Thursday, February 23, 2012

More pictures

OK here's the rest of the pictures. Joyous!

Another good feature of the panorama picture camera feature--it does vertical panoramas too!

Shout-out to the Browning hat! (and the rattail braid haha)

Angel's Landing first half

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Saint George--Oh Heavens!

On Monday I got a call from Uncle Henry and when he found out I was in St. George, he said, "I know you've probably already heard this from your father, but... be careful."

Haha, I don't even think Dad knew I was in St. George! But I was!

And although I have experienced every end of the spectrum of crazy trips, this one fit in a category of its own for three main reasons:
1. It was long! three whole days! That's longer than any adventure we've ever had
2. We did little to no planning

It was still joyous. I wish the panoramas would be their real size on blogger, but just know that I love my camera and it takes sweet pictures (even though the batteries do not last 3 months as promised. Alas)

Day 1: Pioneer Park

The Fat Man Squeeze (Definitely not the skinniest crevice I've ever been through, but with 15 people, but better believe there's at least 2 that have a struggle going through)

Top of the park

Snow Canyon: Lava Tubes

You can't tell from these pictures, but it was PITCH dark in these caves and we forgot our head lamps in the cars so it was so crazy! I have so many random pictures of nothing becuase we were using my flash as a light

White rocks (looks like melted chocolate squirted everywhere, doesn't it?)

Cinder Cone- It's a volcano!

We couldn't find the right trail on the way up and we hiked straight up this thing and it doesn't look that big but it was pretty steep and snowy, so it was crazy. But fun!

Saturday night half of us camped in some wilderness-wanna-be behind a spa resort haha and it rained all night. There were 6 of us in one tent and we then 7 of us had to cram ourselves and our stuff in Kat's car to get out of the campground before Kim could come and save us. HOly muddy camp clean-up. Most of us stayed relatively warm and dry, though, so that was good.

Day 2: Sunday we went to churh (we doubled their singles ward), sang at a senior center, and watched The Ultimate Gift.(watch it! it is great!)

Luckily Sunday night one of Kim's roommates (who lives in a MANSION overlooking St. George) let us stay in her basement so we didn't have to sleep in our wet camping stuff again.

Day 3: ZION'S!!!!

We went and did Angel's Landing, which was PHENOMENONAL!

Those are straight up the mountain switchbacks. Yeah, I can handle switchbacks, but cover them in ice and pack a few inches of slick snow over them, and they got a little tricky. We made it ok though, and the top blew our minds!!!

And we were ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

But then, guess what? that wasn't even the top! When we got to the point when I thought we could go no higher, Kim pointed out that we were still going to some distant summit. Not to mention that was completely covered in snow and ice too. Good thing they have chains all along the trail!

Contrails for CJ

For some reason I couldn't get the rest of the pictures to load, but we were seriously the highest thing and it was insane. It was so pretty!

We ran down the mountain like hooligans and then drove on home to Provo. Crazy weekend! You better believe that with 15 people, at least 7 have phones with no battery and the other 8 don't have service and then every other second they switch. It was crazy but it was fun and now it is back to the real world. Don't worry, Uncle Henry, we were safe!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 13

I LOVE this

and this

and this

(which is a picture of Jamie's running stroller)

and this

and this

and this


We are runners. I LOVE it!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 12

I LOVE Rizutos.

If they came and set up shop next to J-Dawgs, three things would happen:

1. I would never make it to campus without stopping for ice cream
2. I would never make it home from campus without stopping for ice cream
3. More BYU Students would look like this all the time:

Rizutos LOVE.
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Day 11

In October Pres. Uchtdorf gave a talk called "You Matter to Him" and it was the bomb. He talked about how "you are less than you suppose" and immediately contrasted it with the idea that "you are greater than you suppose." He then reconciled the contrasts by saying that the balance lies in the fact that "you matter to Him." Like I said, it was a great talk. I LOVED it, in fact.

The point is, I also love moments of opposites and contrasts that are somehow miraculously balanced. Like this friendship.

What the short and tall? What the straight hair and crazy hair? What the missionary and non misisonary? What the sprinter and long distance runner?

It's a balanced friendship and I LOVE it!
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 10

I LOVE this cold, hard tile floor

where I once said a prayer that helped me make one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9

One time I came to BYU and I was a space case free bird who thought she might want to major in English but didn't really want to so held off on declaring her major. I took classes that were predominantly on the south end of campus as well as a tap dance class that required workout clothes and tap shoes. Thus, I rented a locker for $10 so I could put all my stuff there and not have to carry it around. I got the locker in the Brimhall building becuase it was right in the middle of all the other south-campus buildings where I had the rest of my classes.

I loved going into the Brimhall building because I thought it was clean and bright and open. I didn't even know what the building was really for, but I liked going there.

One day I walked in to go to my locker and a girl gave me a flier telling me to go sign up for some conferencing session that were taking place later that week. I thought it sounded nice and also thought I was looking for some direction in my life, so not even really knowing what they were for, I went and signed up for a conferencing session the next day. The secretary at the desk told me I would probably need to dress up a little since I would be talking with a bona fide professional.

That's when I realized I had gotten myself into a serious like future-investigating/job interview/counseling session situation, but I didn't want to back out and still thought it would be nice to have some direction. So the next day I went to the Brimhall building and met with this real live bona fide professional lady. I told her I had no idea what I was doing with my life.

So she told me what she had done with hers.

She said she was a public relations practitioner and she once helped Dairy Queen up their sales by putting on this little publicity shnike and it blew my mind becuase every word out of her mouth sounded like everything I always wanted to do but never knew there was a profession that actually dedicated itslef to doing such things.

So that summer I looked into this mysterious public relations business.

And now I am in the public realtions program and it is bliss. I LOVE IT.

This is me.

Studying in the Brimhall building, which building I love, for a test for my class in the PR major. Woot!
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