Sunday, October 25, 2009

Homecoming and Life!

Life continues to be joyous!! And CRAZY! This weekend was homecoming, which, who even knew you actually went to that, but we did, and it was so so so fun! We went with our dates to Savers and got some crazy outfits then went to a dance that was all glow, so everyone was wearing glowy stuff and there were black lights and such and it was so hot and so good! (Side note, between going from savers to our house to eat dinner, we got rear ended!!! First car mishap i've ever been in, and it was an adventure, but all is well. If you want the full details, i'll talk to you later) It was nostalgic to wear overalls!!!
Life is also still wonderful in other ways! We had our first co-ed volleyball game in which I was elected to be a setter- weird rotation, but we won, then our wonderful-not-on-the-team roommate made a steak dinner for all of us! (by the way, second boy up on the right in this picture is 6'4" and BEASTLY, so there you go. success)
There's still plenty of work going on- this is us studying for our first american heritage midterm. botched. but above average!

And whatever running I can do I do, even though life is so crazy, it sometimes doesn't happen. But Char and I ran a costume race and she beat a punk rocker (who was not friends with the honor code) and she sprinted into the finish with her little hat a twirlin'! I dressed up as a Spartan.

And I'm still dodging swine flu and eating rather nicely! look at that!

So all is well, I just finished surviving the absolute hardest weeks of my entire life, but I feel all the ready for the harder ones comin!
And BYU did not do so good in the game, but maybe if anyone wants to come watch with me, we will beat Air Force!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ode to the Aquarium!

Buy Low, the market from which I purchase my substance, offers a very large variety of very cheap produce! (haha... I've been writing a paper, so that sentence was very full of gratuitous words. Sorry) So I go to Buy Low and get cheap fruits and vegetables, and because I love it so much, I always get a stalk of celery.

And becuase my life consists of running around like crazy and definitely not putting forth enough effort to get the celery out of the fridge, take the celery out of the bag, break off a couple sticks, move dirty dishes over so I have enough room to stick them under the sink to wash them, dig under all the dirty dishes to find my cutting board, clean a knife which has undoubtedly sunk to the very bottom of all the dirty dishes, then cut the celery up to eat it, there were sadly a couple celery sticks that went to waste becuase they sat in my fridge too long. I would not tolerate this.

And then bliss befell my very self and I discovered that my bottom feeding habits of long ago turned out to be very bottom feeding since I now use a makeshift aquarium in my very own fridge and find it is much easier to obtain the desired snack!

(Even though I still have to open the fridge, take the lid off of the aquarium, stick my hand all the way down into the water since it doesn't have a handle thing like at home and then eat it, at least I don't have to put forth all that work like before when we would have to take it out of the fridge, pull up the handle, then grab the celery, since the handle ran into the shelf above, because who has that kind of time or dedication? not the Bottom Feeders at topaz. I mean widgeon. Or both. Not them.) So anyway, this is an ode to the aquarium, which turned out to be not so bad and I now urge bottom feeders everywhere to be grateful you don't at least have to battle a pile of dirty dishes every time you want some celery. I guess either way, people are right when they say you burn more calories eating celery than you gain by consuming it.