were two races for his division and after the first one we went and checked the results and he had a big DNS next to his name, which was at the very bottom of the list. They said it meant "did not start" which we quickly pointed out was not true and so they re checked his number and everything and found out he actually got 3rd PLACE!

Good job, Billy! The second race he came in 5th, so he got 4th overall and rocked it. It was so fun! I was so sunburnt and so relieved by the end of the day and even though I barely breathed from anxiety the whole time, it was quite fun and we'll probably do it again. he really is one of the more calm riders out there haha.

It was also fun because the whole culture of dirt bikers is, as any culture of passionate people, so funny. There's just like funny teenage girls with booty shorts and 4 tank tops on and 12 layers of eyeliner with highlighted hair eating funnel cake and these old, gruff men with goatees just flying around the course and laughing hysterically when someone crashes and then there's the volunteers on the course who just help the racers yank their bikes out of piles of rocks or tires and calmly hold a yellow flag if someone just totally wrecked haha... so funny. They also had a side-by-side division and those machines would just flip and crash and riders would be hanging upside down and it was just so funny and wild. But Billy had fun and did good.

Yay dirt biking! 
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Late April

Here are some old pictures of some old happenings:

My LAST DAY of formal education! Mom and Dad dropped me off at this same place in front of the HFAC more than what seems like a billion years ago.

I also had a bumload of interviews and Billy did a lot of huge jobs, so here are the two worlds coming together at the dump:)

We took out the Free Bird. Bliss! 

And we went fishing with all you peeps--so fun! 

And then everyone was here!! This picture is a pretty accurate description of those entire two weeks--Char is just hanging out, summer and me are just paying attentiong and having a good time, Jamie was sadly sick, and Ally was always bouncing around.  

Billy with long hair--my long hair.  

And the result of a deceiving pepper shaker haha. 

Twas a good month indeed!
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