Thursday, May 25, 2017

May is gone!

Time is always going by so fast and we are lucky to always be having such a great and blessed life. We love having Burton here and Truman has adjusted magnificently well. 

May was a great month!

Started out with a visit to the Tulip Festival with Mom and the Bitters. I'd never been! It was beautiful and fun and CROWDED!

CJ and Eric DOMINATED their first half marathon!! I had been looking forward to this for months and months (years, really, since I'm always hoping some new soul dear to me will further explore the running world). We wore our best Toy Story garb and cheered our hearts out with M&D. It was so great and so fun. Eric even did it on a sprained ankle, crazy!

Tummy time (aka be in a susceptible position for your brother to whack you time)

Dooded up for church

Billy built me a beautiful, fenced-in garden. Hopefully it keeps the deer out!

Just like Dad....and nerdy

Billy is cool

We went and watched Lincoln's school play, Beauty and the Beast this year. It was as amazing as ever and he was the most awesome salt shaker I have ever seen. 


We did a little fishing at Vivian Park and it was so great! Look how overflowing the river is!

You better believe Truman was making constant fish noises

Summer and Eliana were in town!! I did not take many pictures. But everyone came to our house for a bonfire/hiking/shooting night and it was paradise.

We did some hiking and the kids did great and MeeMaw was cool matching GrandBill! And Eliana loved Truman and by the end of her visit, Truman loved Eliana. Maybe even sooner. He takes a little longer to get warmed up to peeps than Eliana does haha. 

Bum! Hammer!

The boys

Thanks to Jamie's donation to my sanity, I now have a double jogging stroller! It is so great to be back running after almost a year! And the boys do good. My legs feel fine but man, that stroller requires a lot of arm strength! I want a shirt that says Oversize Load on the back cus that's what I feel like when I'm running in the canyon haha

We have also been doing our fair share of hiking. Truman is very great at it for being such a cautious boy usually. 

Truman is growing up! He says so many words (over and over and over) and is getting to be pretty independent at most things. Burton has not quite figured out the sleeping at night thing but most times he does all right. I can't believe it's almost already been two months! Billy is working like crazy and has an awesome crew. Every day he gets a new job. And I am living the absolute dream! Bring on the summer!