Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter isn't so bad!

Winter hasn't been so bad for us because we have been having a lot of adventures!

Awhile ago we ran up Squaw Peak and Billy rocked it!

I didn't know for sure if he would be good running up the whole thing or even if I would because of too much snow, but Billy just charged right up it and it wasn't even that hard and it was very beautiful!

Running in the winter isn't so bad if you can still run up mountains!

Whenever we grill, like these delicious bbq chicken vegetable kabobs, Billy wears the new headlamp he got for Christmas. haha Grilling in the winter isn't so bad with the proper equipment.

Billy found a steal of a deal on a new pipe, which he badly needed because his was so dented and beat up, not even his dirt biker expert friends could fix it with their specialty pipe-fixing tool. So on a warm day, Billy got to fix his bike and I took Billy's mom to the store, since she has only just recently been able to walk on her foot.

We went on a winter adventure like last year to the nation's biggest white fir with the landscape club. It was quite fun and there was a guy there from Alaska who started this great landscape business when he was a lad and so Billy got to learn a lot of cool stuff from him while we were tromping through the snowy forest. 

Winter isn't so bad for such a big tree!

For months (ever since we were surrounded by wolves while camping at Payson Lakes and realized we had no defense to protect ourselves) Billy has been consumed with finding the perfect knife. Well, he finally found it and it came last week and it is sweet and hardcore and intense and will protect us from wolves!

So, since winter camping didn't seem so bad with such a handy knife and it's not even winter in Green River anymore and Billy will be too busy with getting the business up and going (since it's not even really winter in Provo anymore) at the time of the Green River trip in a couple of weeks, Billy and I took a little weekend jaunt down to Green River for a good 'ol ride 'n' run.

We got there after it was already dark so i was pretty freaked out about, well, just anything that can happen in the wide open desert (I can't believe when I was single I would just go camp without a tent in essentially the same place with no knife or anything and feel fine about my safety) (just a little more paranoid in my old age:) but when we woke up, it was a beautiful desert landscape of joy!

The Utah desert is one of my favorite places! Not so bad in the winter!

(notice the hardcore knife hanging off of Billy's waist. He's so proud!)

Billy was pretty pumped to use his knife to chop wood. It is certainly an intense knife and lived up to the hours of research that found it.

So we rode and ran. Billy can go so so fast on his bike! So he would zoom off into the horizon for miles and I would just run behind and then he would turn around after a time to make sure I was still alive and hadn't gotten lost by forgetting to turn at the pile of cactus (easy to get confused out there. you wouldn't believe how much your most dependable landmark looks like every other dependable landmark out there)

It was so fun! And Billy got to ride like a madman, which brought so much joy to my soul. 

So our outdoor passions aren't so bad in the winter!

And business, as I mentioned, is already up and going. Yesterday Billy went and did a bid on an install for this property, which is a church that a man bought, gutted and built 15 apartments inside. Pretty wild! That stained glass window is someone's living room window! Crazy!

It was good, we hope we gets that job cus it would be sweet. 

And now I am sitting outside on my lunch break, not a shiver in my bones because it's at least 55 degrees out here. 

Winter isn't so bad after all:)