Monday, October 19, 2015

New posts

I just don't really blog anymore so when I do, they come in a bundle! 

Life as of Late

Ok, I know this is just a billion picutres of Truman. Sorry. There's some other elements of our life mixed in with all the Tru pictures but hopefully you can enjoy any part of this blog!

First smile caught on camera

He likes bathing a little more now

But he sure hated it back then

 I give Billy his haircuts outside now because we live in the wilderness and we own our backyard so we can do whatever we want. This last haircut took place at night so we had to have some cool lighting.

We turned on our stove the other week and it is awesome and heats the house nicely. It sounds like a popcorn popper as the pellets fall into the stove part so it took me awhile to stop asking who was making popcorn in the middle of the night when it would come on.

Thank you for the cool shirt, Char! 

Billy started playing soccer with some guys in the ward. He's the goalie. I went and watched him one night and it was fun and he did great!

Our dryer broke:( So Billy tried to fix it but it was like a billion years old so we ended up just having to buy a new one.

Tru loves hanging out with MeeMaw! And I love being able to use their internet and hang out with them too!


Truman got my morningness. He is just a happy cooing little guy in the morning, no crying or anything. Just laying there and looking around.

Blessing day! Mom made the best outfit and Billy gave Tru such an awesome blessing.

Neighborhood walk

Sleepin in

That's all!

Billy just keeps doing cool projects

So here are more pictures of them!

He cut down the trees on the side of our house that were dying and tilting. We feared they would fall once the snow came so he chopped 'em. It was a success!

This is the house without the trees on the side anymore. But you can't really tell the difference if you didn't know what it looked like before. 

M&D came and chopped a bunch of the wood and tidied it up

And now Billy is in the process of splitting it all so we can use it in our fireplace or camping trips!

Also, he finished all the pavers he was doing at BYU

And here's pictures of his latest and sweetest paver project. It's up in Sundance and it is rad. 

We thought we lived in sweet mountains! This place is so cool and in such a pretty location. He has loved working up there, especially since the pavers he is laying are so sweet.

That's all for Billy! He is working, as ever, like a champ!