Friday, February 26, 2016

Southern Utah Trip

Winter is waning so we last-minute decided to do a quick trip to Zion and beyond. We had fun--southernUtah is one of my very favorite places in the world so we loved it. 

We stayed in Billy's mom's new condo, which is still unfurnished so it was kind of like fancy camping.

We did a good hike 'n' run on the Kolob Arch trail. Besides being afraid that i was going to be attacked by a mountain lion, worrying about Billy and Truman cus I ran longer than I planned looking for the arch and not actually ever finding the arch, it was a good, beautiful run. Amd so warm!

Then we spent some time in Zions, which is always nostalgic and special and amazing.
 We did Angel's Landing but since it was icy I was too nervous to let Billy take Truman all the way to the top, so we only did half. It was still fun!

The next day we headed home and stopped for a hike in Bryce. I'd never been cus Billy thinks Zion is way cooler (true) so we always go there instead, but I'm glad we made the quick stop this time.

 CJ's yak traks were awesome because it was icy/snowy! We love those things, Ceej!

Then we drove home. This trip I noticed the front page of the atlas I inherited from Mom years ago. Such a gem haha
Fun trip! Thanks to Cynthia for letting us use the place!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Here is a collection of pictures.

There's a guy on the road into the canyon that always makes sweet snow carvings -- like 3 new ones a day! He is super good.

More snow. It is not going away.
 I did a puzzle! I kind of liked it. But mostly I didn't like it as much as I would've liked to be doing something else.

Truman is cute

I ran Squaw Peak a couple weeks ago
 and it was windy!!

Truman eats solids in his very own high chair these days

More snow carvings

Billy trying to look like Truman. Kinda worked?

We went to the open house and it was sweet!

More snow running
 while Billy hikes with a sleepy Truman

Sweet elk with huge antlers in the canyon!

We tried to go fishing in our neighborhood but it didn't really work haha so mostly I was just walking around looking like Billy

Truman got some more shots and it wiped him out haha here he is looking so grumpy about it
 and here he is looking so tired about it haha poor kid

We quite enjoyed going to the vball game with you peeps! CharlyAnn is the most Truman-loving cousin! She just loves talking to and for Truman and it is precious and endearing.

Speaking of precious and endearing, here are some more pictues of our CTR 4 kids, who we love. Do take notice of the sweet picture that Billy drew. He draws them every week and every one is awesome!


You could never find him in this picture, but Billy is up there snowshoeing our mountain. It is one of our new favorite activities! I'm hoping that if we keep tromping down the trail with snow it will be easier to make a trail when spring hits (if spring hits in the canyon, that is)
 This is the view once we make it up our mountain with the snowshoes. It is fun!

But also, cougar prints!!!! Yikes!

Aaaaand naked Truman! hahah what a nerd

That's all! I take advantage of the internet when I can get it so maybe there will be more blogs soon, maybe not!