Sunday, September 26, 2010

Introducing.....Regency 108!!!!

Because a great percentage of us are going to be IN EACH OTHER'S PRESENCE in a short amount of time (AA! Excitement beyond mortal description), you will also have the greatest pleasure to make the acquaintance (and shortly thereafter, hopefully the dear friendship) of my precious, most wonderful roommates. And because Dad always needs a run down of who is going to be at a event and how we know them and what their gig is and the rest of you just might want to know, I now give you a brief introduction so that, if you didn't already, you can know what to expect.

Chelsea is FUNNY! I would say she probably has the most socially apt sense of humor out of all of us. She's witty and feisty, even though you may not know that right off the bat.

She loves to have fun and she loves to exaggerate her words when she talks. She is polite and she is very much a very hard worker. If I worked as hard as Chels, I wouldn't have so much homework building up all the time.
She currently has blondish brown hair, her eyebrows are more wavy and her face more roundish than Rach and she is beautiful!

Rachel is one of the most service-oriented souls I know! She always wants to help and does so humbly and kindly, which helps our home have a happy spirit within it. I know she is going to make a wonderful wife and mother because she is mature and wise.

Rachel loves to tell stories about everything! She has some pretty weird experiences, so they are always good, and they help us bond.
I've known few others who can have the biggest smiles and the smallest eyes when they smile, but one of those few is Karalee, thus, endearment. Rach sincerely has just great natural beauty and is gorgeous.

A blog will never do justice to Elise. And even Dad has met her, so I'm not too worried about introducing much more than the fact I have already iterated 1200 times, which is that she is great. You know how Dad always says we have to marry someone like Beau Hunsaker? I bet Beau Hunsaker's dad is out there somewhere saying Beau needs to marry someone like Elise McAllister.
I didn't think there could be much greater joy in life than just waking up in the morning, but imagine waking up with Elise as your roommate. Now that, my blog readers, is joyous.
Lise has beautiful golden red hair and the most pristine skin in the world. One time I tried to have a conversation with her about pimples and she had no idea what i was talking about.

And one none of you have yet met: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRENDA (thefirstnameissogreatwhocareswhathermiddlenameisbutincaseyoureallywanttoknowit'sAnn) COPLEY!
Oh, Brenda. Brenda loves: a) Cats b) Lord of the Rings c) Her missionary d) Sonic the hedgehog e) cereal and EL Fudge cookies
For these reasons, we all love a) Brenda b) Brenda c) Brenda
Brenda won't say much, but you can engage her in a conversation if you keep faithful to your efforts. Two responses you can always count on (much better when heard with the accompanying marvelous facial expressions) "Okaaaaaaayyyy...." "Thaaaaaanks....."
Bababarenda has orange hair and like I said, the most excellent facial expressions. She, too, as the rest of my wonderful roommates, is a beautiful girl!

This is a picture of a picture of her with the reason why all I can show and all I can know of her is a picture of a picture, taken from the room she's never in. All five of our interactions over the last month have been pleasant, so I'm convinced she's a wonderful girl.

Oh. And simply because she's waited YEARS to meet Dad and also because I think she truly is one of the greatest people i've ever met, and because next to Mom (who she is very excited to see) she is probably my most faithful reader (who knew), and since you (meaning Dad) will get to meet her this weekend, I now introduce

Smart. Funny. Witty. Feisty. Blunt. Wild. Once bald. Conversational. Serious. Social. Runnerofamarathonandthereforeahero. Squished against some surface in this picture, I'll let your eventual interaction do the rest of the speaking for her. I, for one, cannot wait.

As is my attitude for this week!!! I hope this blog pumped you up, if you weren't already as over the top excited as I am!!!

See you all in just a couple of day/days depending on which person you are! (AND THEN I WILL RUN 26.2 MILES!!!!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today I ran only 10 miles.

3 things about that:

1) Four months ago, I would not have used the word only as an adverb for 10 miles
2) Even if I went and ran that much again right now, I would still be 6 miles short of 26.2!!!!
3) BRING. IT. ON!!!!!! AAA! So excited!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Right Now

Right now I am sitting in a hidden, downstairs corner of the SWKT on an open access computer on which I only have

3 minutes left to tell you how I used my first

7 minutes looking at a website about how in just

11100 minutes I will start running for about

240 minutes which equates to about

26.2 MILES! for the


I've never hyperventilated in a downstairs, hidden corner of the SWKT over a matter of minutes before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Been a Month

Here is a brief overview of my most recent adventures! I only wish I could expand all the images into the wonderful stories which accompany them and I also only wish I had a picture for every story I wish I could tell, but here, at least for now, is a simple reassurance that I am alive and thriving!



Hot Springs! A joyous adventure indeed. My muscles are officially soothed and my CTR ring is officially black. THE ALL FAMOUS AND ANXIOUSLY AWAITED BRRRRRRRRRENDA!!!! (And you better believe we always, always, always call her that.)

If ever a story needs to be told, it is this one. I WORE MO ON A DATE! As well as that hat, those gloves, and my purse. Probably one of the most fun dates I've ever been on! A story for another time perhaps. I'm telling you, Brenda is one of the greatest joys that ever entered our house. You wouldn't believe the laughs she brings. hahaha. unintentionally.

I just want you all to know Brenda. This is what she is often doing. and wearing. She is wonderful!
And when she doesn't want her picture taken, she covers her ears....
I LOVE ELISE! I can't remember if I already said that.... how does providence so greatly bless me?

Another story which really would be better off told, but since left pictures rule this blog (just for Bum) another time perhaps. Let's just say this was taken at a society meeting for the Menia Oot Conigotio Society (which means Menace to Society when properly spelled in Latin)

I ran up that hill just because I felt like it. It's a lot bigger than it looks.

The Great Salt Lake.

OK, good pictures, here's also a brief list of things I appreciate about life right now:
-Elise-joy. joy. joy
-Rach n Chels- also also also
-sleep-quite good actually!
The excitement is more than i can bear and you are all invited to come (why? I don't know) and watch the 26.2 of my life!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ode to Provo Summertime

I loved summer term so much, one day I found myself composing this poem while walking home from work. I thought about submitting it to the Daily Universe (since another thing about summer at BYU is they never really have anything interesting in there) but then I figured it had too many words and then fall rolled around so i had to alter and add to make it what it is here. For your enjoyment. So enjoy!

Fall semester is back, here at the Y
And though it's quite joyous, one can't deny
That looking back on the summer term just gone
It's something to be missed, now that it's done

Though this place is unique all throughout the year
There's something magical about the summer here
From the pit of periodicals to the tres outside
Consider this an ode to Provo summertime

For what other time will you cross Brigham Square
And be maybe one of two souls there?
And when else at Taco Bell is there no line?
That only happens in the summer time

I think of it now, at the start of the fall
And i experience a little solitude withdrawal
Where the heck did these billions of people come from!?
What do they think they are doing in my kingdom!?

In the summer there's no threat at Harold's tables to share
For only six people ever enter that lair
All the rest simply commend those here for school
As they work or just play then head to the pool

Now it's like every cougar is inside the library
And of their bubbles and yours you have to be wary
Because if you share a table when you get there late
Next thing you know, you've got an awkward date

There's just so many things during summer in Provo
Which bring those present a joy overflow!
Hiking up Timp and boating on Utah Lake
Running, sunning, bumming, and homeworking forsake

For summer is simply so laid back and relaxed
The tests and assignments don't make you heavily taxed
I miss it now, asking of my fall syllabus
"14 weeks from now, I'm supposed to remember all this!?"

Still, surely in the summer there's those who do homework
And even though, with great heart, they all say, "let none shirk"
Sometimes the wheel to which they put their shoulder
Is made of rubber, can float the Provo, and is much colder

And besides such temptations, who can concentrate
With all those EFY kids seeking their eternal mates?
Alas, they represent Provo summer, sure enough
Feelin' the spirit and thinking it's love

And yes, let's talk romance, a summer element so fond
For one only need to pass the whimsical duck pond
To see the couples who started out as spring flings
All now anxiously engaged until August 14th

And what other time is hotter outside than in?
In summer we graven the image of air condition
All people avoid walking outside at midday
Or the honor code standards they might simply betray

These things start to fade as fall semester comes near
Weather cools down, scholars move up, and EFY disappears
There's homework and classes and the meat market's restocked
Plus taunting deadlines and papers by which to be mocked!

In the end, though I claim such undying adoration
For summer, I'll admit that the anticipation
I felt the night before fall semester got here
Reminded me that I'll take Provo any time of the year!

(or maybe at least for awhile until winter and its negative degree misery get here... but for the sake of the poem....)

I LOVE ELISE!!! I have never spent so much time with an individual who wasn't a Roy, Sarahho, or Karalee and it has been nothing but pure bliss!

One other thought:I took my purse to the opening football game and at half time they had a little presentation with Lavell Edwards and his All-American quarterbacks and they announced all the official people there to greet them and it was like..."Mr. Holmoe, athletic director (some applause), Mr. So and So somebody cool I don't remember (some applause), Pres. Samuelson (Lots of applause and cheers) and Elder Holland (The entire stadium broke into thousands of screaming little girls cheering for Elder Holland! It was the coolest thing ever!) " Anyway, I didn't think to take a picture with Elder Holland till after he was already walking away, but i pretended, for the sake of my adoring facebook lil white purse fans hahaha, like that was him in the red circle. You can too if you want, just thought i'd confess somewhere that that's not actually him.

Anyway, much longer post than I anticipated. Thanks for reading. And all is, as ever, ebullience!