Monday, November 22, 2010

Rupert, Emma, Dan!

This past week I went on a media fast for three whole days. No phone. No computer. No TV (nothing new) No radio (didn't miss it). Nothing. Here are some things I learned:

1) Being on a media fast made me feel like I was on a regular fast and sometimes I wouldn't eat until I remembered it was just media. haha
2) It's kind of nice not having a phone to worry about because then you don't lose it.
3) It's kind of rough not having a phone because it's amazing how out of touch you are with the world. And when I say amazing, I really mean pathetic.
4) Facebook is overrated. I didn't miss it at all.
5) I had WAY more time. You wouldn't believe how much of my time is frittered away just surfing the internet. And when I say you wouldn't believe, I mean pathetic.
6) I got so in the habit of refusing what was habitual that I would sometimes hesitate to use other things like my car or my curling iron or my oven. Hahah.

Overall, pretty good experience. Now I'm back to losing my phone and wasting my time and eating, and best of all, I broke the fast Thursday night at midnight with the


We all dressed up and watched it at Thanksgiving Point, where seats are assigned, which meant we didn't have to wait in line all night!

Can you tell who we are?
Hermione, of course. hahaha.
Well, Lise and I were Winky and Dobby, respectively. Which we thought was awesome until we reviewed the pictures after we were off our Harry Adrenaline High and realized we just looked like a bunch of ragamuffin orphans haha.

It was still pretty great, this is us in character. can't you tell? I've got my tennis ball eyes and Lise is crying hahaha. House elves, ragamuffin orphans, same difference. This picture is for LaDon. Hahahah, yes, I was reading before the movie because I just had so much homework I had to take some of it to the movie. But i got it done, and I felt like LaDon haha!

(I don't know what the Carter's status is on whether they want any reviews of the movie or if they have already seen it or what, but I'm about to give my take, so if you don't want to hear it, quit reading now!)

The movie was AWESOME! (any avoiding you may have just tried was spoiled by the caps lock. Sorry) I was very impressed with how well they did and very glad they split it into two, even though i was so into it I forgot they were doing that and was really sad when it suddenly ended. The actors did really well, Ron looked a little rough, Hermione was as Kara as ever, I was curled up in fear and anticipation several times, heard sniffling tears all around just as frequently, and laughed a lot. There was one part which was very gratuitous, but other than that, I give it an A+! Good job, Potter people!

That's all. Just as my ever constant proclamation, I love my roommates. We are so bonded that we all had pimples on the same spot (even Brenda, but she didn't want to be in the picture) (and even lise, who NEVER gets pimples, this was probably her second all 20 years!) And i just wanted to post this joy somewhere but of course the facebook option was quickly botched. hahaha So here you go!

See many of you in a very short time!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

byu IS diverse!

Last time it was Asians, this time it's....


So I was just walking through the bookstore on my way home and I could hear this gospel singing around the corner and I thought it was odd and then I turned said corner and was like, "What the black gospel singer at BYU!?"
Turns out it was Alex Boye, one of three black members of the Motab. He was so funny and amiable and put on a good show.

Which of course meant I had to get a picture with the purse. Goes without saying--simply black and white!
Anyway, just a little moment for you. Life is good!

Monday, November 8, 2010


All I can say is, yes, I Am Ebullient.But, of course, that's not all I can say and I can obviously say tons, and since this is my blog and you must be reading to gain some sort of insight about the things I can say, here they are in both the word and picture form:

HALLOWEEN! Advantage of Halloween Sunday; two extra days of holiday celebrations.

For our vball game on Friday, we dressed up like exotic somethings. And whoa, those twins can get EXOTIC. (and they kind of look like Taryn, eh?)

We lost, but afterwards went galavanting with our cheerleaders, and CJ, this is a shout out to you for your very own son from R Hall, Tristram. yes, that is him with the blond hair. Yes, we are on the tree of life or whatever this structure is.

The next morning we ran the Halloween Half!! It was GORGEOUS and Rach and Chels ROCKED IT! They ran a 1:47 and 1:45 respectively. I ran a 1:34, barfed as I crossed the finish line for the first time in my life (sick) then ran 5 more miles to my home. Talk about fatigue but ultimate joy. I was so proud of the twins. :)

Saturday Halloween night we had a ward party which we attended as an 80's rock band. Polygamists was a little better, but this was just as fun.

Classic Rach picture. hahaha probably one of my favorite hahahaa.

The guy on the right was not part of our band. botched. But pretty sweet, eh?
This was our whole band. Elise, unfortunately, had surgery this day so she could not be there, but we picked up one of the twins' friends. The boys are spazzes (Tristram ((CJ's son)) and his cousin Dan and our friend Dave; welcome, family, to my main adventuring friends these days) and it was fun.

Just check out Chels's spandex!!! Hahaha it was awesome. Good Halloween times. Nice to not have to share my spouse with 4 other girls.


I was going for the Snow Canyon half, and I just was so lucky to have my wonderful roommates (and some other joyous souls) come along for the ride!
We stayed the night at the house of the grandparents of a girl in our ward. You think it was good that these two boys were sharing a bed,
but the highlight of this post, the trip, and perhaps my existence was of course this:

And when I say four to a bed, I of course mean that there were many other beds available to us, but we were too endeared to part from one other and so we all slept in one bed and it was in this oddly decorated room full of stuffed lambs? hahhaha it was so great, I woke up in the middle of our admittedly short slumber and thought.... oh man, i had the funniest dream that i was sleeping in the same bed as all my roommates and we were in a room full of lambs!!! Then I gained sense of my surroundings and realized... hahahahah it was real!!!

Woke up early in the morning to a beautiful land of St. Georgeness and was shuttled to the start line. It looked so much like my marathon, I was filled with memories! (Which, funny that I even have memories becuase I have only run in St. George once before, but it was for such a long time, I was able to form many good memories.)
While I ran, those who did not took a hike to Angel's Landing. Pride and joy for Lise who is not a huge hiker but thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

The race was AWESOME! Remember how for such events I usually just go run them just for the pure appreciation of having an adventure? Well, this time I decided I wanted to run competitively and it was so great, I was breathing like a hot air balloon by mile 11, but I felt so great!
- 1:29:25. PR.
- One girl I came with, Bekka from Austria, and I got first and second in our age group! We were excited about that!
- I would have won the older age group.
-And the age group older than that.
-Becuase i got 9th of all the women and the next youngest was the 5th place 27 year old. All the other top 10 were 30+. What?
-It was awesome.
-And way way way gorgeous course!!!

(So thanks to Dad who I could just hear saying at the start; "YOU CAN WIN IT!")

We took a sojourn to the St. George temple, planning to do baptisms, but we all had things we had to get back to Provo for and there was a ginormous wait, so we just enjoyed the grounds instead.

The whole adventurous group. Regency 108, the Jones cousins, their friends Jodie and Bekka, me and Purse, and adrenaline junkie Dave.

But the purest joy of all were these wonderful wonderful girls!!! Oh how I do love them!
When we got home, CJ and the Carter clan came to visit me!!!! It was a wonderful surprise!!!



Thanks for reading this long blog about which you could probably care less!