Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hawaii with the Hiatts!!

We had soo much fun in Hawaii!!! It was a great trip, Truman was a champ and we are so so grateful that we got to go. Thank you Mom Hiatt for a wonderful trip!!

The flight over was not bad, Truman even managed a squished nap.

The resort was awesome! But we quickly discovered that Truman has zero tolerance for water. Fortunately, he really loved the sand so we had no problem keeping him entertained.  

On Sunday we went with the whole family to Pearl Harbor. It was really, really great and I loved it more now that I'm older.  

Breakfast with the whole clan at a pancake place that was delish!

We went to a whale watching point and saw no whales but tons of sweet, huge waves and lots of wind. It was cool!

Took a walk around the temple, which was beautiful and great

We loved the PCC! I wish we could've spent longer there and seen more, but the canoe dancing was great and we got to visit a few of the villages and learn some stuff.

Like a stick dance!

The luau was delicious and fun!  
Truman was being super happy and ate like a billion purple rolls and we discovered why he was so happy shortly thereafter...

Biggest blowout ever!! And there were no good places to change such a poopy, poopy baby so we did so right on a legit Samoan mat and it was funny and gross haha. Poi, oh poi!!

We loved the program even though I kinda fell asleep for a little bit of it :( Truman was zonked the whole time and so were most of the kids.

We did a sweeeeet hike to a waterfall 

Look! I found another one-clawed crawdad!

Hawaii is just amazing! So green and beautiful and lush!

We forgot to take pictures at the waterfall cus I was swimming and Billy had a sleeping Truman on his back, but it was so fun and pretty. Good hike!
We took family pictures that night and it was the most painless family picture taking experience of my life! Jesus Christ thought it was funny to give us a beautiful sunset and he was right!! 
The next day was a free day and Billy wanted to try his skill at surfing so he got a 2-hour lesson from a Brazilian guy with a fro and me and Mom and Melo watched. Billy did really good and make it look so easy! But I still had zero desire to ever do any such thing in my life.  

Billy is laying down on the left, his instructor is the fro-guy on the right. 
We also explored a north shore beach and Truman was completely content to be completely buried in the sand haha!! We were laughing so hard. 

Truman was a trooper the whole trip since he never had a good naptime and usually slept in the car, so when he got a chance to sleep in a bed he was out.

We had Thanksgiving at the resort and they outdid themselves!! It was the most delicious buffet of Thanksgiving food with some tropical stuff and there was live entertainment so we had a blast. We also took up an entire huge banquet table that spread across the entire room. Haha!! 25 people take up a lot of space!

The characters came during dinner and since we were special Thanksgiving guests we got first dibs on going to get pictures. It was fun! We never did anything like that while we were at Disney and Truman liked it. 

Cozy is such a teeny little 2yr old, she is exactly the same size as Truman! And he's a small baby! But she is also the funniest 2-yr-old I know. Such a little rugrat. 
Our last day we went to a botanical garden that was so pretty! The waterfall at the end had a swimming option but since we were getting on a plane later that night we did not take it.  

We also snuck a quick visit to a recommend lookout that my friend said would be super windy and she was right!! Truman was hilarious with his facial expressions and I think it was becuase for once in his life his eyebrows were raised him instead of furrowed low. We were laughing our heads off!

We took the red-eye home and the time difference kicked our butts. But the trip was SO FUN! I can't even believe how these pictures didn't even capture half the fun we had just hanging on the beach and cruising around the island. It was so fun to hang out with the whole Hiatt family and see the kids having so much fun and the resort was a blast. It was so great of a trip!!

And we came home to our snowy canyon and were equally happy to have such joy in the mountains. Billy hoisted my bench up to my sitting room and we enjoyed some time on the trail. 

Such a fun trip! Thank you to the Hiatts! Thanksgiving is quickly slipping up the ranks as one of my favorite holidays since it usually means a good, fun trip with Billy. Happy Thanksgiving peeps! Bring on the more-than-12-inches-of-snow-in-one-day (our picnic table is literally already buried haha!)

(Pre-Hawaii post beneath this too!)

Before Hawaii

November still had some good adventures even before Hawaii!

We went fishing with M&D at Strawberry cus it was supposedly the best in the state. Well we got skunked!! Minus one accidental catch of a one-clawed crawdad, which then became bait. It was still fun!

We babysat for the Lindes at M&D's and that was fun too. 

Truman had crazy mullet Ace Ventura hair

So I gave him a haircut

And this is what I gave my VT peep haha kinda dorky but I felt proud of thinking of something crafty on my own. and actually pulling it off with limited resources. 

Then Hawaii!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Moab and Tru

Truman is getting so old!

Billy has been teaching him dirt biking; he gives him rides on his lap, reads Dirt Rider with him and teaches him what a dirt bike says. Truman really knows it! (I guess I'm not completely excited about that but fun!)

He's been taking to doing this cheeseball smile now that he has so many teeth and it is so funny. 

Last weekend one of our friends was running a trail marathon in Moab that he signed up for cus we said we would do it with him but then we bailed so we figured we should support. We drove down and camped in the beautiful desert. I love the desert! It was so fun. 

We did a cool hike to go and see him and it was so pretty. Through a strange series of events we missed him at the only possible point of missing him but it was still fun to be in the canyons of Moab. 

The runners got to go through this tunnel. Oh, how I wish I could've run this race! It looked so fun!

While we were waiting for him to run by we let Truman play in the dirt and the rocks and he was in heaven!!

He could even climb up on the big rocks and loved to turn around and just slide down. It made me nervous but he was so big !

We caught our friend's finish and it was a joyous race environment! What a fun adventure. 

Onto Hawaii!!