Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Three Month Dump

There is no way I could ever catch up with this lapse of bloggingness, so here is the MASSIVE dump. 

Truman sick day. He LOVED watching Legos. 

Under the deck...Sydney!

South Sevier cross country, CJ is the bomb coach!!

Texas trip, short but sweet!! The boys were so fun, Mae was so cute and Char & Jimmy were so funny!

My garden definitely produced more than last year since it was protected

My good boys

I made pickles from all my cucumbers!

Frozen pillow that I made for my niece, inspired by Mom

More garden produce

Fall was SO amazingly beautiful this year!! 

Lots of good Trey playing


North Carolina trip to visit Elise and the Hardings, it was SO FUN 
Callum was so cute and so big. We had so much fun. 

Duke Gardens

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

Callum was the best!

Reese and Grant loved Burton! I got to see Kellie, Zac, Corinne, Vera, Matt and of course Renee. It was the best! 

I even ran a cat race in NC. 15th state! Aunt Renee was the kindest to watch Burton while I ran and it was so great and fun. 

Sunday boys

Beauitful fall canyon

Kim and I ran Grove to Battle and it was the best, best, best. I have been wanting to do that for months!

"Cover blanket! Watch Toy Story!"

Jamie took family pictures for us up the canyon, it was more of an adventure than you might imagine haha

Fall and Halloween were so fun with Truman this year. We did the pumpkin patch twice. 
With Jamie and her peeps...

...and with Grandbill and Dad! Such fun!

Jamie and I took a herd of children up to Logan for some random galavanting that was random and fun 

THe boys hunted! It was such a funny ordeal and ultimately ended successfully. 

Channeling our hunter vibes for Dad

Peek-a-boo with Truman 

I unfortunately don't have the good deer pictures, but here is one after it had been dressed and all that jazz, standing sentinel over my sandbox. 

I thought carving pumpkins would be so fun for Truman. He had little to no interest. 
He did love Halloween, unfortunately, i also don't have the pictures of their Halloween costumes but I thought the boys were so cute! Truman was Woody, Burton was Buzz, i was The Big One (the rocket that Sid straps Buzz to) and Billy was Sid. 


Cute boy

Cute boysssss

Baby shower for Hawaii friend who is naming her baby Kona. I was kinda proud of that banner. 

Kim and I ran from the fork to my house on top of the mountain ridgeline. It was incredible!!! 

That's looking back at the ridgeline that we had just run. 

And towards the end of the canyon. IT was so great and we dropped right down into our backyard. What a run!

Box Elders even find their way IN the gas pump screen haha

Burton is the cutest. I have never known such a smiley, smiley baby. And he and Truman just love each other! And Truman still beats up on him, but they do like each other haha.