Sunday, August 12, 2012

Viva Uganda!

Lise went to Uganda last summer and today a Ugandan won the Olympic marathon! I think it was their only medal, but he did it and he's only 2 years older than me. What!? Also, thought you might enjoy this list of names...
...and reminiscing on this blog post from long ago. Hahah ("At least his name isn't LaDon!" haha)
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Everyone made a new post this weekend...

...but not everyone got engaged!!
But Billy and I did!!

Here, if you care, is the story (even though I'm pretty sure most of you have heard it):

Lise found out about this pre-screening for this movie called NitroCircus. NitroCircus is group of crazy people who go around and do crazy stunts, and this movie was for free to watch outside!

I promised Lise we would go and we were stoked all week. When the time rolled around we got to the lawn and sat around waiting for the show to start. However, between then and the time it did, dear old Billy and I got in a pretty deep conversation and left the premises, considering for a slight moment the consequences of bailing on Lise and our other friend Michael Wyatt, but mostly wanting to be out of a crowded lawn of hooligans.

After speaking for awhile, Billy and I decided to go for a little walk and he told me he wanted to grab his jacket (a statement which caused me to think... but it's so warm! But I'm wearing one, so that's fine..but Billy only has his Dad's car, so that is weird. But I am with Billy and therefore I am happy) Billy took forever rummaging in his trunk and then when he came back, he didn't have a jacket, claiming that "I guess I don't have one"

Onward. To the Riverwoods. A place, which, as it turns out, has sentiment for us.

So we started walking and I just felt so overwhelmed with joy and reassurance because of the previous conversation and peace with Billy and before casual conversation could even begin, Billy revealed to me that one of the things he did that day was call my dad!!

And in that moment I thought, "you were not getting a jacket out of that car, buddy!" And started sideways glancing to check his pockets for the outline of a ring box even though I just thought... how could Billy just be able to propose to me at this moment? But in that moment I also thought, "I think Billy is going to propose to me in this moment!"

So we meandered around the romantic Riverwoods and I just could hardly concentrate on all these awesome things BIlly was telling me about this father conversation and we kept randomly taking turns to avoid crowds of people and I just had to pee so bad so we eventually went to Happy Sumo and I was waiting in line too long to wait for the girls so i went in the boys ahha and then we resumed the walkage around sentiment but didn't really get anywhere until we got somewhere which was a little brick wall. (Side comment to note that throughout this whole Billy adventure Billy and I have had some of our best moments on various significant walls throughout Provo, just a fact for all you romantics out there)
After some moments unblogged, Billy told me he got something for me and started reaching in his pockets, at which point I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and i wouldn't look down at what he was holding but when I finally did all I could say was "where did you get that!?" and then next thing I know Billy is kneeling down and asking me to marry him!!

hahaha hahaa oh man
Even after all my anticipation I still couldn't think what to do (when I announced that, Billy suggested I answer him haha poor boy) and only after 40 seconds of just laughing and not knowing what to do and thinking that Billy must already know my answer but sensing that he was obviously still waiting I said the blessed word and the ring went on.

And Billy and I got engaged!

Here are some things that happened in the aftermath:
1. I screamed a lot

2. Phone call to Lise: "Hey Lise, how's it goin?" "L: Fine...(slightlydisgruntledcusyoubailedonthemovie)" "Me:Where are you guys?" "L:Where do you think we are?" hahah but Lise was so stoked when I held up my hand to her a moment later and she thought for a moment that we eloped hahaha now wouldn't that have been a good reason to miss the movie! haha

3. Pictures

4. Drive home in which we stopped at Summer's house and banged on the door for a billion years becuase apparently married people got to bed at 9
SleepyAndy: What are you guys doing?
Me: Is Bum here:?
SA: yeah.... why?
Me: (ring flash)
AwakeAndy: Whoa! Kris! Congratulations

SleepySum: Kris?
Me: (ring flash)
AwakeSum: WHAT!? (flip on light switch) hahaha
oh man it was joy

5. More pictures. hahah we looked so rough but we were laughing our heads off. We picked this backdrop intentionally

Lise is the best

6. Drive to Pleasant Grove to awake the Hiatt sister and parents, who, by the way, had no idea Billy was going to propose because Billy had no idea he was going to propose haha I guess that's what happens when you have a conversation with the father in the parking lot of the ring store, and go to NitroCircus pre-screening 4 hours later haah

7. Church on Sunday (Relief Society engagement announcement. Bishop: "So that means there's a mission call available if anyone wants it!")

8. Work on Monday

Vasha is the queen of making funny desktop backgrounds for me when things happen. Like when I got my mission call she made this lovely piece of work:

And when I got engaged, this one was on the screen:

Hahah speaking of friends who photoshop, Lise took the liberty of making our first engagement picture:

8. Now we are going to get married! Ebullience!
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