Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hurry, Krista!

This weekend was the Hindu celebration of the Festival of Colors! There is a Hindu temple in Spanish Fork and this was the week to celebrate Hare Krishna, the passing of winter and probably various other things we didn't know about. I think I saw one real group of Hindus because the other 3000 people there were all mormon college kids who just come to participate in the mad throwing of chalk at each other! We don't know exactly the real traditions involved, but they did end up burning this fake witch looking structure and having us all chant this "Hare Krishna!" Which sounded like, "Hurry, Krista!" And since none of us wanted to make oaths to pagan gods or something like that without knowing it, we just made Hurry Krista jokes the whole time they chanted the real thing.
In any case, they give you the chalk then sit you down and have you listen to Hindu philosophy for an hour, but it's hard to resist not using the chalk that whole time, so the cleaner pictures are from beforehand when the chalk was controlled, but then they had a moment where EVERYONE throws there chalk at the same time and a literal cloud of death consumes everyone and it is so gross and you can't breath and the sun disappears and you all come out looking like "muddy orphans," as Elise said. hahah. The dirtier pictures are from after the huge cloud of death.

It was SO gross but so cool and crazy and fun!

Afterwards we were driving home and Rachel commented that she thought she and Chels looked a lot alike and, agreeing that they did, we took this ULTIMATE twin picture. Not the best one of the day maybe, but wow! Try and guess that one!

Life is good! Last weekend we also went to the tumbling gym with our ward. I hate trampolines, but it was really fun and no one got hurt! They have a foam pit, tons of trampolines, a jungle rope, sumo costumes, and our favorite toy from last time we went wasn't there, but it was still fun to be with everyone!
And we're still the happiest roommates in the land! Only 13 days of school left, and I'm comin home for spring!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I went to the second best devtional I have ever been to all year! Captain Lovell of the Apollo 13 mission came and told us his story, and it was SO GOOD! If I were good at science, my search for a major would be over because I would just be an astronaut! But look it up if you desire, it was seriously the second best devotional i heard all year!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eventful Weekend!!!

WARNING: This blog is going to be largely (if not completely) writing and no pictures. If you only got to the blog to see the pictures, give up now. Don't feel obligated to read at all, but you may like these stories!

First Story: I sit in the Clyde building every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between my classes and every time, I always see this engineering boy, surrounded by books and papers and one day he was even wearing a shirt that said "Property of BYU engineerin. If lost, please return to Clyde Building" Hahah. so. WELL, I was wearing my Ascent jacket one day, which has the elevation on the back and this self same nerd kid came and asked me if it was Pikes Peak. Well, turns out he's a kid from Colorado who has hiked 19 fourteeners and was instantly intrigued at the fact that i ran the Ascent. After a pleasant enough conversation, i tried to run away to go to my class, but not before he shinked me and got my number becuase i didn't know how to refuse! aaa! So i was dreading it, but when the twins were going out of town and Elise was going to be busy, I figured i would go on the date just for the story. hahaha It's a good story. He picked me up and asked if we could go to DI really fast to pick up a chair and a book for the portugese play he was in and when i asked him what his role was, he said SATAN!!! So i was on a date with devil nerd boy from colorado! Then, as much as I avoided the subject, it finally came to the surface that he was 24!!!! So i wasn't even on a date, but I was being babysat by ancient devil nerd boy from colorado! And the chair, his satan throne, wouldn't fit in the car, so we put it on top, so i was being babysat by ancient devil nerd boy from colorado with a chair on top! Aaa it was just so weird, I was on a date with a person as old as the man my older sister just married!!! And I also thought, "You probably were in high school when CJ was, and where was I when CJ was in high school!? Yeah, ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!" AA! It was definitely weird. We went to a weird concert thing his roommate was in, but I suppose the night ended on a good note because as far as I can figure, ancient devil nerd boy from colorado with a chair on top was truly just a pure soul that wanted to know more about the Ascent, as that's what we finally ended up talking about the longest and now he wants to run it. So, with a combination of a) weirded out age difference b)too loud of roommate's concert music c)way cold ice cream and d) talking about the most dearest thing to my heart, I came home shaking. hahahaha. IT WAS AN ADVENTURE!( and at the end of the night I said, Thanks for the night...... I'll never see you again! ((but if i do, I'll return you to the Clyde building promptly!)))

Sorry if this is just a lot of writing, but you got to admit, that's a pretty good story!

Next story: CJ and Eric came and visited Elise and I! We laughed our heads off and CJ left Rach and Chels this note made out of my leftover bread (which of course was just sitting in my cupboard) for them in the middle of our kitchen floor.
This is the picture CJ and Ram and I took at Chucke Cheese when we went. CJ, my room LOVES this picture!!!

Next story: REX LEE RUN YESTERDAY!!! It was just Elise and I this weekend, and of course we slept in the living room, but that meant I couldn't squeal with happiness as i got ready around the kitchen, but I WAS SO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO BE IN THE RACING ENVIROMENT!! And it was EVERY bit as glorious as any good run I've always had in my past! I was so happy! There were thousands of happy people and lines for the bathroom and safety pins and music and starts and fat people and barbies and beastly people and racers and happy college people just out for an adventure!!! I was just sad Mom and Doug weren't there, or Dad telling me "You Can Win it!" I ran the 10k with two boys who were good pacers, probably my first race I wasn't running with some old runner guy, and that age factor lead me to believe I wouldn't win, but I did. Then there were oranges and Sarah and Kim and tired people and prizes and rain and advertisements and announcers and dum dums! I was just in complete bliss!!

Next Story: This morning we wet to Elise's stake conference because Dallin H. Oaks was coming!! We went and met him!! He was so pure. He was so humble and smiley and short! It was so cool!

Get the baby out, Jame! Now, for Sheri Dew! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Adventure #1: Yesterday i read about this concert in the Daily Universe and it sounded interesting and free and so i attended it with the thought of "I am a spontaneous college student with opportunities and experiences at my feet, i will now take advantage of them" Well, I went. And after saying he had some announcements that were "probably well known" he asked us to turn off our cell phones and other "natural noisemakers"! I thought he was talking about farting or something until i realized he meant talking. hahah. He then offered a prayer that started "We are....grateful for the gift.... of... hearing" hahaha. It reminded me of sis. Macgill being thankful for tomatoes!

ANYWAY, it was cool! They take the top off of a piano and all the people stand around it and play the strings. It mostly sounded like a bunch of ill Chinese cats, but it was really cool!

Adventure #2: SPRING SING! It was the classic roadshow experience! People walking across the stage holding signs describing the scenes, thespians coming out of our ears, cheesy mormon jokes, etc. etc. We had the newsies and we sang about the testing center! It was great and fun!
Adventure #3: Bonding! We shniked some apartments with heart attacks. Elise was feeling a little under the weather, so we added Chay and Ashley, the two on the end.

Adventure #4: We still all go to devotionals every tuesday! We get quite a big group these days, and it's fun to go to together and the devotionals are always good.
Adventure #5: I have tons of food in my house!
Adventure #6: I'm pursuing my dream of working in the lost and found!
Adventure #8: Life is just joyous! We are happy and productive, but ready for these classes to be over!