Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Burton Dale!

Well, I had my baby and it was great and he is great! 

Waiting in the hospital

Long story short, he was born! As I was laboring in the late hours on Tuesday night and it wass evident that soon a baby would be born, the nurse said something like, "The only question is, will you have a 4th or 5th?" And I was like, "4th or 5th? Seems like something I'll be considering only after I take care of birthing the 3rd!" I thought she was pondering whether I would have a 4th and 5th child, but she was actually speculating whether, since it was so close to midnight on Tuesday the 4th, whether the baby would come on the 4th of April or the 5th of April! haha

Well, he came the 5th! 12:26, to be exact. There was a little prolapsed cord issue and a little NICU time but thankfully he was all right in the end. 

We thought he would be a scowly Jay-Z like Truman was, but he has unsquished and proven to not really have eyebrows at all.

Many joyous visitors came with many good name suggestions!

And Truman also finally got to meet his little brother. And ultimately was more excited about the strawberry shake and Lorna Doones haha. But he did so good being soft and sweet!

We were all too anxious to leave the hospital since they kept him a day longer than we were supposed to be discharged since he was having some breathing issues. Hospitals, for all their redeeming qualities, are just not among my favorite places in the world. 

We finally decided, after much deliberation, on the name Burton Dale. He's a good bub and we were so happy to be able to bring him home!

There has been much eye-poking, kissing, and secret-telling from Truman. He is so sweet even though there are the occasional whacks and throwing of hammers at poor Burton's head. On the whole, Truman has done tremendously well and much better than I expected or was warned he would do. He is such a good little boy. 

We have been enjoying our good transition to home with Burton!

Billy didn't miss too much work, which was good

And Easter! I LOVE easter! It is my favorite holiday. We had a fun egg hunt with the Hiatts, which Truman loved.

Many sprinkler parts

And we also had good Easter festivities at home

And now we are just charging on with good ol' life! The canyon in spring is so beautiful and me and my boys have fun every day. I forgot how tiring it is to have a newborn, but we are all getting used to each other and doing great!

Also, a brief summary of events before Burton is in the blog post below!

Before Baby

Here were the things that happened before the baby arrived!

Remember how Billy is the two-time reigning national paver champ? Well, BYU hosted that very competition this year and they asked Billy come judge. I went and watched and it was fun and endearing to be part of the Grounds/landscape world of joy. 

Billy was working on a Springville job the last couple of weeks so Truman and I got to visit him a few times. 

Me and Truman checked out the Bean Museum. OH my. You have never seen such a non-stop, enthusiastic display of every animal noise in the world by a small child. Truman almost passed out with excitement. 

As the weather warmed up we started playing outside more and Truman just loves, loves loves to play in his sandbox. 


We moved Tru to the big, front-facing carseat and he had no extraordinary reaction haha. Just the normal stoicism/glare.

Springville job. This is Billy's dream someday in the who-knows-how-far-future. The skid is obviously already his but he would really love a Cat mini-ex too.  

Unfortunately, the moose was taken out of our neighborhood:( It was so sad!! But the neighbors have been letting their chickens run loose and so Truman loves chasing those more than he would've loved chasing the moose. 

How far away seem those blessed days of but one child!