Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First it rained, then it snowed...

...and it snowed...

...and it snowed......and it snowed....
...and it snowed...
...and it snowed!!!!!
THERE WAS SO MUCH SNOW IN PROVO! The Grounds Office phones were ringing out the wazoo and the Colorado kid in me wanted to jump in the feet of it everywhere! Hopefully it won't impede my progress towards home!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

There is another new blog below this one FYI. Also, there will probably be a new one everyday this week, because I have time to make them and I love to do so.

For now, however, I just was looking back in my journal at a year ago today, December 19, 2009, and this lovely piece of joy is what I found. Just one perspective of many that could be shared, but this stuff is straight from my journal (with maybe a few deletions here and there for journal purposes.) Once again, no obligation to read. It is kind of long. But it brought back many fond memories for me. What a great day in Roy Family history.

"And, believe it or not, the earth did not end during the night, and Charina’s wedding day actually came!!!! And it just seemed, in those moments at 6 in the morning that none of these terrible setbacks had occurred, and we all went in a squealy rush to her room where she was curling her hair and bombarded her with joy!!! She was happy! And I was happy! And CJ and Jamie and Summer were happy! And all was joy!!!! Charina was getting married that day!! And when we told her that in high pitched, high decibel squeals, she, in her very charina like manner, was like… not just yet! We still don’t know if jimmy can make it to the temple. Oh, Char. I love her so much. Um. But yes, we did get all ready for the temple, and oh by the way, there really was at least 12 inches of snow on the ground and it was STILL coming down like crazy!!! But we got all ready and all 12 of us climbed into the van!!! And we were all in there together on Charina’s wedding day, and it was the most happy moment, especially since we had to drive through this perfectly romantic, snowy lane to get to the temple! When it finally appreaed, it was a beautiful sight! But, one more trial. It sits on a hill. So Charina was like.. ok, everyone! Faith, all our faith together can get us up this hill!!! And so we all had faith and we just got to the top!! But there was so much snow everywhere!! It was crazy! So we got to the temple and everyone filed out except for dad and me and bum and the kids because, oh yeah, guess what the visitor center was closed and so we were going to have to babysit the 4 kids in the car!! Hahha! At this point, the trials were just more humorous and glorious for the experience than anything else. And we were just glad it was only 4 kids and not the original 12 in the car! So we pulled up to the front of the temple, and there was Jimmy and Charina just melted into his arms, and it was such a happy sight, and everyone just went in after them. . . . It was bittersweet. So dad parked for us and then it was just me and bum and ally and viana and brooke and ram! And they were all pretty content at first, but then viana woke ram up and we did have about 20 minutes there of crying children and unhappy beings, but we just endured and fed them much food and found entertainment and we were just in that car! At one point Viana had to go potty and so I went in there and… .there everyone was, just sitting in the waiting room! What the? Well, it turns out that the sealer was stuck and hadn’t gotten there yet! So i was like..alas, I’ll just go back out to the car and wait. I sang random, made up songs to the masses and pretty soon, there was little Ram in my arms just sleeping away, and there was Ally sleeping in Summer’s arms and viana was being the perfect little angel, just coloring away, brooke was likewise being good! And so we had a car of calm. And… usually sealings take like 30 minutes? No. We were in the car for 2 and a half hours! Just because of all the complications, but anyway, it was happy when CJ came out to get us and I was just snuggling Ram! She was proud of us, and then Jame came out. But when CJ came I asked her how it was and she said it was so so good and just reinforced her testimony of temple marriages and was so beautiful and personal and so good and the spirit was there so strongly, and I just started crying because as much as it made me sad to lose a portion of the dimensions of a purely sister to sister relationship, I was so ebullient for Charina to have gotten sealed in the temple, especially despite all the setbacks. Jimmy must just be a man who will become a prophet and Charina his stalwart wife or something like and all those things were satan’s way of getting them to not go through with it. Ha, Satan! Take that! We got all the kids out and walked up to the temple and waited in the waiting area for the people. Because it was still snowing, they just walked out into the lobby, not out of the temple like usual, haha. But, it was pure joy an dhappiness and I hugged charina and jimmy and they were married and it was happy! And then proceeded the most magical moments of anyone’s life ever! So while we have been planning all of this, Charina said something like “I don’t care what you guys wear, I just want the picture with me and my matching sisters in front of the temple!” Well! It was snowing like crazy outside, but oh myword HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!! We just skipped right out there through the blusteriest snow ever and huddled together with beautiful Charina and us in our purple shirts and there was love shooting like a wild circuit through us, and snow falling like love all around. It was so joyful being out there on the snowy lawn of the temple with my sisters. Of course, but it was just great! We left awhile after, and it was bad, bad driving to our hotel not but 2 miles away! It was crazy! But we went to the hotel and started to get stuff worked out then LaDon and Dad went back to get Jimmy and Charina and Mom, who had stayed to take snowy wedding pictures! And they had a dangerous drive, but when they finally came, we saw the most wonderful pictures ever! They got the best ones! Ever! Romance! Magic! Eternity! Ever moment I ever pictured with goodness was therein! I was so happy about it, and we laughed hysterically that since the honeymoon plans were getting botched, they were going to be spending their first night in the same hotel as us! But they did come and they got a honeymoon suite and they came and we all went to lunch in the hotel, their very expensive restaurant, but our only option because we were snowed in!! But we went down, and since of course the reception got cancelled, we just counted that as our own quaint little reception. . . . It was a good fun day. Most magical. Romance pictures in the snow, what could be better!? Little else, I say"

Happy Anniversary, Char and Jimmy! (With a first day like that, I have no doubt every one hereafter will be all the more joyous!) Thanks for letting us have the good adventure!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

...Or, to save on postage...

I meant to send this out to all of you weeks ago, but I did not, and since you are all the people I wanted to have have it, this is the cheaper, more efficient alternative.

Lise really really wanted us to take roommate Christmas pictures this year. One highlight (besides the following final product) was Brenda's attitude about wearing the sweater and the bow. You better believe they both came off instantly following the completion of the photo shoot. (though admittedly, she did let us take 12 pictures in a row of her...)


Merry Christmas from Regency 108!

Here are the snip-its Lise also insisted we send out with the picture. Feel free to skip, though I think you'd regret it if you did.

Elise is a sophomore at BYU studying Family and Consumer Science Education. She enjoys long walks through underground irrigation tunnels, saving dolphins in Taiji, Japan, scratching Krista's back, finding multiple uses from spatulas, and blasting the 1981 #1 hit "Jesse's Girl" through the apartment. You will often see her losing things, including her mind, singing the hamster dance song, and quoting mindless youtube videos, Harry Potter, and the Great Mouse Detective.

Krista Jae-Elrena Roy is a synonym for PIKES PEAK, running, nimble fingers, business cards, Roys, BYU Grounds, journal writing, Summer, King Benjamin's sermon, Sunshine Corner, Sarahho, Tarheels, skittle-filled bellybutton, Craig's Cuts, Keds, seamstressing, forever long pants, blogspot, Topaz, August, lip gloss, 98 WPM, 26.2 Oldsmobile, calf muscles, Times Up, Lil' White Purse, well-structured heads, and EBULLIENCE!

My name is Rachel Alexandra Jackson and I have a lot of reason to love life! i am going to JERUSALEM in three weeks on a study abroad!!!! I love learning and experiencing different cultures. i am currently going to school to be an inner city high school teacher with a minor in music. I sing my heart out anywhere and everywhere and I laugh even more! Playing volleyball with crazy-Canadian boys, running 1/2 marathons and triathlons with my peeps, spontaneous road trips, hitting the replay button on all my favorite songs, sound effects, multiple service organizations, and exotic outfits sums up a pretty phenomenal semester!

Chelsea Elizabeth Jackson- I'm a sophomore at the most glorious university of all time. I jumped into PR with both feet hoping to love every second. I love refugees. Nonprofit. Laughing at nothing. Running/Swimming/Biking all in one go. Volleyball. Canada (or shall I say Canadians, eh?) Exotic Thursdays. Service. Belting to Celine Dion. Wiggling my ears. Coming off a media fast. Ugly Sweaters. The humor of a Jones. Brenda's eyebrows. My life is constantly changing and I love it. I am learning to be spontaneous and to live for myself. Jerusalem is just around the corner and the next chapter in my book of blessed adventures.

Brenda is a junior at BYU studying business management. She is waiting for her mission Ryan Hunting, who is serving in Orlando, Florida and will be home in 7 months! Brenda enjoys thinking of "this and that," listening to others, and using facial expressions to communicate.

HHAHA I love Brrenda's the most hahahahah.

In other news, we just finished off the semester!

We decorated cookies

Recognize that, Seeg? I made this Beaut II just for you!

We studied for and took finalsAnd CJ came and visited us with the clan!

Brooke and Viana were DEFINITELY the most fun guests we have ever had! They will both thrive just nicely when college time comes around.

Annnd we spent our last moments together as the ebullient foursome that has brought all of us so so much joy. I'm still waiting for it to hit me that I will not see Rach and Chels for a long time and what a sad reality that is. Jerusalem, as I told Sarahho, seems only to be a dark void that sucks away all those most dear to me and leaves me in the vast abyss that is Provo. hahaha. I still haven't absorbed that they're gone for good even though one new girl already moved in and for tonight I'm sitting here in 108 by myself.

(Which is fine. I'm quite happy that I got to make this blog for you! I hope you enjoyed)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Usually I just memorize licesnse plates...

Coolest. Talent Show Act. Ever.

(Daniel Wade, Chels, Kris, Rach, Tris) (And Lise filmed) (And Brrrrrenda sat nearby & watched as always)

(Enjoy.) (A more probable moment if you view it in full screen) (But inevitable nonetheless)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Literature for Life

10:30 a.m. Saturday morning- "I think I'll go to Colorado."
11:30 a.m. Saturday morning- "I am now driving to the airport"
1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon- "I am now flying to Colorado and the only person who knows is Jamie"
4:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon- Summer's thoughts: "Gee, Dad looks really skinny.... and blonde?" KRISTAAAA!!! (Ally began crying)
5:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon- Dad's thoughts: "Gee, there's a pair of feet hiding behind that door. And they are connected to a black dress. Like Krista's." KRISTAAA!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! And thank you, family, for letting me bombard you this weekend. Even though you were all dear and precious to see, these were the only pictures I took ....

I guess my obsession is greater than I thought.

In any case, after a thrilling wait in the airport on my way home from my WONDERFUL VISIT, I arrived in Provo to give an oral presentation for my English class about why we study lit at the university. And you know what that means... Poem!

(Just for posterity's sake, this one is neither entertaining or impressive. Don't feel obligated to read. Especially since there are a lot of allusions to lit we read this semester weaved in)

Literature for Life

Though few there be who master it
There's fewer still who do regret
The wisdom gained, the simple bliss
That comes to those who study this--


Yes, literature, one can't deny
The goodness that this field supplies
Though good to do solo-ily
We must study literature at the university

And why, some ask, must this be done?
Novices question, looking only for fun
What they don't realize about literary study
Is it brings the greatest depth of these concepts three

Point Number One, you may just never guess
Except that it's perfectly OBVIOUS
Lit studies must make an appearance
For they expose readers to unique experience

For example, you and I, we're university scholars
We're concerned with parking spots, relationships, and dollars
We live in apartments cluttered south of campus
Working on mounts of homework the size of Olympus

We aren't in war, few of us are wed
We don't know the feeling of psychological dread
But-- the books found in the HBLL "hubble"
Give us our ticket out of this little bubble

And suddenly, we own pigs we can wash out back
And there gain "Revelation" which before we lacked
Though we remain all the while in our physical shell
We are, for a moment, the "warthog from hell"

And likewise we find ourselves amidst a great war
Experiencing death and enemies and foxholes and more
While we remain physically in Provo so merry
We gain a sense of the burdens of "The Things They Carried"

We'd never glimpse these strange moments
And all the greater would be our laments
If we refused the experience literature offers
The things the world over many have sought for

We'd never live in castles grand
Or know the dynamics of "The Misfit's" band
If we didn't engage in literary study
While learning here at the univers'ty

So remember, first, thought it's quite clear
We must study lit while we are here
Because it lets us live at BYU
But defy time and space for experiences new

Point Number Two follows after the first
For lit provides this experience outburst
Then holds out its hand and confidently beckons
Promising to teach us great life lessons

For we must become useful and gain much knowledge
And that's why we're here right now at college
And yes, we're learning to pay rent and wash dishes
But literature provides something much more prestigious:

Wisdom comes from the stories we read
The kind that helps no matter what life we lead
Terry Eagleton argues the study literature commands
Gives us knowledge to face life's "petty demands"

Like the accountant, for example, who always calculates
Can avoid the Helmer's terrible fate
By learning from them to put his family first
He dodges a door slam heard around the world

Or the lawyer involved in legal conflict
May be swayed by details insignif'cant
If she but remembers "Those Who Walk from Omelas"
She gains courage for right and avoids moral loss

Or even the simple biologist
Who's initial findings make up a long list
Can benefit from the lesson in Othello's 5 acts-
Verify information before making it fact

It's cases like these which do define
The advantage literature is to the mind
It puts us in places we usually can't reach
And teaches us lessons that we'll always need

So remember, second, in a university setting
Literature is one thing we can't be forgetting
For by studying it now, we'll be ready when
Life asks us apply worthwhile lessons

Which brings us, of course, to Point Number Three
Which makes us slow down, stop, and think
The previous points prove the good of literature
But how does that make its worthwhileness sure?

For really, I think we could all do without
The huge books that we just carry about
I mean, with that huge Lit book (we had a huge lit book) I get so weary
And I feel clumsy all day "Falling Into Theory" (that was the name of our other book)

And people read, often enough
They gain experience, learn lessons, all of that stuff
So with that natural gain is it necessary
To study lit at the university?

Yes, yes, it is, all you doubting Thomases
And I'll prove to you how bomb.com this is
If someone spent their life reading solo
They'd miss out on dimensions they'd just never know

For going to class and discussing the reading
Straightens out stories that were quite misleading
Other scholars point out the things you overlooked
And you can share your thoughts you had on the book

And one these things happen they grow tenfold
We gain vicarious experiences simply untold
The lessons we learn become clear and profound
And our textual evidence is more solid and sound

A university setting makes us more educated
Than if we remained with literature isolated
It's good to study literature, but even better
If we make the effort to do it together

So in review of these reasons so rhymed-
#1- It gives us experiences out of our mind
#2-For these moments we learn great life lessons
#3-And we gain new viewpoints by joining in the discussion

We must study it at the university
And to testify of this truth is not just me
But look at yourselves after a full semester!
For all we've gained I thank you...

...and of course....


It went well.

And here's a fond glimpse of campus!
Santa in flip flops! (With the Lil White Purse if you look close)

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long poem!