Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday, Anniversary, Pirates!

October is a joyous time! Not only are there two happy celebrations for the Hiatts, but the mountains are beautiful and there is an abundance of candy all month and beyond!

Billy's birthday was a rollicking success. I complained for weeks in advance that I didn't know if I could really surprise him very well becuase I don't know enough about the things he wants like dirt bike boots or pipes or whatever to get them on my own, but after he commented several days in a row that he wanted a new vacuum, I thought I would surprise him with that!

Then I realized I didn't know what kind of vacuum he would think would be good so I told him i was going to surprise him with that, but I didn't know how to buy one on my own so botched.

But then I braved up and realized that I could still surprise him if I did get a vacuum, so I did!

And some other stuff. I wanted to get him 25 gifts, but no such luck.

Anyway, it was so fun watching him open all the stuff, especially the vacuum and...

...the awesome camp stove! Woot! That was obviously a surprise to me too!

Billy vacuumed after presents and our previous vacuum obviously did not suck. Or did it? In any case, it was nasty. This whole thing was full after one brief sweep of our house.


So then it was anniversary! (also note that it was Elise's bday the day before and CJ's bday the day after, thus, another reason why October is joyous.)

For our anniversary we watched Eric in his first 5k!! Nothing could make me happier! It was awesome! He rocked it!

Then we hung out with the Carter's and ate breakfast at mcDonald's and went to Scheel's and partied! That place is sweet.

Then that night we went to drive the Nebo Loop and discovered this awesome mini-bryce canyon. The picture does not do it justice, but it was sweet.

And it was fun to hang out with Billy in the mountains, just another day in our blissfully fun and thankfully eternal relationship. I love Billy so much! There are no words sufficient to describe what he means to me and how much I admire his wisdom, tenderness and, more than ever, his unshakeable courage.

And his dimples. What a guy! We sure are lucky people to have each other.

Also, we went to Tucano's with Billy's mom & Melo. Joyous!

Then this weekend we were part of a pirate-themed murder mystery with Rob and Sarah and it was crazy! We pieced together some costumes for One-Eyed Wanda and Dirty Wiggins. Sarah is the QUEEN of throwing parties, so their whole house was totally decked out and it was awesome. They made everything, including this sweet banner you see in the back.

It was fun! Rob is the one that got murdered and Billy ended up being the judge character of sorts, so even though we didn't know any of the people, it was still entertaining and joyous. And I wasn't the murderer--phew! Arrgh!

Work is crazy because my department workforce shrunk but the workload remained, so we are running around like crazy, but it is good. Billy's season is winding down a little, but he is still working on some pretty sweet jobs and diligently doing all else and absolutely everything for me.

See, joyous October!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zoey Jae

Perhaps in time, when you and I are as brave as Zoey, I'll share some thoughts about her life and the eternal impact it has had on ours.

For now, suffice it to say that our three days with her perfect spirit gave us the broken hearts Heavenly Father requires, allowed us to glimpse the overwhelming and incomprehensible joy of being a parent, brought us closer to each other and to our Savior than we've ever been and cemented our grateful testimonies that the little family we started one year ago will be united for endless years.

And thus, overall, this is a good experience.

We love you so much, Zoey Jae!