Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Many New Posts

Mildly entertaining entertainment!

Billy Billy Billy

Billy has been working his butt off and has made some very beautiful yards come to pass. 

(the one in the background, not the foreground haha)

But, oh my, so much work. Soon I will have pictures of his Zion's trip! He is a champ champ champ!

Random June Stuff

Here are some other random pictures: 

We got our chickens! They are the best and the boys love them.

I hiked Silver Lake with Burton and some friends

while (bless her heart) Jamie took Truman and Trey down to throw rocks in the other big Silver Lake

It wore Trey out in the most extreme way!

The boooooys

The chickens

Truman brought his binoculars on this hike...he, I guess, is still trying to figure out how to use them 

But we have now done this hike approximately the same time for three years running and I always take this same picture...


Mom brought the boys some cupcakes and they were heartily enjoyed

Haha Burton is so funny and so fat. This is how he says he's all done with his food haha

More hiking

Truman took his first bike crash and got a pretty beat up face. He was pretty brave and afterwards, very funny.

I have been doing much running and encountered this moose. I actually came upon her at a much closer range but was so startled and scared that I waited until after I had run by to take the picture. She watched me the whole time! 

Didn't make the summit, but the run was beautiful!

These boys always make me laugh

haha Frida Kahlo over here haha he looks so weird

It's dirt. I cannot believe how dirty these boys always always always are. 

Phew, June is gone! It's basically winter already! No!

In which I pretend to be half the mom CJ is

While CJ was at girl's camp I took CharlyAnn and Emery for a few days (so technically I was not even half the mom CJ is...)

It was THE BEST and so fun! I was gunning for the cool aunt award and I don't know if I got it but I do have the coolest nieces so booya!

Here are some things we did:

1. Splash pad x2
2. Hike x 2
3. Sleep in tent
4. Dress up and dancing
5. Movies
6. Get eggs out of henhouse
7. Playgrounds
8. Makeovers
9. Candy store
10. Ice cream cones
11. Meemaw's house
12. Burton, Burton, Burton. Oh, and Truman when Burton was asleep

We just had so much fun! Girls are so different than boys!

Thank you for letting me have them, Ceej! It was the best!

Navajo Lake Camping

I have been dying, begging, yearning, wishing for a camping trip for months now and we finally, finally made it happen. Ever since I ran Top of Zion five years ago I've wanted to go back and check out this lake that we jumped in early in the morning during our race. Since Top of Zion was taking place this same weekend, we decided to go for it and see my former employer and also maybe cheer for Kim, who was running it again. 

It was a beautiful drive becuase we took the back way. But also, we saw a lot of burnt forest around Brian Head/Panguitch area from the fire..last..summer? or maybe the summer before, I can't remember. Anyway, beautiful drive. 

We snagged a cool spot and set up camp and went to the lake. 

Also, had a fire. 

 I just couldn't help laughing at my different boys. This is how Burton was in the tent when he's about 15 months old...
such laughter and joy!

And you may recall this picture from when Truman was about 16 months old...

I do not trust this situtaion. 

haha! Oh it's still a truth
Even as an experienced camper he must scowl.

This was Burton's first camping trip outside of his carseat and I was anxious to see how it would go. He was a champ. Only woke up twice and only cried for a few minutes. Maybe our neighbors didn't like it that much, but I was really pleased (it's not like they were actually sleeping. We're camping, people.)

Unfortunately, I decided to go for a nice long run in the morning on a really cool trail that I had researched. I say unfortunately becuase the whole reason you go camping with kids is so you can see them be funny in the morning in the tent! And I ditched them and missed out. But they were funny.  
And starting to look more alike, eh?

See what I missed? :(

But I did do some 20 miles on the Virgin River Rim Trail and it was a breathtakingly beautiful run and very fun. I had it all to myself. 

Billy caught this funny sequence of events, watch where Truman and his pillow end up...

Haha of course. Poor Burton

They played by the lake and met up with me 

We managed to catch Kim's team on the trail! That was great. Also, I went and saw Ellen, the lady who puts on the race. She had just had her sixth child two weeks before!! Nuts. 

We drove through Zions and had a good ol' time. Yay, we went camping! Hopefully we will go again soon!