Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Break Thus Far!

Christmas season has been jolly as married people!

We started off attending Billy's Mom's graduation from her school that taught her about the techniques of emotional healing. She was hands-down the star of the show--best speech, best song, best flowers. She was fantastic. 

She also gave us her new keyboard to store at our house until she needs it!!! I WAS SO HAPPY! I love having a piano in our house! It is the best!

Billy is relearning the piano too, so i especially like it. 

Mom and Dad came into town and we went night skiiing. All our welcome to join us again! It was so fun and we will all have a blast; affordable, fun and close!

We have been wanting a Christmas tree but were waiting patiently for people to throw out their old trees to Grounds; little did we know that the tree lot next to Wyview would throw out all of their trees to Grounds. 


Four of them just sat outside our house haha but we did bring in one of them and decorate it up. (even though Billy had to structure his own jimmy rig with some tow rope and a plastic bin since, who knew, live trees need water in their stands. And of course, every store in Provo had already sold all their live tree stands)

On Christmas Eve we went snow shoeing. We borrowed the shoes from my supervisor and headed for Mt. Timpanogos, which had CRAZY amounts of snow. 

It was so fun, but kinda hard at first and I kept ending up in a little snowball haha

We spent the evening at the Hiatt residence carrying out their family Christmas Eve traditions, which included reading some Christmas stories.  

Christmas morning we celebrated!! We didn't have that many presents, but it was fun to open them with Billy  

We also saw Les Mis (which we still can't decide if we really liked a ton) and spent the day with the Hiatt family before randomly deciding to drive to Monroe to surprise the Carters and Mom and Dad!! It was a good surprise and a good Christmas night. 

We worked a ton, and then drove through roughness to get to Colorado where we are now gazing at Pikes Peak and watching Mom and Dad play Angry Birds on their anniversary haha and soon we will run the Rescue Run! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Hiatts!

(You may also be interested in the blog beneath this one if you haven't seen it yet)

Friday, December 28, 2012

From Lise

We have been without internet in our pleasant little duplex as of late, but there is much for a blog in the near future. 

As for now, enjoy THIS BLOG by our very own dear Elise, because I sure did. (Made me cry.) Not to mention it was an amazing recall of an event that is just  blur to me (she even remembered what we ate and things like that) and she talks about all of you.

As a sneak peek and a tactic to convince you to read the whole thing, I'll just note that one of my favorite parts was the fact that she thought it was weird we like to wrap those chocolates so much. I  never thought it was, but I guess, in the end, it is. 

Thank you, Lise! I cherish you to the ends of the world!!

(More blog to come, now that I have some internet in Colorado, where we are)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall Fell

We are done! Hooray! Finals are over for both of us and now we are just going to work and play all break long and watch Moon Rise Kindgom (which we haven't actually done yet).

What we have done, however, is shown below.

Billy helped make this sweet wall!

He said he can't take full credit for the stairs but that he did cap all of them and the whole wall so that's cool

And he made this entire corner by himself. And just generally helped with the whole wall. Pretty sweet, project eh? I think it turned out sweet in the end.  

Meanwhile, I was working my brains out on this huge project for BYU Radio that we've been working on all semester. I have been highly fortunate to have very dedicated groups my entire time in the PR program, but this group was TERRIBLE and I think I did more work than was fair. But. Oh well.

When I was a sophomore we did a PR campaign thing and my group was just so proud about the 20 pages we pieced together. I look back on that and almost scoff.

This bad boy was 100 pages long! (we had to have 3 copies of it) but yeah, i designed that cover and the whole thing and it was fun to use indesign but also took a ton of time to piece together all that research and make sure it made sense and was easy enough for the client to understand.

Billy wasn't sure what to think...

...he's still trying to figure it out haha....
Maybe now that finals are over we can finally put up some Christmas decorations! Hooray!

Goodbye, last fall semester of college I will ever see!
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Sunday, November 25, 2012


We have been having such grand adventures!

Last weekend we went to a work party at Billy's supervisor's house (he has 13 kids!!!) and it was great (tons of tongan food!) and made gingerbread houses/hiattlandscapepatio&gazebocombos

Then we went to Monroe! It was so fun and you can read the Carter's blog to know about it. Hot Pot Trot, good food, good bonding and cutest Carter kids. It was so fun, Billy loved Monroe and we will want to come again and again, so thanks for letting us come that time.

Thanksgiving break is now coming to a close, but we had fun while it lasted!

We went fishing.

We had very high hopes becuase we got all these recommendations and promises that we would catch tons from a Grounds guy and we were so pumped. 

But the day wore on, and even though the guys in the boat right next to us caught 10 and we even asked them to throw some of the bait they were using to shore so we could use it to (which they did)... 

...we still didn't catch anything :( it was pretty sad. But we had fun anyway.

Thanksgiving was great, we went to Rob's house and we stuffed ourselves then played Times Up! It was so funny, I discovered more of the Hiatt hilarity, which is quite hilarious.

Yesterday Billy and I also worked on our cars!

After Billy showed me how on one side, I changed my one brakes on the other!! I was so proud of it, and it was cool too.  

We also changed the oil in both cars, which was messy and fun.

School is about to start and it is going to be death for two weeks but then partying for four, so onward, ever onward!

And also here is a picture I forgot I uploaded but am glad I did!
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Sunday, November 11, 2012


From what I hear, I'm probably the only wife in the world crazy enough to let her husband leave on a dirt biking trip after only having been married 3 weeks.

But away Billy went, gallivanting with a bunch of other crazy fanatics in the desert of Green River.

He loved it! So it was ok that i was by myself for a little bit.

While he was gone, it SNOWED LIKE CRAZY here!

This branch the size of a tree fell from a huger tree overhanging our driveway. Thank goodness it fell on the truck and not the oldsmobile!

When he returned, we worked the game, which was fine until it was over and we went out to work and it started snowing. Kinda cool, though, cus Grounds got off the hook a little and didn't have to do as intense a job cleaning. Phew.

And then we made this beautiful snow arch! 

It was sweet!! We were so proud of it. But now, unfortunately, it looks like this:

Haha it was kinda hard to make so that it was super stable, but it was still so fun.

In other news,

Billy's mom got her puppy, whose name is Charlie and who is smaller than Doug's paw almost. So cute!

Thanksgiving! Christmas!

We love love our ward. It is so great!

I got to talk to Sarah!!! (kinda, she was online sending her emails the same time i sent her mine and so whether it was against the rules or not, we emailed back and forth for a little. It was awesome!! She is doing so great, and I love her so much)

We are doing great and are rather ebullient. Woo!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is a blog for Lise

I know you all love and adore Elise, but probably not as much as I do. So here is a blog of the pictures she never saw and for the gratitude I will never be able to sufficiently express to her.


Who knew peeking into that Wyview room long ago that we would end up such dear friends!? Providence!


You're the best, Lise. I can't thank you enough for the friendship i'll cherish forever. I hope you like these pictures! (I know my parents have even more!)
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hiatt Happiness!

Yay! We got married!
(a man in the background was happy for us! haha)

The photographer did a good job and we got some nice pictures of the wedding

Pretty good cry ratio--only Abigail on the far left haha 

Hooray 5 sisters! Thanks for getting your outfits so nicely put together guys. You did good! 

Getting married was joyous! And the honeymoon was also very joyous!

First we went to Lake Tahoe

And it was sweet! Lake Tahoe is so pretty and we drove on the top of a mountain overlooking it.

Then we went to the REDWOODS!!! They might have been a little more favorite than the other favorite places 

The truck barely fit through this tree haha but we made it

The Redwoods were as glorious as the last time I went and even way better. We were so happy!  

We camped in the back of BIlly's truck underneath the Redwoods and then in the mornign we went on a huge hike that we had no idea would be so long. It was kind of creepy cus we were just in these creepy foggy woods and there was no one else around and when we got to the top, we had been promised views for 100 miles, but we could barely see each other cus it was so foggy! But it was still sweet.

Then we drove down the coast on Highway 1, which was awesome!

And we stayed in Mendocino in our own little cottage with our own little water tower and our own little hot tub and fireplace and breakfast in the morning. It was bliss! (in fact, they gave us a bottle of wine called bliss. We did not drink it. haha)

Mendocino was great, and then we went to San Fran! San Fran was so sweet!!

We wanted to go to Lombard St., but we heard it was too narrow and crooked for our truck and on the way to it there were all these signs warning against big vehicles, but we totally went down it anyway! Haha it was awesome 

Jamie gave us some great reccomendations and we went to Pier 39, ate crab and fish, saw gay people and stumbled upon this joyously hilarious surprise: 

Haha we laughed our heads off.
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