Monday, December 31, 2018

More October Stuff

I love the month of October and we had many good adventures during its second half which are recorded below: 

The boys and Mom chopped up the buck and we came away with some good meat which so far has proven better than last year's deer. 

Jamie and I took an off-track trip to Vernal to see Dinosaur National Monument and it was a great trip! 

For Halloween Truman wanted to be a ghost. It was pretty great and fun and cute until he face planted at the first house and refused to be anywhere near that old sheet anymore. Alas. We still had fun with all the trick-or-treating and associated festivities and Burton was a very cute spider. 

We had many, many Jaker's visits

Pumpkin carving

Billy took his boys on a campout to Maple Dell, where they usually have scout camp and were having a special camp for peeps to come up and help with fire clean-up. He said it was pretty rough but you can see from the pictures that it wasn't really so torched as one might think based on all the hullabaloo during that fire time period. 

Truman has been working very hard at being nice to Burton (nice, get a pom-pom, mean, lose a pom-pom) and did fill up the whole jar so he got to pick a toy from the store. Of course he chose a sword, maybe because he wanted the added challenge of trying to be nice to Burton with an extra weapon lying around? 

A few good hikes on the trail 

Truman had his first visit to the dentist and totally rocked it. Didn't get those genes from me! But he loved it, did everything they asked him to do, got through a whole cleaning, didn't even need the movie on the ceiling which was broken and didn't have any cavities! He was a good bud. 

So yes, good month of October!

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Hunt

A bit different and a bit the same as last year, this was another great hunt! 

Dad and Billy set off Friday afternoon to hike up the mountain from right fork and find a good camping spot. 

Dad looked like this: 

Long story short because I don't really know all the details, they woke up, scouted all day, saw nothing, went back to camp to pack up and on their way spotted a buck which Billy then shot!

They chopped him up and Billy hauled a billion pounds down the mountain in the near darkness. 

When they finally made it home to me, they came inside looking haggard, worn, sweaty and not that triumphant. They said they did get a buck!....but also lost BOTH THEIR PHONES!!!

Oh dear. Well, there were not as many bright grins as last year, to be sure, and since they had to do all their tracking and finding and shooting and chopping and hauling on their own instead of with Teddy Roosevelt and his complete hunting supply shop they were just completely wrung out. 

There were still plenty of smiles from the boys

And hunks of meat at random locations around my house

And the next day both phones were miraculously recovered! So in the end, triumphant hunt! And they butchered it themselves and the meat looks and so far tastes better than last year's deer, so that seems the way to go. Good job, you silly boys!

Anniversary Backpacking Trip!

Oh, we had such fun!!! Thank you M&D for making this possible!

For our anniversary we backpacked to the top of our mountain and camped. It was pure bliss and so so pretty. And it was totally awesome only hauling my crap instead of some kids and some crap. Seriously, not even a burden. 

Good thing, cus it was steep hike to the top!

We got there right when we planned and set up camp and got bundled up

Then we had some good Ream's sandwiches for dinner and since we had 4G up there we even got to watch some good Netflix Meat Eater episodes! Haha it was awesome and got us even more pumped for Billy's upcoming hunt

The morning was true paradise! I love waking up outside and that obsession was magnified by a billion on top of a mountain. Oh my it was so pretty and fun. 

Haha i just laugh when i see this picture cus I look so confused cus I couldn't figure out where to look haha

Oh, the morning was just so breathtaking!

Scouting for deer 

Getting back to the bottom, everything was still frosty

What a happy anniversary and what a happy day in a string of happy days of marriage! 

Random Fall Stuff

I do love fall, except that it means winter is so close in coming. Alas! That, too, has its pros. 

Here are some random fall pictures from the last few weeks.


A tribute to the weird spooning chickens that do not exist anymore :( 

Costco almost-twins

Billy hiked Timp with his boys! It was a success and a joy!

We went to Jaker's a billion times!

Truman is starting to be able to actually draw stuff and LOVES coloring and crafts. weird and cool.

Billy turned 30! Had to be the most anti-climactic decade turn for anyone in the world but we still had a fun little party for him

And I made a blanket for Truman so he could move into his very own big kid bed! It has been a nearly seamless transition (though sewing the blanket was not haha!)

I made this pie for Billy's bday, yum!

Truman and his pumpkin and his suit haha what a funny kid

More Jaker's, fun!

Haha! Burton knows to smile. He is so funny

And here is photographic evidence of the constant bullying from Truman. Although, I will say, Truman has come a good, long way in being nice to Burton and is really doing good these days. 

 I grew these pumpkins! they didn't have time to get ripe but I was happy they could grow at least!

We painted them for FHE, which Truman loved

Warning!! Graphic picture below!!!

This was all that was left of the chickens after the cougar came stalking around (so I thought). But a few days later, three showed up and one was indeed combless. Eek. The rest of her was later snatched (minus the chicken foot my neighbors said their dog brought them) but I have two surviving silkies that still come for breakfast every morning, though I have yet to discover where they roost each night. 

I made a giant spider web for Halloween! Also spooky pale green pants that I haven't taken a picture of yet but really should. 

Dad presented Billy with the long awaited and bomb-diggity birthday present CASCADE and accompanying PRIMO hide!!! It was the best! 

The boys really love the deer skin! What a good shnike! 

Happy Autumn!