Sunday, March 18, 2012


What do you get when you cross...

An "I LOVE YOU BRENDA" banner...

....two roommates holding the other against the wall so she could swag plastic tablecloths across the wall.... mastermind romantic (wearing a purple tablecloth toga).... romantic Regency living room, complete with tea lights, roses, and pictures of Brenda and Ryan....

....and Brenda and Ryan?

Tired of waiting? WE WERE TOO!


The best part? Debatable.
It might have been the Saturday seven days ago when Ryan asked Brenda to set three hours apart from her day for her and she knew they were getting engaged but she had a minor freak out session so it didn't happen.
Or it might have been the photo album Ryan showed Brenda in the park of the two of them (from EFYs to middle and high school dances, to various other life activties together) plastered with love sticky notes, the last one in the album reading... "But what does he have in his pocketses?" (a quote from none other than Lord of the Rings).
It might have been the part where Brenda, who had been swearing off surprises this whole time, WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED becuase she didn't think he should have anything in his pocketses, let alone a beautiful and very Brendaesque engagement ring!
It might have been the spying Elise and I did from our neighbor's house as Brenda and Ryan enjoyed a romantic dinner in our apartment.

But really, I think it was the part where Ryan, who has been getting advice from Elise this whole time said, hours before he popped the question,

"Now, you might not be able to help me with this one, but how do I propose without crying?"

Awwww, Ryan! Good boy!

Your fiance, in all my years of living with her, has never screamed so spontaneously, deafeningly, frequently, or ebulliently as she has been the last 12 hours.

Have you faithful blog readers ever seen a happier Brenda? Love!

In other less exciting news,

I sewed this skirt

And I hung out with these Colorado people

And I camped in the wilderness!

Life is ebullient! 
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This is for Dad. Or maybe it's for Mom.

I have apples laying around everywhere. Becuase I, like Mom does for Dad, pack them in my lunch and then I, like Dad, forget to eat during the day and then I, like Mom and Dad, have all these random, wrinkled apples laying around my house! Why can't I remember to eat my apples!? Thank you, Mom and Dad.
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I meant to make this blog a couple weeks ago, but the things that were making me happy then are still making me happy now, so woot!

1. I was doing homework a couple weekends ago and I was literally squealing with joy because I loved it so much! I love my major--it's so cool, it's so interesting, it's so applicable, and I am learning TONS!

2. Summer! Summer! I see Summer every day and if I don't I start to hypervenilate haha it is the best to have a sister at school

3. The Grounds Office is thriving. Which means I am thriving in it. I have worked there for a long time, crazy huh?

4. My roommates are as eccentric as ever but we have joyous powwows and other good adventures so even though we are a house full of misfits, we fit.

5. Relief Society Sleepover. With all the things you can only imagine a bunch of girls would do together at a cabin in the mountains. We a) sewed b)baked c)crocheted d)talked about boys e)laughed about boys f)wondered about boys g)swore off boys h)moaned about boys i)giggled about boys and j)finally went to bed.

and (k)im and I went running in the morning, so that was a highlight for us!

6. Brenda beautified. Still no engagement.

7. Mackenzie and I went to this thrift store that had a garage next to it and the garage was filled to the ceiling (notice the sign in the background that says No Climbing on Boxes) and they gave you a bag and you could fill it with anything for $5!! GUESS WHAT? I found two of the hard bound Harry Potter books and one chaco (i will find the other one somewhere in the world) and some good clothes and a car scraper with a brush!! It was a goooooooood find.

8. Summer! Summer! I seriously consider her the greatest person on this campus and beyond.

10. We only have one month of school left!
11. I am training for a marathon again. Booya
12. CharlyAnn is a year old! I saw her be birthed!
13. Speaking of that, CHARINA GAVE BIRTH!! Good job Char, you are a beast hog! And welcome, Tyler! Count yourself lucky that all you had to do was be birthed (as opposed to stripping down to your skivvies and running around in a black wig) to be initiated into this family!

14. I


I've wanted one for years but I got one and it was providence and I rode it on Saturday and it's a little long, but it was the best.


oh yeah. and on the agenda this week: a marketing test, a law test, a group project, and starting mission papers.
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