Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is all you get, Josh Bolding and Mom

Sorry for the delayed update. If you want my excuse or more words, you can find both at the other blog I've been writing all semester which has absolutely consumed my time. Therefore, here is an update.

I did a tri! It was puny becuase they cut the biking WAY short becuase the roads were apparently wet, but the 5k course was perfectly dry, so that was rough. Either way, I won my age group and maybe the whole thing? I don't know. But it was fun! and FREEZING!

Also, Kim, Mackenzie, Elise, Summer and I went to Mesquite to run a half marathon!!

Kim's grandparents live in St. George so that is where we stayed and they took such good care of us! It was so fun to be with some of the dearest girls in the world doing something crazy!

There weren't very many people in the race but that's probably becuase they were all in the casinos!

The race ran from the corner of Arizona to just beyond the border in Nevada so I got two more states! That puts me up at 12, now, so I'm about 1/8 of the way done. Woot.

The girls ran GREAT! I was so proud of and impressed with them all, and Elise even ran her first 5k!! It was a very triumphant moment for all of us.

Also, the Roys, Carters, and Mackenzie joined for some joyous Monroe Thanskgiving, including the new tradition, Hot Pot Trot!

It was a good run and then we stuffed our faces! Good job, Mom!

Nice profile of Seeg hahaha?

Oh yes, and we had Thanksgiving with our FHE group and another group and it was awesome, full fledged home cooking!

Now I just need to construct a 25 page memoir, 5-7 pages of polished creative work, a whole semester's worth of accounting I never understood, and 3 press releases informing the imaginary public about Shakespeare's characters in the next two weeks!!! YIKES!

But then, home for Christmas! See you then:)
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


We had a ward Halloween party!

I must say, I've never been something so unoriginal, but I am comforted by the fact that my kimono was authentic (not to mention stolen...)

Halloween day Vasha and I were our supervisors Tyler and Tegwyn (she was Tegwyn, I was Tyler)

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here It Is!

Hello All!

Life is moving along. Here are the elements of which it consists:

We do lots of homework. (though admittedly, in the same room as each other, so not as much as we potentially could. Alas)

We lounge around. (So, apparently, do our neighbors. Our hammocks have become the popular "hang out" spot)

We go to the mountains (this was two weeks ago when it was still BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN HAVEN up there.) Kim and I went and camped in a random field up Alpine Loop then got up and went running the next morning and it was so paradiscical that we took our ward up there the next day. Great choice.

Spazz Session


Wedding bells are ringing!

The resemblance is striking, don't you think? And why we waited so long to meet him, I do not know when a perfectly replicated girl version of him has been living with us all along. Oh, Samwise.

I took up road biking. WHOA!!! It is the bomb!! I don't know what I have been thinking, just running around all my life. (Not that I regret it, but now I know how to enrich it!)


(Don't be confused by the shirt. That really is summer, not Krista. We just wanted to dress up neon)

SHE DID SO GOOD! She ran a 2:02 and I have never been more proud.What a beast!

The highlight of my life was life itself, epitomized in what I did yesterday in this layout of events:

-Wake up at 6:47 ride with Bum to Aspen Grove
-Run down 13.1 miles in 1:35 to the finish
- Dash home to play a vball game at 12
-Dash home and away to go on a 20 mile bike ride up the canyon I just finished running down
- Dash back home
-Turn right back out the door and onto a hiking adventure for 5 miles!!!
-Come home and sit down and eat a bagel. Yum.

If you do the math, that's 12 straight hours of constant go, 48 miles, and no meals. You better believe I ate my entire dish at Noodles & Company that night, something I have never done before.

And you better believe I woke up this morning feeling like I do when I wake up after marathons. Feels so good.

Fall is ending. Accounting is still dumb, but at least Shakespeare has outlived it in both the world and my mind, so I am still happy. Long live 2ft. Prosthetics, intramural football, BYU Grounds, Thanksgiving Break in 3 weeks and BASKETBALL SEASON!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

This is Weird

Life is so different for everyone.

I had a weird moment this morning where I was looking at all the blogs and reviewing my interactions in the recent past with all of you. Watch this.

The other day I was talking to Dad and he just so badly wanted to know about my Shakespeare class and he also told me about his job and how it is making him work his tail off (or even if it isn't, he is, which is great) and I just thought about how Dad is just a politician guy (Char and Bum: "but he's just more neutral, just an organizer, you know, like a leader" haha) and just helping single people get married. what a life!

Mom, the mom of all moms, talked to me yesterday and said she got hit in the mouth with a wrench because she was fixing a sink! And then she posted a blog about a mustard bottle as a water bottle because that is what I used when I was in middle school! What a life to be at home and fix the house and walk the dog and remember your children who are gone from home.

Speaking of them

CJ turned 29 and yesterday I told somebody she was turning 27 or something until i remembered we are 9 years apart and I was just amazed! And when i called her on the phone she had just run 7:40 minute mile and was talking to her FOUR CHILDREN in the background. Then I read a blog about how her and Eric's relationship has reached the age of accountability (haha) and I was just blown away that there she was, just a mother and running fast miles! What a life!

So then Jamie's blog has this random picture of some flying contraption and she is just going to Hawaii with her husband and when I saw her last she just gave me this frog we have been swapping back and forth for years! years, people, years! And she just goes on road trips across the country (...exit 29. 3 miles. Rest stop...) and has a real live family with talking, walking children. What a life!

Summer came over to my house last night and gave me a haircut and told me about her college classes and how she found the perfect major for herself and the dates she went on and I just remembered when she long ago tried to tell Jamie and I that she wasn't growing her bangs out but she was but she still always had these little wispys just on her forehead (don't worry bum, I had the same problem) and I just thought, "What!? Summer is at college. With me. Because I am a college. And I used to drink out of a mustard bottle for a water bottle." What a life.

The WEIRDEST culminator of it all for me was the fact that I went to Char's blog and WHAT THE HECK THAT GIRL IS PREGNANT AND HAS A BABY BUMP! As in, there is a human growing inside of her. As in, that happened to Mom and CJ and Jamie and now they all have these real live families! WHAT. A. LIFE!

How can we just have one set of parents just living the empty nest life and one sister just running faster miles than I do and one sister just about to go to Hawaii and one sister just being initiated into the college world we have all lived before and one sister just pregnant!!!? This is crazy!

Maybe it will hit you like it hit me. But maybe not--you probably have to go feed your child or take some medicine and I have to go to Shakespeare class.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture Upload...

I guess my pictures didn't show up in the post I made. So much for the goodness of Picasa blogging. But here they are--you can read the descriptions which match in the post below


I have to write too creatively too often for school these days, so getting my brain to think of one more creative, original start to a blog is not working. So here are some stories:

Marathon Weekend!
My camera was broken, so I don't have any pictures of the before, but I met with Dad and Bum and the Lindes and we caravanned to St. George where I then met with my peeps and we wandered around Pine Valley for an hour on this death dirt road trying to find a cabin with only a hand drawn map. Hahah it was rough, but we were laughing our heads off and happy when we finally found the cabin and went to bed (even though for most of us that meant we didn't go to sleep till much later becuase we were so excited for the morning!)

I was kind of sad we didn't have the bus ride to the start, but the start was just as exciting without. I was so excited for my friends to just get to run a marathon!! What thrill they must have been experiencing!

It was a good race, and the best part was definitely LaDon joining me at mile 19ish.

I'm so glad MarathonFoto got a picture with both of us (kind of) in it. At this point I am muttering to LaDon in my tired voice "makeahappyface!"

Stories from the race?
I mentally broke the race down into mile chunks and every chunk I would convince myself I was only running that much, so, for example, I would run one mile and say to myself, "1 of 7, 1 of 7" then when the next mile rolled around "2 of 7, 2 of 7." My last chunk was "5 miles of committment" so I did my usual "1 of 5" then "2 of 5" but by the time I got to "5 of 5" I was so delirious I could think of nothing else the whole mile and then the 2 miles after so I just was thinking the whole time "5of5of5of5of5of5of5commitment5of5of5of5of5of5commitement" hahaha

I was initiated.
All my running life I have heard tell of people peeing their pants (or worse) and I always thought it was ridiculous that they couldn't just pull off to the side of the road for just a second to pee. Well, there I was running along at mile 17ish and I took a drink and all of a sudden, without warning and completely unanticipated I just peed my pants!!! I literally had no control! haha. You probably don't want to know the rest of the details, but the same thing happened anytime I even touched water every water stop after that. At one point muttered to LaDon "hey. I peed my pants" haha he just said, "happens."
When I got in the chute afterwards and Kim came in I said, "Kim. I peed my pants" she said, "I did too!" hahahaha We smelt so bad and ended up jumping in a lake so on the drive home the poor people in the backseat downwind from the AC wouldn't suffer anymore.

Speaking of Kim

She is a stud and ran the marathon SO FAST! I expected her to run a 4:20 and also to finish last of all our friends,but no!!! She finished in 3:59:12 AND she beat 3 of our other friends! I seriously was SO SO proud of Kim. She is a stud and we had such a good time training all summer.

Marathon was GREAT! I am running another one on November 19th!

In other news:

Fall has come and gone. I went to ride the ski lifts at Sundance to see the leaves, but no they were closed for weather (ironic? I think so) So we took a hike instead and it was beautiful!

Also, Sarah was in town and so we put on a double date and we told the boys to dress up in their dapper Englsih garb and we had a the Grounds Office!!! It was so quaint, endearing and wonderful. And the boys were good sports, so that made it fun too.

Sarah's gone by the way. I may not potentially see her for THREE YEARS, but regardless, one and a half is long enough. It still hasn't hit me, but yikes!! That's a long time to be parted from someone I've been with my whole life! :(

Also, The Homecoming Parade!
We woked in the office all week long to make this beauty of a float:

When I got the invoice for an inflatable cougar I was thinking life size--I certainly didn't expect mass inflatable structure of gerbil-like characteristics. Haha but Roy was of course thrilled becuase we won the "Grand Marshall" something or other award. Oh, Roy...

2ft. Prosthetics marched in the parade! We were just going to march, but at the very last second one of my friends said we could use his convertible for music. haha what the random? It was awesome!

Summer marched in the parade too, with the llama people. Hahah it was fun becuase our float and theirs actually ended up right next to each other in the line-up. Weird!

But it was so fun! I've never been in a parade and we just marched along and walking by our house was the best becuase I got to see my peeps.

We had legs with sockets as donation bowls on top and we all just carried legs. Thank you to mom for the awesome banner! haha I just kept thinking, "Who knew I would ever be walking through the streets of Provo holding a PVC leg and yelling "Prosthetics! yay Prosthetics!"? I also kept thinking "Last time I was going down a street lined with people I may have been moving slow, but I was still moving a lot faster than this!" It was almost aggravating, but fun nonetheless. And we actually got some good donations!

That is not it, but that is all the pictures I have and I will just sum the rest by saying life is good and busier than a nutcase, but I am one so all is well. It is cold in Provo and that makes me sad, but I have the goodness of job, roommates, runningness, calling and sisterhood.

One more thing: I am in a memoir class where I have to write a blog post every day (every day, people!) with various stories from my past. I never run out of good ones to write about, but if you have a favorite memory/Krista story/your story/Roy story you'd like preserved in writing, tell me and I will write it!

That's all. Go Cougs!