Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm still alive. Quite, in fact.

Sorry for the lack of blogage. And I don't have any pictures this time. My camera is MIA.

Here, instead, is a listing of reasons why at this moment, I feel perfectly ebullient:

School starts tomorrow.

I got a substantial raise.

I have a hammock on my porch.

Elise is back.

I ran up Pikes Peak.

Charina, Jimmy, Sum, and I played laser tag/capture the flag in the dark of the night.

I moved into the nicest apartment in Regency.

I ran 23 miles through the most beautiful mountains in the whole world .

God's hand organized my roommate situation--again.


The gospel is true.

My ward holds potential to become the friendliest in the kingdom.

Sarah and Kim did a triathlon yesterday. Beast.

There are more Roys closer to me than there are other Roys closer to each other in other parts of the world (Sorry other Roys. We wish you were here)

Marathon approacheth.

See? Life is ebullient!