Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas, Karalee Wedding, New Year's

Such fun end-of-year festivities!

Christmas morning! Santa brought us sleds

Truman loooved his construction toy from Willises!

And Billy looooved his BB gun!

We went for some Christmas snowshoeing

haha Poor Truman

And did some turkey target shooting practice

Also some ice fishing at M&Ds, so fun!!

After a couple days of break, we traveled to far off Vernal for Karalee's wedding. My own soul friend!! How dear to be there when she got married. It was so lovely and quaint and fun and endearing and soul-warming and ebullient!!

She seems like she got a good 'ol humble guy and she also was the smiliest, most beautiful bride, as I always knew she would be!

Truman was sick, sick sick all day so he was not really enjoying himself that much, but he was a trooper. 


 Buggin friends forever!

Between the wedding and the reception we drove to check out Dinosaur National Monument, and it was sweet and worth it! 

They have a literal whole wall, the real original rock FULL of real, original dinosaur bones! Like still in the actual earth where they were actually fossilized all these years!! It was one of the cooler museum exhibits I have ever seen in my life. 

Fun trip! And I just realized I didn't actually upload any pictures of it (probably cus I didn't take any), but we spent New Years weekend with Cynthia in Melo in St. George and had so much fun! Cynthia's condo is the most relaxing, cozy little place and we had a great time just relaxing and eating ice cream:) Happy 2016! The new year is looking quite great!