Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last night marked one of the most incredible nights of basketball I have ever witnessed.

Better than UNC winning the NCAA tournament when I was however old to first spark my love for college basketball.

Better than Bryce Velasquez.

Better than Garrett Fiddler.

Better than Tyler Velasquez.

Seriously. Here's some stats:

Of the 14 posts on my facebook home page, 11 of them made some reference to BYU Basketball.
(that's pretty good, considering 14 out of 14 would usually be about whoever made the post.)

I got 3 emails from BYU Athletics giving me updates on how many student seats were still available and when to come to ensure I could obtain one. (People started going for it 7:00 am Tuesday morning, last I heard)

Every seat (and probably more) of the 22700 seat Marriot Center was filled.

BYU also accommodated students in the ballroom (filled to capacity) the Terrace (likewise) the JKB, the Marb, the JSB, and who knows where else since we couldn't fit in the Marriot Center.

And why? And WHY? Here are some more stats. My accuracy may not reach perfection becuase these are all from memory of things I've seen or read, but they're pretty darn close and pretty darn AMAZING:

Before the game: BYU: #9 SDSU: #4

BYU: 71 SDSU: 58

SDSU was one of 2 undefeated teams and BYU BEAT THEM. We handed them their first loss in 20 games, their first road loss in the last 8, and their first loss in the conference from their streak of 10. But the important part is, it was their first loss!

He made, as always, some impressive 3s, the kind where you jump up and know it just can't go in but then it does and oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh
I think he scored something like 18 points in a row in the first half! What? Who does that?
I think he only missed one free throw but shot like a billion because he's feisty and the Aztecs couldn't help but foul him
With 13 minutes left in the second half, we had 52 points. CBS put up a little box that accounted for the points as such:
Fredette: 34 points
Davies: 14 points
Rest of Team: 4 points

It. Was. Insane.

And speaking of Davies, every article I've read about it gives him like a one sentence shout out at the end becuase Jimmer was just incredible, but woof, Davies! He was awesome! I don't know what his totals came out to, but he scored hard the whole game!

Also, there was one beautiful stretch of time when the shot clock was winding down and Jimmer went up for this unbelievable 3 (and made it of course) and then shortly thereafter Jackson stole the ball (as always) drove to the basket and DUNKED IT. If I were CJ I would have been crying. The Aztecs were history at that point.

Also, the big news is Kevin Durant, number 1 scorer in the NBA, tweeted this to the world:
"Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world"

Our Jimmer! crazy!

Seriously. Everything I've read about it since has left me breathless. It was phenomenal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You're Wondering...

(but if you're not, don't bother reading any further) Nonetheless, my camera is broken and it is hard to think of good blogs without some awesome accompanying pictures! However, to ensure you all that the adventures are not ceasing (heaven forbid!), here is brief review of the going-ons (if you care):

I went to a poetry reading. A real live there-were-homely-and-eccentric-individuals-with-blue-hair-and-flared-glasses-and-baggy-sweaters-and-skinny-jeans-occasionally-interrupting-their-game-of-scrabble-to-sip-from-their-coffee(probablyhotchocolate)-before-standing-up-to-recite-some-sappy-unrhyming-and-mostly-nebulous-poem-about-love-or-death-or-God-or-other-gratuitously-confusing-subjects poetry reading!!!! I also broke every single one of their dramatic norms and gave them a shortened version of the dating poem. Why wasn't my camera working!?

Lise and Kelcey (our new freshman roommate from Arizona) and I went to the Jordan River Temple. It was a swoopily architectured structure and a very fun adventure.

I gave my first boy haircut. Woof, was I nervous! But it turned out pretty good, and I would like to do it again and again. Not to mention I now notice the caliber of boy's haircuts much more than I used to.

I went fundraising with the Tri Club. Why, you may ask, seeing as I'm not actually competing for them and am not even technically part of their team? I respect what they do and wish I could do it myself, but for my lack of an entire third of their cause in the form of no bikeage. However, I am doing a 24 hour tri with them (more to come, I'm sure) and potentially running for one of their team members who can't in the next competition! But the point is, we went door knocking to sell raffle tickets and I felt like a missionary. There was one old man who had suspenders the same material as my cow pants (bond!) and one man who growled at me before slamming the door in my face! It was joyous.

BYU dominated TCU. Jackson Emery broke the steal record (he's now at 198, I believe?) previously held by Danny Ainge (sorry, passive voice). Lise and I cheered all the while.

I watched a boy run a mile in FOUR MINUTES! You can't even boil pasta that fast.

I swim like crazy! Have you ever tried swimming? Try it. It is awesome.

But since running is still the superior activity, I am training for Boston with great excitement and anticipation!

Grounds. Is. The. Best.

Sorry this was not such an entertaining blog, but I'm working on the camera and should have it soon. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Mom, can I go to Jerusalem?

Other blog readers, can you remember that I still cherish all these people? And since you might too, please feel free to read their blogs if you ever have withdrawals from seeing them on mine.

(PS i didn't actually get permission to post these links, but I'm pretty sure they won't mind!)

Rachel: (haha good URL, eh?)

Sunday, January 9, 2011


You may recall the interesting first (and last, oddly enough) impressions of my summer roommate from these odd objects in her room. Because R108 had a 50% turnover, there's 50% new and interesting things from which to draw first impressions now. I'll let you draw them on your own from these images.

Not because any of these objects are particularly odd (I think the mace/sewing maching/safety glasses/slipper and the rose combo was weirder), but certainly because they are new, Elise has never been dearer to me. I love her.

Also, dating is rough.
Especially if it involves going down a steep incline of pure ice and sliding an extra couple of feet even after the sled has gone away. Still fun!

Life is just thriving! More to come on the roommates and classes, but all I can say is I'm running the Boston Marathon and that's all I can think about!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Watch This

Time-Lapse of 2010 NYC Marathon

Change the location to Boston, imagine me in the middle of those thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people, and you've got the reason why I rearranged my entire schedule because one on my classes had a scheduled final on April 18th!!!!