Friday, July 11, 2014

This blog post is about Billy!

Because I think he is great but I noticed that almost always in my blogs I talk all about myself and then have like one sentence at the end of Billy. Partially cus he doesn't really like being spotlighted, but too bad for him cus his doings deserve more than one sentence! 

For example, my dream come true! He built me a picnic table! 

On 4th of July he was going to work in the morning but decided that was lame and that he would rather build a picnic table, which is something we've been wanting for so long. And he loves building and so he did build it! 

At 11 he arrived home with the wood from Home Depot

And by the time Summer and Andy came over for lunch at 12:30ish, the table was all done and ready to enjoy some July 4th BBQ on!  

(Also notice the makeshift shade Billy and Andy crafted for us! Andy is also great!) 

So there is one good thing about Billy. And we sure love this table!

Also, Billy takes me camping and always remembers all the things we need to prepared in the wilderness and starts fires with tinders and flint n steel and finds the best camping spots and always wears his orange flannel. This is where he took us to camp on the 4th of July. 

Next Billy spotlight, he got the sweetest job ever that he designed from scratch with is own landscaping skills and knowledge and is now building with same said skills and knowledge! 

It is pretty intense! He is building this incredibly huge water feature. Oh man I'm nervous, but so far so good!  
Somehow he knows how to do these things and can also drive around huge machinery. And also have a business. Crazy. 

I love Billy so much and am pretty sure I would just crumble up into a teeny little ball of misery without him, aside from all the picnic tables and water features and stuff. He is more tender than his hobbies/work make him appear, and I depend on him for pretty much every need, which he so happily, humbly and selflessly fulfills. 

Go Billy!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Welp, I have mono! Sometimes it is rough and sometimes I am tough. So far it has not been too too bad, but I am quite fatigued. And quite heartbroken that probably maybe I might not be able to get to run my race :( I have been quite literally devastated, but stably so. 

But it's ok. There are a lot of 50 milers to be run in this life and a lot of other joyous things going on in the meantime. 

Like this baby shower I threw! The games were pretty fun and one involved paper plates on heads. In fact, I'll tell you about it so you can use it at any party you ever want cus I shniked it from a lady who invited me to her Christmas party and then boom I used it at a baby shower! 

So you give everyone a paper plate and a pen and then tell them to put it on their heads. Then you have previously determined a list of things for them to draw on the paper plate. For the shower, I had everyone draw a nursery, but did it in steps. So, for example, I said, "Draw a floor." Then they draw the floor and lose track of where it is by the time I say, "Draw a crib" Then "Draw a baby sleeping in the crib" onto the rocking chair, the crib mobile, the bookcase, the toys on the bottom shelf, the books on the top shelf, and finally, a window. 

Then they get to look at their pictures and I award them points (1 for each leg of the crib that is touching the floor, one for if the baby is laying horizontally, one if their mobile is not touching the crib, one for each floaty thing they drew on their mobile that is touching the mobile, one if the window is not touching anything else in the room etc. etc) 

Anyway, it was pretty fun. You can use that game for anything, and it will be fun! And funny, cus who can even draw on their head? 

Before three days ago our landlord hadn't come to turn on our swamp cooler and so we were suffering. So so suffering, especially since I was having these crazy temperature fluctuations and especially since Billy works in the hot sun allll day and so we were struggling. 

One night we couldn't take it so after an an hour of tossing and turning and a trip to McDonald's for some ice cream, we just moved out to the backyard! It was soo much nicer. But then my immune system is shot so I got a cold. But then I got rid of it with oils and noni juice. Go MLMs. (too bad their products don't work for mono!)

Last weekend was the children's parade and since I am in the primary now, I got to march in it with our primary! It was fun and the kids were darling and I wore my red overalls. 


My garden is THRIVING and I am soooo happy about it! 

The potatoes went crazy, but luckily not so overpowering that anything else is suffering. We still have a good crop of corn, cucumber, tomatoes, peas, strawberries, onions, spinach, bell peppers and carrots (which were a round 2 attempt but are coming up!)

And we have this happy gnome that mom got us:) 

(nestled in between the HUGE potatoes, cucumber, pepers and peas)

I love watering the garden/him because he just always looks like he is enjoying the shower so much!

So life is good! Billy is working like a crazy and just finished his hugest job ever then went straight into his coolest job ever! I'm so proud of him and you guys would be amazed at the work he does!