Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A ton of pictures and all the stuff that's been happening

Oh my the stuff that's been happening! Here is a brief summary list and also a ton of pictures. 

1. We redid the whole house in like 2 weeks, moved out of the beloved duplex in two days, threw a party and moved into the mountains
2. Living in the mountains is even more blissful than anyone could ever imagine. There is nothing like waking up to that mountain, our ward has been so cool so far, the neighbors are awesome and we've survived 2 weeks without hitting any deer!
3. Billy started a second crew. He himself has been a good amount of busy and his guys are awesome. I am so grateful. We still are encountering our fair share of challenges, but overall, the joy of running a business is still going strong.
4. My cerclage comes out next week, but I'm still thinking it will be another 4 before this nameless child does. We have been so blessed but are still praying that everything will go as planned. I still have strange emotions towards all of this, but Billy has saved me every day. 
5. Mom and Dad are MOVING TO UTAH. Has anyone stopped to think about this crazy business? I did the other day and it weirded me out and made me excited. 

Ok here's a bumload of pictures, some showcasing the progress of the house, others our faithful helpers, still others elements of our new life. All good. Enjoy. 

Tearing out carpet

Evaluating tree take down options

Dad washing windows

Ripping up baseboards

Putting up new sheet rock

Faithful helpers

MOM CLEANED THE KITCHEN SO GOOD. It is the best and so is she. 

More dry wall in the Master

Before texture

Blissful backyard


Man, Billy did so much work on this place

Scary ladder to mask before paint

Jamie painting the bathroom, thank you!

All masked before paint, I wish I had the picture of Billy painting, he sprayed the whole house in 2 hours and I was torn between being glad I wasn't there to see him on that ladder and being horrified that I wasn't there in case he fell off. But he did good and was safe. 

One of the last days in the duplex, had to remember those roses

After paint, Billy tiling the entry way

Before carpet

All tiled! Two time reigning national paver champ! 


The new carpet is so nice!

Alway box elders, always everywhere. 

Moving out of the duplex

Pretty much all of our earthly belongings fit into a truck and trailer, but I still felt like we had so much junk. 

Goodbye duplex:( 

You were so good to us. 

Hanging out at the new house!

Before the party

Billy building stairs

The party was great! So many generous and dear people. I'm so glad we could have people come to house. 

Billy tore down the shed. it was crazy. 

No more shed. 

Our mountain. I am going to build a trail up it so I can run it whenever I want.

We did hike some of it and it was very bushed but very fun, and great view!

Panorama. We have been feeling so small in this house. So much room! I haven't gone upstairs all week!

That's about it! It's a good life. We are still trying to figure out the perfect solution for cell phone and internet and so I am currently posting this blog from the comfort of my cubicle after hours. Eh, you win some, you lose some improvise some until you figure out the best solution. At least I live in a beautiful mountain home and will soon be holding a child that I produced. Holy freak.