Monday, May 16, 2016


Time to upload some pics! Here's the haps of late:

Billy has taken to fishing while I run. Here he is with Truman napping behind him. 

Meanwhile I was exploring the course and it is still quite covered in snow! yikes

But Billy caught some good fish and Tru wasn't quite sure what to make of it. 

We had some friends over for some BBQ and the next morning I discovered Billy's attempt at cougar baiting (he'd love to see one show up in our yard though I am not quite so enthusiastic)

Tru playing with Charlie

And being more excited to explore the world while I run

Billy had an employee kickoff meeting and it was great. a) I was in my secretary element creating an employee handbook and posters and reservations and all that jazz b) We had an easel and a private little area at Pizza Pie Cafe so Billy could present some information to his peeps c) Pizza Pie Cafe! d) I think his guys thought it was all pretty legit and they do seem to like and respect Billy so I would say it was a success

I went to Logan to see Sarah graduate with her Masters and it was pretty awesome! Good job, Sarahho! 

Billy hiked to meet me on my run with Tru in the kelty instead of the pack and the report was that it was a good hiking pack

Tru now rides in the cart instead of in his carseat in the cart and it is funny.

Tru with his cousin Lily

The view of the neighborhood across the street from my trail

Father-son profile simliarity!

That's it for now, not too much going on. My race is in 3 weeks and also Billy's big BYU job will be started and finished around the same time so perhaps we can do some more camping or such!