Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pre-Christmas December

What a fun and cold month December is! Especially because Billy does not work and we live in the mountains. We have had some good times. 

We are doing our best to get Truman to like the snow. 

We went to the Festival of Trees because some peeps made a model of Grandma Newbold's  childhood home. I'm not sure what was with the weird elf photobomb, but the house was cute and cool and the whole festival was crazy! I had no idea it was such a big deal. 

Snow suit or space suit?

Decorating for Christmas was fun!

We went to see Jim Gaffigan! He was so funny. I was amazed that he literally made an entire arena of people laugh for an hour and a half straight. I could never do that. 

Truman passport photo haha! No neck for this international traveler!

Gingerbread houses with the Hiatts

Truman really does like walking with me haha 

Christmas house!

After I took Truman off from one of our hikes he was just a stoic, paralyzed little guy

Billy got his rifle! He is excited! I've never heard so much hunting chatter in my life.

Matching mountain boys

Christmas Eve hike up the canyon, it was beautiful and snowy!

Fun month! More winter adventures ahead! And railing project recap below!

Friday, December 30, 2016


We finally did the railing! Meaning, Billy finally did the railing. And he rocked it. 

Just tore it right out

Then built a closet

Then put up the railing! Truman loves it. I do too. 

Then he built a cool door on the closet. 

I love the railing, I love that it is safe for Truman! I love how beautiful it is. Billy is the master worker and can work so fast. Our house was a construction zone for a while but it was fun! And now I have a sweet closet. Good work, Billy!