Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Because it's Bloggin Day

CJ and I drove home from Colorado with much success and enjoyed a fine night in 108. Ram hahaha.... oh, Ram.
You better believe CJ is in that bathroom. haha.

We took some girls from the ward to Red Robin to bond. The blond girl on the right is the RS Pres and she is pure!
The clan. We bonded. It brought me GREAT joy.

Also, on Saturday I went and ran a 10k in Delta, UT, which is a random, cow-smelled place. It was a very tiny race (the whole group we brought swept top 3 of both races) and the prize for winning was a FREE PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES!!!!!! They legitimately gave me a pair of $90.00 running shoes! They took me to the store, pointed to the wall of shoes, and told me to take my pick! It was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced, I felt like I was in a movie.

On the way home we listened to the game on the radio! YEAH BYU!!! We're looking at a potential #1 seed and a top 3 position in the nation! WOOT!

That is all. Elise made those delicious cake bites from Corinne's wedding and you now see why my love for her grows ever greater as the days go by.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Thank you all for the most joyously blissful, wonderfully happy, and purely ebullient adventure of a weekend which far exceeded both my expectations for it as well as the caliber of joyousness from last time we were all together. That was pure bliss.

Also, I received this email from the B.A.A. (the peeps in charge of the Boston Marathon) today and so I read their article about the top contenders competing this year and laughed my head off. You don't have to read it, just take a glance at all the highlights I inserted. (Glancing is probably all you can manage anyway, since comprehension is not approaching any time soon)

BOSTON, MA, February 10, 2011-In its 26th year as principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock Financial today announced the elite field for the 115th running of the Boston Marathon on April 18. A complete field list follows.

Reigning champions Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot and Teyba Erkesso will defend their titles, but will be fiercely challenged by one of the fastest and deepest men's and women's fields ever assembled for the Boston Marathon.

Cheruiyot ran a stunning 2:05:52 course record last year over the difficult Boston course. In April he will face top contenders that include past and present marathon champions of New York City, Chicago, Seoul, Amsterdam, Houston, Xiamen, Torino, Eindhoven, Phoenix, Monaco, Gyeongju, Milan and Nairobi.

Geoffrey Mutai leads the line-up as the second fastest man in the world last year with a 2:04:55 best. Joining him are 2:06 men including top American Ryan Hall, Gilbert Yegon, Tadese Tola, Evans Cheruiyot and 2010 Seoul course record holder Sylvester Teimet.

Challenging this group are the 2010 New York City champion Gebregziabher Gebremariam, the newly crowned Houston course record holder Bekana Daba and 2010 Boston runner-up Tekeste Kebede.

International newcomers to the course include Philip Sanga, Feleke Cherkos, Deressa Edae, Stephen Kibiwot, Peter Kamais and 2011 Xiamen winner Robert Kipchumba. Returning to Boston are Moses Kigen Kipkosgei, Shadrack Kiplagat and American talent Antonio Vega. Irish Olympian Alistair Cragg and Kenyan Moses Mosop will make their marathon debuts.

On the women's side, the historic race in Boston has been decided over the past three years by three seconds or less. Last year Teyba Erkesso maintained a three second lead to the finish as she held off a charging Tatyana Pushkareva. This year's race likely will prove just as competitive with 16 women in the field holding times of 2:26:20 or better.

Past champions Salina Kosgei, Dire Tune and four-time winner Catherine Ndereba join Erkesso and Pushkareva. The experienced trio will contest a highly competitive race that includes 2010 international marathon champions, top Americans and talented newcomers.

Chasing the Boston champions are 2010 international marathon winners including Sharon Cherop, who edged Tirfi Tsegaye Beyene to win Toronto by one second, and Caroline Kilel, who won Frankfurt after a duel with Dire Tune. Carpi champion Hellen Mugo is on the team and she joins Amsterdam winner Alice Timbilili.

Challenging the group are top Americans Kara Goucher, who finished third in Boston in 2009, and Desiree Davila, the fastest American of 2010 with her fourth place finish in Chicago, and Olympian Blake Russell. International competitors include New Zealand Olympian Kim Smith, former Russian national record holder Galina Bogomolova and young talent Merima Mohammed from Ethiopia.

Werknesh Kidane and Florence Kiplagat also bring significant credentials to the race. Kidane is a multiple junior and senior World Cross Country champion (2 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze) and Kiplagat, who will make her marathon debut, is a World Half Marathon and World Cross Country champion. Both women are married to men in the field: Kidane is married to Gebregziabher Gebremariam and Kiplagat is married to Moses Mosop.

Additional talent includes Silvia Skvortsova, Teyba Naser, Woynishet Girma and Yuliya Ruban.

"Throughout our more than two decade-long sponsorship of the Boston Marathon, John Hancock has each year honored its commitment to bring the world's top runners to the race and ensure that the historic Boston Marathon remains among the world's most premier sporting events," said Rob Friedman, head of Sponsorship and Event Marketing at John Hancock. "This year's field once again is filled with outstanding runners who no doubt will provide the millions of spectators and viewers with yet another thrilling contest...

...We are counting down the days to April 18th."

I am too! (But I guess before then I should either change my name to LaDon Sogijrakdslng or register under my middle name. Krista Roy is just too normal and sayable!)

Anyway, less than 2 months!AAAAAAAAAA!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I finally get to make this blog!!!

Catch your breath while you can, there is much to say.

With that said, I will not leave you breathless...............

That's sign language for "I Love You!!!!" (Just kidding, Brenda would shoot me if she knew I just posted something so preposterous to the whole world)

But really, the long-awaited Preference was a great success for all involved! (And just tell me Brenda's boy doesn't look like Bro. Slaugh's clone!)
We enjoyed a fine game of bowling and much eating of food. It was a very great moment, and Brenda was beaming without stop. Oh, Brenda :)

Below is my roommate, Amber. Her date Doug got 10 points in my book because Doug the dog is so dear to me!

Kelcey's date and Kelcey and I. Since we're looking at dates, just look at Kelcey's date and tell me if he doesn't remind you of a character off Hoodwinked.............................................. (as a side note, the haircut he is sporting is one I gave him in my kitchen!)

This is all of us together. I wore that awesome jacket as an attempt at Toy Story costumeness (I know, I am sorry, Carters, it was Toy Story costume and we failed miserably!)
In the end, preference was BUENO (very good, for all of you who speak Dad's spanish) and you can be expecting an announcement for Brenda and Reed any day now (That's another bullet from Brenda for me!)

Next headline: the Endurathon! (Camera's still broken, so no pics)

IT WAS SO HARD! We swam in an endless pool, which means I didn't actually go anywhere and it was the hardest 15 minutes of my life. All I can say is, if I were a salmon, there would be no Krista spawn in this world.

The biking was even harder!!!

The running was hard, considering I do so much of it anyway.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet of everyone's results: , but for those of you who don't want to look, I swam about a half mile, biked about 22, and ran almost 6, totaling around 27 miles. I counted in the top 12 distances they used to compare our scores, and I went the furthest out of all the girls. How this happened, I do not know. But happen it did, and much fatigue it brought.

In other news, I talked to Sarahho this weekend and she is doing GREAT! Do you realize Sarah Griggs is in JERUSALEM!? That is so wild! I'm sure it will bring much joy to most of you that when the time came to hang up, even halfway across the world, we still said, "1,2,3!" and then hung up. hahaha childhood never dies.

It was Valentine's Day. As insincere as it may seem, I wrote a little poem for all the Grounds foremen. It went like this:

It's that day, so long awaited
Which makes those in love, oh, so elated
And since we all love BYU Grounds
We thought we'd spread that love around

So for the lawns you mow, the snow you shovel
The bushes you prune, and then above all
The service and love you give full time
Have a happy Grounds Valentine!

I attached this picture:

Just kidding.

But speaking of pictures, here's some:

Texas doo rag?

Lise is touching my butt? (as always)

We don't actually know?

Brenda going to church?

Amber texting?

Kim letting some random 27 year old boy in our ward cut her hair with normal shears?

All of us girls are going to be in the shadow of Pikes Peak in less than 3 days?

Yes, life is ebullient.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Surprise #2 for Jerusalem Jacksons!

Happy Birthday from Tristram, Dan, Lise, Kris, and Kelc (our new roommate who you will love)

Direct quotes from Tris and Dan:
"We love you" "Yeah!"

Happy Birthday, girls! We hope it was wonderful!

Why I Love BYU

(Rach and Chels, if you're looking for your surprise, it's down one blog. Sorry)

Ok, this is seriously the best thing I have ever ever ever seen. If you have a spare 40 minutes, need an ab workout, and want some good feelings of unity and pride, read this article and then click on the link within it that says Your epic Facebook comment thread is on ESPN.

Therein you will find joy and MUCH laughter.


We love you guys! We hope you are having fun in Jerusalem and that you have the best birthday ever! Do good, be safe, and have a great start to your THIRD DECADE! We hope to see you frequently within it.

Love you! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here is a Blong

This may take awhile to take in, but you will likely like it.

Last week Bum came for her birthday! It was more of a present for me than for her, but we had so much fun and had many adventures!

We went to Stan's
And we had pizza on my living room floor that night after watching one of the dumbest movies I have ever seen, but Bum liked it ok, so that was good haha (Also, on the right there is my new roommate Kelcey, who we love)

Then we had a little present opening, candle blowing out party!
Mom got Bum some good gifts and the brownies were so hot, they melted the candles! hahah!
It was a joyous party! We also went to church the next day after painting our nails (just a side note, look at that CALF! Holy COW! (hahahahhahaha on my pants too! hahaha)
I was so glad Bum came to visit me because we had such an ebullient time! She is good buggin, and all my friends and acquaintances liked her very much, because how could you not!?

Life is good, and busy, and hard, and fun. My roommates and I often end up in the middle of the bathroom looking something like this because we just like being in each other's presence so much.
Our sleep schedules are less than good (we even got Kim the RM to break her missionary sleep schedule and Brenda to break her regular Brenda schedule. Poor girls, I don't think either of them like not sleeping as much, but the fun compensates, I suppose.)

My roommate Kelc tried the bellybutton trick. She got one in.

And the highlight of this post is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRENDA!!!

Can I just say I have never loved anyone so unexpected as much as I love Brenda?! She gets better and better everyday, and the contrast between the Brenda I first introduced here and the Brenda with whom I now live are two completely different people. I LOVE IT!

The big deal around these parts is she really wants to go to Preference next weekend and though the rest of us hesitated, she persisted and we all started the hunt for the right date. Turns out she already had her eyes set on one of our FHE brothers. Now all I know is that her missionary better watch out!

Anyway, she made our "brother" this candy bar card to ask him to go with her and last night she received a package on our doorstep in reply. I have never seen Brenda so beamingly filled with joy and twinkles in her eyes as when she opened it up.

(Well, twinkles and joy and her hair, of course)

It was the purest moment ever to see Brenda so very very happy.

So you can definitely look forward to a blog about the magical night next weekend. Who knows, maybe Brenda will discover there are other hobbits in the shire.

Also, Lise and I still sometimes do end up in the same room, even though our schedules seem to not fit together so well. And she is still the best.

Also, i feel like Jamie saying these things, but this week I got two good shnikes! I bought a SWEET winter coat from Wal-Mart for 50% off ( i needed a new one so badly) and I bought a swimsuit that originally coast 60 bucks for 17! (mostly because I had worn my other one so thin that you could see my butt right through the back of it hahah). And that is all. Until next time!