Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fruita Marathon & Camping

This weekend we took a quick trip to Fruita, Colorado for a marathon training run! It was such a fun trip and the marathon was a blast. I was running it as a gauge for my 50 training and it felt good and increased my steadily growing excitement!

We drove down Friday night and got to the campsite around 11. Tru was doing pretty good in the pack n play at first but once he realized that I was right there next to him on the ground there was crying and no sleeping and almost another Charina-Joey-Pack-N-Play episode! But I am not as funny as Char and thus made Truman sleep next to me instead of me getting in his pack-n-play haha. I had to hold his hand all night but we did manage to get in a few good hours. 

Billy was going to wake up early and fish for awhile before we had to leave for the race but it was so windy he couldn't do it! So instead we just got ready and drove over to the start. The roads over there gave the Utah grid system a run for its money--the street names were such things as 11 8/10 and 10 and 10 1/2 and Q. So strange! 

It was a beautiful day for a run in the desert and the scenery was supreme. It was overcast all morning and very, very windy at some points, but overall I was quite thrilled and had so much fun!

The pictures don't do it justice, but the landscape was like a mini Grand Canyon/southern Utah/desert Colorado, all the things I love! It was a four corners mash-up! We ran alongside the Colorado River and just weaved in and out of these inlets that were sweet. 

Lots of slickrock and rock in general. 

About 3 miles into the race I was trooping down a hill and suddenly tripped and was tumbling down and doing somersaults over the trail! At one point I saw my knee above my head and thought, "That looks quite scraped!" The people behind me helped me up and I kept running but after a mile or so I kept thinking, "Is that rain or sweat or mist or what that I feel splattering on my leg!?" I looked down and it was blood!! Oh man, it looked like I murdered someone there was so much blood coming out, dripping down my knee and spattering all over the other leg. 

The aid station workers, this guy included, were always rather concerned but I felt fine and since I didn't pay for the race I didn't feel like they could do anything for me without my conscience being troubled. 

Billy and Truman hiked to see me twice during the race and each was blissful! At the halfway point one of the aid station guys told me I was the first woman! I told him I wasn't registered but I must admit that it still quite motivated me cus I thought it'd be pretty cool to win a marathon! 

It was just gorgeous. 

I talked to some people who were doing the double marathon and they gave me some good advice for my race. Also, when I run races (not sure if this is normal or not) but I always name my fellow surrounding runners based on my train of thoughts or various other factors at the time. Well one lady I ran with near the beginning had short hair that curled at the top of her head and was wearing bright blue and yellow striped compression arm sleeves and so I named her Cindy Lou (like Cindy Lou Who) at first but then as we ran on I knew we were on the part of the course called Mary's Loop and so the two names got confused in my head until my name for her evolved into Mary Lou, which then evolved into Mar Ya Lou because the desert landscape was making me think of Holes (you know Zero asks Stanley, "What's Mar Ya Lou" when he sees the boat cus he doesn't know that Y sometimes makes an E sound?) Anyway, I only ran with Mar Ya Lou for a few miles but she'll come into play later. 

I felt strong the whole time and finished well and I was the first woman. The race people came up to figure out my number and stuff so they could announce the winner and they looked offended when I told them I hadn't registered even though I assured them I didn't eat any of their snacks or accept their offers for first aid assistance haha. Oh well. Registration was $100 and prize money was $100 so we would've just traded money. 

I ran my fastest trail marathon to this point and had a blast and only lost a few drips of blood. 

After I came we hung around until the registered woman winner came in and guess who it was? Mar Ya Lou of course! And guess what they announced her real live name as!? Mary!!! hahah I laughed my head off. My made up names are never actually their real names (or I guess I don't know usually. Maybe I am really good at making up people's names).

Billy and Truman were the very best supporters and always gave me a huge burst of energy and endurance. It was so fun to see them and Billy probably hiked a good 5 miles total trekking through the desert to see me. What precious people! 

The blood. Looking at it now I think I made it sound worse than it actually was. Which is good cus it wasn't actually that bad. 

We had planned to stay at the lake and fish but it was so windy and cold we decided to just go home. We reported a drunk driver on the way home, which was freaky cus that guy almost crashed right into oncoming traffic, so I'm glad we called! Hopefully they got him. We made it home fine and have since enjoyed a lovely week. 

Billy finished this rock wall and it turned out great!

That's all for now. On to more miles and more rock walls!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Snow Running and Skid Steer!

Life is going and going good! Here are the main 10 things about it for the Hiatts these days: 

1. Billy working his brains out and initiating the new skid steer he bought!
2. Me training for my 50 miler and running like a crazy!
3. Truman being cute and rolling around. Still no teeth, but he rocks his schedule and loves to eat!
4. The mountain life has never been more glorious. I am building a trail up our mountain!
5. Conference, Easter and general church going brings us happiness and we love our calling!
6. I play on a rec league vball team and it is so, so fun!
7. Truman is cute! And he's already 9 months. Crazy! 
8. Lolo's is closing:( 
9. We are going to Colorado and camping this weekend!
10. Life is good! 

Here's the pictures to prove it: 

Summer and Eliana came and it was gloriously fun!

Fat legs

The neighbor girls discovered our house is fun to play at and our baby is fun to dress up. 

Truman discovered where I am all those hours he is lounging in his stroller.

This is it. The very machine. It seems to be a near perfect addition to the family besides the fact that it has inspired Billy to want to buy more such machines haha

We went to Taylor Woodward's band's album release. Unfortunately, the post got the better of him in this picture. 

Spanish Fork Peak & Nebo

My trail! I pretend I am Billy and build rock stairs

Little bitty Squaw Peak

We cooked dinner in our backyard and Billy was buried in a hole starting the fire haha

Then he caught the chicken wandering in our yard!

That's it, that's all! Until next time!