Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flashes of Finals Week

Here is a flow of images from my final moments at Wyview! Bittersweet, to say the least, but I hope these only make you laugh.
The view outside our window which I've seen every day. I love the pink trees, I know every license plate on all those cars, and I can tell you most of the residents in the windows across the way.
Chalk drawings as a relief from a long day of studying. Don't chalk draw with the resident artist who likes to draw devils and flames (and sculpt seven foot snow seductresses, yeah same one) when you are trying to spread happiness

My food cupboard is slowly diminishing. I'll survive

Textbook sellback money!
I chopped my hair and wake up in the morning thinking... "months ago i would wake up and think...'I live here? And I will live here for the ensuing months?' and now i wake up and think... I have to go live somewhere else? Don't I just live here?"
Messy room. The more I look around, the more I dread packing up. We are quite permanently and comfortably adjusted to living here. Although, the laundry basket on the right is filled with clean, folded clothes that I didn't put away because I didn't see the point, so I've been living out of it.
Someone ding dong ditched us last night and I was expecting you know, like, brownies or something. Nope, huge pan of lo mein noodles from panda express. I did not complain, you saw my food cupboard!
We've had these dead animals in our house the past two weeks as Elise has prepared to use them for her final presentation in English. Oh, the hours of fun you can have with a stuffed otter and lion head!
It's way harder to focus on studying this semester when it is so nice outside! Even when we lay down on the grass to pretend to study, we never get anything done and eventually have to subject ourselves to the shady cage of the library.
A common sight, always staring out the window at our little Wyview world. Why do you think I know all those license plates?

End of the year! Weird.......I just am dreading packing and cleaning, but I got 94 and 95 on my first two finals and the rest are looking up! See you all in a week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recent Joys!

The end of the semester is proving no less fun and joyous than all the rest of it has!

We went to the midnight showing of Clash of the Titans, WAY against our better judgment! We didn't want to, but then Elise had the brilliant idea to braid our hair like Medusa and so we couldn't resist spending the outrageous amounts of money to buy the a) midnight showing b) 3D and c) real theater tickets. It was SO FUN and another joyous girl moment to all be braiding each other's hair
and to wear the 3D glasses (we were the ONLY ones that dressed up cool; not a surprise, really), but,
We all fell asleep. hahahha it was a boy movie, for sure, but we didn't see all of it. Lesson learned, don't go to midnight showings, even if it's fun to braid your hair together!

For Easter I spent the weekend at Elise's house! Her mom even made me an Easter basket!
The night before we went and hid Easter eggs in all the neighbor's yards and we thought they could just wake up to a yard full of surprise joy! But nope, through the night, it snowed!!

It was still fun to be with her family! There are definitely some unique personalities there.
We also were home one night and dyed eggs. The second picture is Elise and I with our rendition of twin eggs since Rach and Chels weren't home.

We tie-dyed as a ward yesterday! The girl in this picture is from Colorado and she is going to live with me in Regency this summer!

OH! And Chels dyed her hair, too! (Not at the activity. Separate events.) But they just couldn't take it anymore when a boy looked at Chels and said, "Rach, would you like to go on a date with me?" Haha. It looks good though, and we all adjusted rather nicely.
Best story of the week: (Again, lots of reading, so you by no means have to read all of this, but it is a pretty good story!) For Christmas Grandma Lenheart gave me this precious, beaded white lil purse from the 1920s she used to "take to all the parties with all the celebrities" and I figured that gave me every right to take it everywhere I go. Since it is such a precious little guy and you just don't see one of those everyday, I take a picture of me with it wherever I take it!! Well, there was a 5k "Commit to Virtue" race yesterday and I wasn't going to run it, but when I heard the General Young Women's Presidency was going to be there to run it, I paid the 15 bucks and ran!!! And i had the joyous plan to take my lil white purse so i could take a picture, at 5k, with my purse, with the general young women's presidency! It was, as always, SO FUN and I'm glad I went. Afterwards there were billions of virtuous young girls getting pictures with them and so i was too timid to swamp them even more, but then they had the awards and they were just standing up there and when they called me up to get my award I had my purse in my hand and Sis. Dibbs (President Monson's daughter!) was like, "you did so good cus of the purse!" And right in that moment, becuase I knew it would be the only one I would get, I said, "Will you take a picture with me right this second!!!?" hahah they did and she said I hoped I had lipstick in there (i didn't. Hello, 5k? I had energy packets and safety pins. haha just kidding) and she told me my eyes matched my shirt nicely and they laughed! hahah. Afterwards I called her a beast for running. I didn't think that was weird, but the people with me pointed out that it was.
Don't worry, if you can't see this picture well, it will be broadcast on the huge screens in the conference center next October. This will be the talk accompanying it (Just imagine the proper intonations and perpetual smile) "Last April, I had the opportunity to run a 5k on the Brigham Young University Campus with thousands of healthy,beautiful young women and men. The weather was gorgeous, and we felt fit for the kingdom (appreciative laughter. Perpetual smile expands) Following the race, one young girl asked me to take a picture with her. She had virtue shining from her eyes, which matched her shirt perfectly (Up pops the picture, appreciative sighs) I was inspired by the goodness of this girl and her friends,(This next addition is all dad's idea) even though she called me a beast. Because I knew this delightful young woman had a pure heart, I chose to forgive her for calling me a beast. We should all strive to forgive those who call us beasts." hahahahahhaah!

That was the adventure, I am so glad I went and ran, and I came back with a much better story than I expected. And 25 dollars! So I made 10 dollars. I'll put it in my purse.

I went to my first sports camp meeting! I AM SO EXCITED! It is going to be a great job, but I do feel really young! Everyone there has pretty much already gone on a mission or been to college for 2 or 3 years it seems like!

Rach and I went to the weight room. We were the only 2 girls there and if you combined her muscles and mine, you would still only get one bicep of the beasts that were there with us! It was a good adventure.

We went to Divine Comedy. It was HILARIOUS! Life dream #6: Write the scripts for Divine Comedy.

School is almost over! i can't believe it went so fast, but it was such a good year. It feels weird to be ending all this when it seems like I've been living this freshman year forever, but I am excited!