Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Moosen, Kitchen, Campin, Truckin!

Springtime is coming, it's coming today! Even in our mountainland, it's coming!

This is the magnificent creature that has taken up residence in Holiday Hills the last month or so. He was hanging around the neighborhood for several weeks but the last week or two he's stuck mostly to the mountain and most recently he's decided he likes it waaaay up by the cliffs. It's crazy!! I never want him to leave. 

I know someday he is probably going to be shot by some malicious  skilled hunter, but I just like him so much! He's so, so big. His shortest point is taller than Billy, easily. 

We went to Texas! It was SO FUN and Truman loved playing with the boys. It was nice to just hang out with Char while M&D and Jimmy served us (thank you people!).  

 Billy bought this truck. It is huge and quite! But somehow the flatbed makes it look stubby at the same time haha. But he is quite excited.

The kitchen is officially functional!! I am the most spoiled wife in the whole world! Billy did so good on every part of it and it is just beautiful, beautiful and I love, love it. And it's not even done!! I got so lucky. And i thought I might have a hard time transitioning to cooking again after not having a kitchen for 2.5 months, but I have never loved cooking so much. 

Obviously we still have to finish a few things, the backsplash, the upper and lower trim, the bar and island, knobs, etc, but it works for now and I am grateful!

 We went camping and it was so fun! I have been wanting to get back camping and this weekend was the time. Figured it would probably be awhile before we would go again once baby comes so we went and loved it. Truman loves camping and I am so glad. 

That's it! Billy has officially started full time work once again and is already busy, busy. We are so blessed and so happy. Truman is getting the hang of running around and makes us laugh so hard every day. Onward!