Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BYU, MARATHON!, Misc & Tru

Here is a ginormous blog of everything! 1. Billy's Projects, 2. Marathon 3. Random Stuff

Billy has been doing some contract work for BYU. They couldn't resist bringing their two-time national paver champ back for some paver work and he's been rocking it!

Took Tru to be initiated this one day

Sarah and Kim ran the Top of Utah Marathon! It was Sarah's first and Kim's second and we wanted to go cheer those crazy peeps on!The night before we camped up Logan canyon, which was beautiful and cold, and then we staked out a good spot to see them for the first time at mile 14. 

Almost growing out of the laundry basket:(  

We weren't exactly sure when to expect them, if they would be running together or where they would be, but Kim surprised us by coming down so fast! She ran a 1:51 half and so I ran mile 14 with her and gave her gummy worms and had complete joy! It was so fun and she was rocking it. 

Then I ran back the mile I came just in time to meet up with Sar and run the mile with her! My soul was bursting with pride and joy at her! She also was rocking it!

We saw them both again at mile 18 and they were both still rocking it, looking just a little tired. But so awesome! We zipped to the finish line to try and catch Kim and were lucky enough to see her. Man, she was awesome and tired! Finished in 3:54, which is a PR for her!! I was so proud!

Afterwards she was so tired she could hardly even smile or nod at me. What a champ. 

The last 3 miles twisted around main Logan city center so we thought to run and catch Sarah around mile 24. We waited and waited for her, saw the 4:45 pacer go by (she had previously been running near the 4:15 pacer) and started to get really worried when we still hadn't seen her after the 5 hour mark. I just kept thinking, "This is the end of the Griggs parents tolerating my presence in Sarah's life. They have endured enough. The fact that I sent their last daughter to her misery and/or death will be the final straw." I was so so so worried and feeling so bad that I (in part) convinced Sarah to do something so crazy as run a marathon that I just was beside myself with concern. 

After awhile we realized we may have missed her somehow because of the windy course. I only hoped it was true and decided that although I would be so sad that I missed her finish, my joy that she was not sitting crumpled on the side of the road somewhere before mile 24 would make up for it. GOOD NEWS! I went to the finish and she was there looking awesome, having finished her first marathon in about 4:26 or something close!!! Thank goodness, AND she's a champ! Our friendship can continue! (and must, so that next time we can run a marathon together! My evil plan to get her to run another marathon was to not run her first one with her!)

I was sad to have missed the finish, I would've been screaming my head off and probably crying. But so glad those were not tears of sorrow haha

"We just ran a marathon...."

What champions! It was so fun to watch them and made me so jealous that I wasn't running and made me more committed to getting back to marathon goodness soon. Right now I'm creaking away at 4 miles haha doing absolutely nothing for 10 months really gets to you. 

We went to lunch and Sarah told us all the great things about Logan. It is a great place! We were very impressed with the feel of it and loved how pretty it was. Go Logan!


We went to CJ's XC meet and it was awesome! She has some good kids and is an awesome coach. 

And we were exactly matching, even had the same hair do!  

Our mountain is breathtaking every day

My XC season is CRAZY. There are a billion kids and I am always running around screaming my head off. Our meet last week took place in the absolutely pouring rain, but the kids did great and there were no less than 120 kids that ran. Mad house! It was awesome. 

And here's a billion pictures of Truman, mostly for Summer and Charina's sake: 

And Lolo's for Summer's sake! It is as wonderful as ever!

Ooo..sorry for the explicit content. But for once in his life he was happy during a bath!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Timp with Tru! And other adventures like camping

Here are some adventures! We hiked Timp for my birthday and also went camping. And some other adventures. 

Billy loves to take pictures of Tru being burped haha I don't know why, but you will see many of this exact pose of Tru and I: 

Surprise adventure: BRRRRRENDA!! 
Brenda was driving through town because she is moving and so we went and visited her and guess what? She is as pure Brenda as she ever was!! It was a joyous reunion! 

Other adventures. Tru is getting fat, so we took him on our hike. 

It started out with an early morning, during which Billy let out a stinker that neither of us appreciated. 

And then we hit the trail! 

The snowfield/glacier was totally gone!! Crazy!

This is one of the few pictures of Tru that he doesn't look totally grumpy. In fact, I think he looks a little like Joey!

We didn't know for sure if we would go all the way to the top because we weren't sure if it was ok for Tru to be up so high, but when we made it to the lake and he was fine, we kept on going!! It was so pretty and so fun!

And we did make it to the top!

Oh my, Tru got such crazy reactions the whole time. We didn't even think about that factor, but man, every single person on the mountain made some comment about the fact that we had a baby with us, and there were a lot of people on the mountain! Everyone was like, "Is that a baby!?" "Don't tell me that's a baby!" "Oh my gosh, a baby!!" and then they would proceed to either give props to Billy for carrying him (I would quite agree!), props to Tru for being such a gnarly mountain baby (some lady actually called him gnarly), or props to me for hiking Timp after I just had a baby. So many funny reactions and comments. 

But the VERY best one came when we were pretty close to the summit, a man was coming towards us and Billy said, "Is that Dr. Drewes?" (which is something we usually say when someone looks like someone we know, ie when we see an Asian man we say, "Is that Dad?") But i looked up and said, "But really, is that Dr. Drewes?" AND IT TOTALLY WAS! 

And who is Dr. Drewes? The doctor that delivered Zoey and Truman and our very best friend doctor who we have just loved and worshipped!! There he was on the mountain! And we had just seen him the day before at my 6 week appointment, during which he had cleared me of all postpartum restrictions, so he was laughing to see us on the mountain the next day. 

We got a picture on the way down, it was too good a coincidence not to document. 

We love Dr. Drewes! 

That was definitely a highlight. 

Also a highlight were these goats. There were so many! 

And Tru was soooo good the whole hike! 
It was a great birthday present, and I was very  happy. 

And in other adventures, I talked to Char on the phone with my hair in the window visor thing. Don't really know how that happened haha. 

This week while I was at my XC practice, some group of girls had rented a camel for their friend who loves camels and whose birthday was on Sunday and I swear that girl was my long lost twin becuase my birthday was on Sunday and I love camels!! I FREAKED out about this guy! It was the best!

Aaaaaand we went camping with the Lindes and M&D and it was fun and Tru handled it like a champ!

He slept in a laundry basket. 

It was so fun and so pretty and there were such good food and in the morning, I got to go for my very first run in 10 months!!! It was glorious and beautiful!! And steep!

And two more pictures of Truman for good measure.  

Yay blog dump! There are two more new blogs under this one if you care!