Sunday, April 14, 2013

Highlights for Hiatts!

Time is passing, sometimes too fast and sometimes not fast enough. But we always have things to do!

We bought our first big purchases for the business!! It was very exciting! This little guy:

sweet, right? 

and these two, too!

Cool! We are building a business!

Look! Billy rips out trees! 

Hahah it's like a tree massacre. He's also been working his little tail off at all kinds of other jobs, and I went and worked with him too (I already thought he was a champ, but seriously!? It was hard work. Good job, Billy)

He also did some work on our yard! 

The tulips are so pretty--we only have a few, but EVERYONE on our block has bumloads so it is so cool! We are so happy everything is turning green and springy--funny to look back on those days of death when it was too hard to walk outside becuase it was so cold and think that we actually lived through them. Worth it! 

And now we are just finishing off school-- my LAST WEEK OF FORMAL EDUCATION EVER. I am done in FIVE DAYS. Which is bittersweet--school is a) the thing I've put more time and effort into than literally anything else in my whole existence b) one of my greatest strengths...hopefully that strength transfers over well and c) is probably trivial in comparison to the adventures ahead! woohoo!

Also, I am rapidly approaching a day I never thought would come but also always knew had to eventually. I will soon leave the precious Grounds Office. What will I do without the Grounds Office? It has taught me every good thing I know about being a good employee, friend and problem-solver.

Nevertheless, bring on the adventures! All is well and we are looking forward to all or many of you coming here soon!
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