Friday, May 29, 2015

We actually caught fish!

Last week we went camping and it was joyous! We found a good spot with a lake that wasn't too high in the mountains and wasn't too far away and it was perfect! Also, despite the rainy weather, our tent and sleeping pads proved once again to be the best things ever. We slept like little angels. 

The morning was paradise! This is the reason why I go camping. I love mountain mornings so much! 

You may know that we are famous for our absolute inability to ever catch fish. So this time I didn't even put forth the initial effort, I just hiked around the lake while Billy casted for a half hour or so. But when I came back, he switched bait and first cast ACTUALLY CAUGHT A FISH! 

And then he caught another and another and another! And more than that too! He even had two get away from him but he was reeling em in like crazy! We couldn't believe it. So I casted one and caught one too!

So here's some more pictures of the beautiful mountains to celebrate haha I didn't realize I took so many but how could I not? 

Anyway, we took them home and fried them up and ate them for dinner and it was a life event.

Also there has been more life events since that time called we closed on our house! But I will blog about it later when it starts to feel more real because I'm still nervous something horrible is gonna happen or it will fall through or something. So until then--celebrate the catching of fish! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Haps

I always have a struggle deciding how to post blogs when I get behind. Do I make separate posts of each event and risk you only seeing the newest one, or do I dump all events into one post and risk overloading you with information and updates? I don't know. Cus that influences what kind of comments you leave (I know cus I leave them for you haha) 

This time I opted for one big dump, so I will still be grateful to get a general comment instead of a specific one like,"Good job for graduating, Bum! Women's Conference sounded so funny! I wish I would've gone to the Nathan Pacheco concert! That landscape job is the coolest one yet! Good luck buying a house in the mountains you crazy innocents! Mom and Dad are the best and weirdest!" Cus I know that takes a lot of effort. Or you don't even have to comment if you don't want haha. Anyway. On to the dump. 

Summer graduated! I was so, so proud!

And there were other graduates. And I was also proud of them. 

Me and Bum went to Women's Conference and it was FUNNY! And ended up being quite good. We were just laughing the whole time that we were part of the endless hordes of women everywhere.  

Photo booths are a thing. haha we just laughed our heads off. 

We visited Mom and Dad's potential new home/grandkid heaven! 

We went to the Nathan Pacheco concert at Thanksgiving Point with CJ and Eric and it was so so fun! I had VERY high expectations because of all the things I have heard about Nathan from CJ and Eric, and the concert totally exceeded all of those very lofty hopes! It was fun and magical to watch the concert in the rain, and that guy can SING! Plus, he's like best friends with CJ and Eric so that was cool to see them being cool with a very kind and genuine and good celebrity opera man! And who knew the Thanksgiving Point gardens were so cool?

Good photo bomb, CJ's fingers!

Billy's first job of the season is done and it is sweet, complete with four waterfalls, three flagstone patios, two staircases, a fire pit and all the other stuff like sod and plants and what not. I took a billion pictures because it was so cool so just. there you go. A billion pictures.  

Also we are buying this house! Slash sometimes we say we already bought it but I guess something could technically still go wrong. But I hope not because I have now reached the point of excitement and joy!  Even though there is still a lot of fear and anxiety about money and poop like that. 

This is our backyard.

And we had an enjoyable weekend with many family peeps, including Mom and Dad. We turned off our heater just a week too early, so they were freezing and while we were having conversation with them, Dad just bundled himself right up into a body blanket but continued speaking with us as if we were still maintaining eye contact! 
Haha Mom and Dad are the best and weirdest!