Sunday, June 21, 2015

For the Father

All my dad wanted for father's day was a blog from each of his daughters highlighting the recent haps of their lives. And I'm basically thinking, "you mean you raised me 0-12 (and then once the bargain with Mom fell through where she would take over at 12, 12-18), allowed me to spend all my childhood hours tromping through dry shooting ranges looking for whole clay pigeons that you could reuse, provided food, clothing, shelter, fun, gave me free flying benefits that gave me countless amazing travel opportunities, taught me all I know about writing and English, took me running through beautiful vistas and taught me it's not how I start it's how I finish and that 'you can win it!', introduced me to the wonderful worlds of Moonrise Kingdom, Napoleon Dynamite and Sasquatch King, put a new porch light and mailbox on my first married home, pretty much were there emotionally and mentally for every major event/decision in my life, took me out to eat whenever I want (even though I guess mom is buying), welcomed my husband with all his mosh-pit goodness into the family, and (I assume) think about and pray for me all the time and all I have to do in return is write you one little blog post about myself!!!?? No problem. Especially considering as of late you have been even more present as Billy and I navigate our way through the present life changes so you already know exactly what is going on, I hardly feel a little blog is a sufficient gesture (especially since there is nothing clever, funny, ryhming ((talk about insincere)) or memorable about what you're about to see), but you asked for it, so Happy Father's Day!"

The house consumed our every spare hour this week. We were so grateful for the jumpstart you gave us on so many of the things that needed to be done before carpet gets here tomorrow. We will move in this week and attended our ward for the first time, and it does seem quite pleasant and nice. 

Summer moved:( How can I make a bigger frowny face! We have never been so substantially separated! I was sad all day the day she left and I have been sad since and I was sad today when I started making dinner and thought, we should invite the Perezes over and realized they are a country away. No good, people. But I know they are going on a grand adventure and that we are forever bonded despite any distance or life occurrence. Summer has a dear and special place in my heart that I must admit only she of anyone in this world holds or ever will hold. 

Let it be known that I of course was also very sad to see Andy and Eliana go. Those three have been our dearest friends. (and still will be. But Nashville. poop). 

And I finally finished the third page of my cross stitch. At this rate, in six years, I'll be done with the whole thing! Woohoo! 

Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Closing, Camping, Cool Childhood Kids!

Here is the brief recap: 

We did close on our house!
Yay being in debt and owning a house that we have since proceeded to tear apart! It's fun to be a kid pretending to be an adult!

We did go camping with Summer and Andy and Eliana! 

Eliana was the camping champ! She did so good! And we had so much fun eating doritos and brats and stuff like that. We will miss the Perezes so so much.  

We did have a reunion with our favorite childhood people! Such dear girls. I will never consider any dearer. These peeps take up more space in my heart than many other people in this world. We have had such times! We will be friends forever. I'm so grateful.  

We did explore our canyon and it was glorious. We are moving into the mountains, people! The drive may be long and you may not have cell service while you're there, but it will be worth the joy to your soul to visit us!

Also, other mountains that I hiked upon. 

That is it!