Wednesday, June 7, 2017

La Sal Camping and Other Goodies

We have had a good last two weeks. Both weeks Billy worked like crazy and both weekends Billy didn't have to work! So we played!

We planted our garden in our beautiful enclosed garden area. Truman was a very good help! 

Billy finally put up the back on the bar and the log on top. It is cool!

Billy finished this big job (Adrienne's) and the walls turned out sweet!

This last weekend Billy even took off Friday and we went camping in the La Sals. We had discovered them last winter and decided to explore them when it warmed up. It was great!

We did some fishing and caught lots of good fish

Burton chilled in the chair 

We did some good hiking

haha Truman copies everything we do

And this camping trip he actually wanted to be in the sleeping bag I made him! It worked great but soon it will be better for Burton than Truman becuase Truman is already growing out of it. 

Burton slept in the carseat. No room for the laundry basket in the Oldsmobile this time (which, speaking of the Oldsmobile, this was probably its last hurrah)

Both the boys did so great at night! Truman always does good camping and I was glad that Burton also was a good camper. 

In the morning Billy let me go running on a nearby trail, which was just beautiful! We had some good breakfast, did a little hiking, then headed over to Arches for some more hiking. 

It was so great! Arches is such a cool little park, and very kid friendly. 

Other good tidbits: 

Burton can smile! Considering Truman did not even think of such an action until he was like six months old, this is quite a pleasant little treat.

Bundle baby

Ice cream! Truman talks so much and will try and say pretty much everything I tell him to try.

Billy also got to sneak out for a dirt bike ride the other weekend and Truman got to have his first try at a little ride! He liked it.

Our rose bush is covered in beautiful roses!

These are Billy's goofy deacons. He loves being their leader.

Ok that's all! Goodbye!