Sunday, March 17, 2013

PLANET and plan it!

All is well with the Hiatts these days!

Last week Billy went to PLANET, which is a nationwide gathering of all the Landscape programs of all the colleges. So they go, they network with landscaping companies, they go to some workshops and then they compete in landscape competitions. (who knew, right? Landscapers.)

So Billy traveled with 30 other landscape peeps to Alabama and spent the week just landscaping away.

His first competition was truck and trailer (he had to drive said items through an obstacle course)

He said he messed up on all the parts everyone else did good and did good on the parts no one else could get haha.

His second competitions was pavers! His specialty!
They had 2 hours to make a little paver plot with a retaining wall and Billy was partnered with another kid from the program.

So of course in my wife heart I just expected him to dominate and win the whole thing but I didn't know if that would really happen until it really did!!

The reigning national champ of hardscape installation!!! Billy won the whole dang thing!

And then he finally came home! He had a good time and even had some big companies trying to hire him.

Also we made this pizza.

And it happened to be pi day. (3.14159 cosin secant tangent sin dtothexdxdyoverdtothexdy goooooo pizza!)

And yesterday we blew off all of our responsibilities and ran up this mountain:  

It was crazy and so fun and lots of good running. And so warm! (so i guess where the second part of the title of this post comes in is now we are just planning on having all kinds of warm adventures now that it's not negative degrees!) (and there are tulips and rose bushes growing in our front yard!) 
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