Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Trees & Teepee Camping

Billy and his friend chopped down these HUGE 60 ft trees. Billy said when they crashed them to the ground, the tree just exploded; and I saw the aftermath! There was a lot of tree wreckage all over!

This last weekend we went camping and I was so excited and it was so fun! We recently found a new trail that we never knew about and decided that if we just hiked a little way up we would find a good camping spot, so we went there. When we got there, a man and his sons were having a dinner fire adventure and so they left their fire burning for us and the best part was the guy told us about a teepee that they had found that we could camp in just right there! We would've never seen it if he hadn't told us about it, but we were so glad!
It was totally a legit teepee!
I was pretty nervous because we also saw a dead deer nearbyish so I was sure it was just a perfect cougar trap, but it ended up being a very pleasant night! The stars were beautiful and it was quite warm in the teepee (though we couldn't decide if that was cus our last several camping trips have been cold and snowy so it was just actually finally spring? but we were toasty!) 
And the pads proved once again to be the best things ever.

The mountains! The sunrise! I love and miss them. We went hiking in the morning and it was definitely nothing to complain about, but I do miss being able to explore four times the distance by running.

Also, here are some pictures that were on my phone of a flagstone patio Billy is making for a guy. It's like a giant puzzle!

Also, I only took one picture and it did not turn out, but Lise and Matt came to visit! It was so good and so dear to bond with Elise. She says hello to you all!
And I now say goodbye to you all!


I love Easter! It is my favorite holiday! Billy and I decided to celebrate by making some little Easter baskets for our friends. One of our intentions was being kind and stuff, but really we were just glad for an excuse to buy delicious Easter candy and make cookies!

RKista. For any of you who know that reference.
These were the finished product! You can't really see, but there is all kinds of good candy in there! And people were excited to get them and we had fun being Easter bunnies! 
The rest of Easter was good with egg-dying with Melo and Mom and dinner with the Roy peeps and lots of good food and lots of wonderful General Conference with Billy's mom. It was so good! I do love the tradition of spending conference with Billy's mom. She is such a gem.
Also it was fun to cross stitch!
Until next Easter!