Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Sorry for those of you who have been requesting a blog with pictures of Tru! He's already a month old, but I've just now gathered some good pictures and found some good internet. 

So Truman was born! I'll spare you the detailed details, but here's the general run down of all related events: 

Here is the first and last bump picture I took of the babe in utero. In the hospital parking lot haha

They told me taking the cerclage out would affect no real change, but as soon as those stitches were gone (which was a process, I tell ya. Another thing they didn't quite have straight facts about), I was dilated to a 5. I had literally left work for what I thought would be a 30 minute appointment! So that was a surprise. They told us to stay close, so we went and got Billy's TDAP, took a hike up Rock Canyon and ate some Yogurtland. No contractions or pains,but we went back to the hospital and hung out and waited. 

We mostly played on our phones since nothing was happening.  

 Slash, it was cus my cervis was dilating but just with absolutely no contractions. Turns out it really is a floppy, weak little cervix. My gratitude for that cerclage is more than you will ever know.

So I dilated to a 6 with no contractions, they broke my water, still nothing, then finally once I was at a 7 with still no contractions, they gave me some pitocin. A few pushes later and the little guy was born. 

Then we took him home! Something we thought he must not be too pumped about because this was his face 

But turns out he just always looks grumpy and skeptical haha 
(This is Billy's favorite picture and he always quotes Clint Eastwood. "Do you feel lucky, punk?")

The good news is, it's all a show. He loves being here and we love having him here. He has proven a very, very good baby and we count our blessed blessings every blessed day. 

Mom and Dad live in Utah! And so they come hang out with us, which we love.  

 Billy installed a new booster on our chimney by lassoing an extension cord around our chimney and using his rock climbing gear to ascend haha Crazy guy.

And more Truman! 

These are Kathy's twins, who are huge! Tru sandwhich! They are 4 months old.

Billy thinks this makes Tru look like Jay Z. I didn't know what that was or what he looks like, but you should google a picture of him and you will laugh at the likeness.

Hanging out at the lake

Such a hilarious Dad moment when he had to go fetch his phone, which we both silently and calmly watched sink to the bottom of the lake with no erratic reaction or emotion haha

Mom is the best babysitter at XC practice! I am lucky and the season is going well and I am so glad they let me do it again even though now I have a baby. And I think he likes it too.

Lil' family pic hanging out at Billy's mom's. 

One of Billy's really good friends blessed his 3-month baby yesterday and that kid (the baby, not the friend haha) is a chunk! And Truman is not! So it was so funny to see the comparison.  

That's the run down! It is a good life. I do quite like being at home with Truman all day and like I said, he's a good, good baby. I'm a little nervous he's about to turn not good because he's so good. But not so nervous that I'm not just enjoying every second! We just do like him so much and we do like being such clueless little parents together! Life is good!