Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Easter & Burton is One!

 So far, April has been a great success and I am so thrilled about the good weather and coming joy of summertime. 

One of Billy's clients asked him to build a huge wall with a fireplace. So weird and cool and trendy! And Billy is just doing it. The  cool part is that Billy welded the fireplace himself. He just has recently decided to do a lot more metalwork and has been doing so good. 

It was Easter!! Yay!! I love Easter and treat it as other people treat Christmas becuase I love it way more than christmas so we had a big celebration! Both the boys loved the egg hunt and candy and joyous morning feel of Easter. 

We spent Conference weekend at Mom's and M&D and it was so great and such an invigorating conference! We loved it.

And then we celebrated Burton's birthday!!! Hooray! 

Truman opened all of Burton's presents haha

Burton has been such a joy and I cannot believe that he is already one. I felt like when Truman turned one it was after we'd had him around for a long time and even though it feels like Burton has always been around, it doesn't feel like he's been here for a long time. Weird. Anyway, what a joy! He is so happy, always smiling, always pointing and loves his people SO much! hooray! 

Race post below!

Moab 50k!!! and other goodies

The end of March was a joyous! It included...

a morning at the Payson temple with Emery while CJ attended a sealing. It was so beautiful and fun!

A good matching Sunday with my boys

A good many visits to MeeMaws, where Truman has started sleeping on Meemaw's big bed. He is like unto a 2x4 when he wakes up haha!

And ultimately, the Behind the Rocks 50k in Moab!! It was such a grand and joyous adventure and I had some of my most favorite people there (and some of my most favorite people not there, which was sad. But it was ok to be away from the boys and thank you M&D!)

Billy, Kim & I drove down there and it was such a great drive. Such delightful company and wonderful conversation. 

We slept under the stars the night before, right by the start line. The 50 milers left an hour before us and I was SO jealous and wished wished wished I was them. 

The race was SO FUN! Much of it was over cool slick rock and interesting canyons. And my old boss was there and so I ran with him for a little bit too. That was cool!

AND there was an out and back and so Billy and I got to see each other! And it was when I was running with my boss so he got to take a picture of us! It was the best moment of the whole thing for sure and motivated us both for many miles afterwards. 

I do not think that I ran that race as fast as I could in my life but under the training as it was we all did good and in fact Billy and Kim (who ran the 30k) ROCKED it!! They both ran an hour or more faster than their estimated times! I was so thrilled and so pumped. And so sore and tired haha

Oh, we had such fun! Kim and I had not done a race together since 2011! And we had not camped together since before we got married so this was a long past due adventure. And truthfully, my mission was accomplished because now my people want to do more and longer trail races. Booya!

Besides that, we have just been doing our thing: 

Laying in the cart

Dying eggs! I love Easter!

Hiking/running pure joy

Billy got to go dirt biking! I was so glad and Truman got to go for a little ride as well. And look like a little alien or something haha


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recent Home Improvements

Even though Billy was fortunate to still work a lot this winter, he got a fair amount of home stuff done. Since we went crazy last year with a whole new kitchen, this year was all about just finishing up the small stuff. 

I embellished the stool Billy made. I just am not crafty and do not have an eye for how to make beautiful things like Summer so this is mostly lame but oh well. 

Billy fixed up the fireplace.
He took off the "telephone poles" that used to be there and replaced them with metal brackets that he welded himself. He also painted the fireplace grill thing. It used to be gold. 

The kitchen got some new metal brackets, the bar got finished up (except the top is still a work in progress), we got a backsplash, some tile behind the stove and a handful of other small things that only we notice. 

I love all of it! I have loved having my half-finshed kitchen and didn't even think anything of the nasty wall where a backsplash should be or otherwise but it is so nice now having a truly complete kitchen. I am so spoiled and so grateful that Billy is so handy and talented. 

Also, he made this  cool coat rack with the antlers from the deer he shot. The only problem is it looks a lot cooler when there are no coats on it haha

And a hangboard since someone is always sleeping in our climbing wall room haha

And I guess this picture is not a home improvement haha but Truman was flipping through the conference Ensign and saw this picture and said, "That is Grandpa Chuck!" hahahaha I laughed so hard. And also was so impressed that he even remembered that such a person exists, even if he didn't quite remember accurately what he looks like haha. 

Ok, that's all! There's another post below about just random stuff which is mostly worth looking at for the picture of Burton on the swing!

End of Winter

I think the end of winter is coming, anyway, and I hope so because I am ready for what I have decided are my favorite six months of the year! I love it when Nov-Mar ish are behind me. 

We have been having fun, especially during the storms since Billy couldn't work when it was snowy at his jobs. 

Instead we went on a sweet mountain run together, it was so great to run together since usually we switch off for the boys. Thank you M&D

Hoodlums! (look familiar, Jame?) (Oh wait, you won't read this for many, many months haha)

We had one evening where it snowed real quick and wet right before the sun set and so i skipped up my trail with Burton and it was just winter paradise. I wish you could make that panorama big or something, it was so pretty. 

I took the boys to the Bean Museum. They had a special exhibit about the world's largest snake and it was cool. But also, Truman just loves that place whether there is a special exhibit or not. 

And it wore them out haha neither of these boys EVER falls asleep in the car. 

Park Day

I see why some people are always saying my boys are like twins.

Another day on the trail, this time I went all the way to the cliffs. 

THis past week the weather has been DIVINE, divine. We have spent the whole day outside and the doors have been opened and the stove has not run at all. I am reminding myself not to get my hopes too up that winter is gone but it has just been so glorious. 

I babysat the neighbors, they were so funny.

Burton crawls over everything haha. He's like a north-going Zax because he will not take a step to the east or the west if he has a goal in mind, just charges over anything in his way. 

Another babysitting day, we had like 80 kids in our house and were just thinking of CJ and how she sometimes actually does have that many!

Billy's guys are back so he is officially back at work. The transition has not been that bad since he worked for most of the winter anyway and me and the boys have been having fun. So onward!